WHAT DID WE GET FOR CHRISTMAS? | 2017 | We Are The Davises

– Here you go kids. One for you and for Tyler. – [Connie] A toy! – [Kayla] Is that yours? He’s like oh my goodness!
– Oh he did it! – You did it Hershy! (laughing) What is that? Oh my goodness, what is that? – Nice! – Oh my gosh, this one’s
the cutest one ever! It’s a cat! – A big brown box!
– Oh my gosh! (rock music) – Hello.
(laughing) Hey guys! – Hello everybody, merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! I know you guys are watchin’ this weeks after the fact, sorry. But we did take our Christmas break. I almost lost my voice. So I’m trying to talk. Maybe everybody else can help me. (squeaking) (laughing) – The doggy’s got Christmas presents this year.
– Oh yeah Harley, you talk. (woofing) (inspirational music) So there’s Harley. Yeah so we got some of our
family gifts our right now. And I think we wanna have Santa come. So how do we do that? – We go look at lights. – I got his number, do
you want me to call him? – Yeah I think you’re
gonna have to do that. Yeah we gotta go look at some lights and then that way Santa can sneak in here and brings his gifts. – Dad what’s Santa’s number? – 1-800-ho-ho-ho. (laughing) – If I gave out Santa’s number. It would just be crazy. But yeah me and him are like this. Hey Santa. How are you doin’ man? Merry Christmas. Yeah. Yeah, okay. So we’ll just see you here
in a little bit then I guess. All right, fly safe. – Santa!
– All right bye. – All right he should be here in about, I don’t know, 20, 30 minutes are so. – You’re in my dad’s phone?
– Sounds good. How exciting. Maybe if we’re lucky
we can sneak up on him. – You wanna sneak up on Santa? – [Connie] Catch him in the act. – He’s got like ninja reindeer though man. You gotta be careful. – [Connie] We didn’t
even bring out cookies. – What? – [Connie] I know I forgot this year. No cookies. – Where are the Twix’s? He likes Twix. – We ate them all.
– Oh they ate ’em all. – You ate all the Twix? – The Twix’s are gone.
– Santa’s gonna go. He’s probably gonna leave man. He ain’t gonna leave nothin’. – [Kayla] We have milk. – [Shawn] We have milk? – [Connie] Yeah milk that’ll work. – He ain’t never comin’ back again. (laughing) – So I’m excited. I want to see Santa. Look at those dogs. – [Kayla] It’s like an Instagram picture. – [Shawn] Did you put him up there, or did he just jump up there? – [Kayla] No I put him up there. – [Shawn] Oh okay. – [Connie] He’s just very happy. – He likes it there.
– Sittin’ there chillin’. – [Shawn] He’s like I feel so tall. – [Connie] Chillin’ on those presents. – And they got presents this year. Last year they didn’t
get Christmas presents but they got stockings. This year they have Christmas presents but no stockings.
– Didn’t they eat our stockings? – Yes they ate our stockings too. – [Connie] Yep, you doggy’s. You eat the stockings. It’s so not good. – [Kayla] He won’t do it this year. – [Shawn] Promises. – [Connie] Okay so you guys wanna go look at a couple lights
so that Santa can come? Yay! – Man every year you guys go
get to look at the lights. I gotta hang out for Santa. And then he ditches me with the reindeer while he’s out here hanging
out with you guys man. But it’s fine.
– Do you want me to hang out here while
you go do the lights? – No. Me and Santa are like this. I was just braggin’
for no reason actually. I like hangin’ out with Santa he’s cool. Well take pictures of the lights at least so I can see ’em. – [Connie] Okay, I’m
gonna put Kayla in charge of light looking.
– Light patrol. – [Connie] Light patrol with the camera. – Sounds like Paw Patrol.
– I gotta drive. – Paw Patrol.
– Okay let’s go. – Yeah he should be here
in about 15 minutes or so. So you guys are gonna drive
around for a little bit. (soft electronic music) – Merry Christmas everybody! Ho ho ho ho! I came to We Are the Davises house and got some cool presents for ’em. Ho ho ho ho ho. While they’re out looking at lights, Shawn’s hanging out with the reindeer, and I get to drop off presents! Ho ho ho ho. Ho ho ho. ♪ Sleighing song tonight ♪ (upbeat electronic music) ♪ A day or two ago ♪ ♪ I thought I’d take a ride ♪ ♪ And soon Miss Fanny Bright ♪ ♪ Was seated by my side ♪ ♪ The horse was lean and lank ♪ ♪ Misfortune seemed his lot ♪ ♪ He got into a drifted bank ♪ ♪ And then we got upsot ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Dashing through the snow ♪ ♪ In a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ What fun it is to laugh and sing ♪ ♪ A sleighing song tonight ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ – Kay we’re sneakin’ back into the house. Did you just say you
saw him in the window? – Yeah I see him. – Santa’s still here. So we’re gonna go catch him in the act. – Let’s go. – Yeah! Let’s go get him! Come on! Don’t be scared, don’t be scared! – [Kayla] Santa’s scary. – I see Santa! – [Connie] Is the door locked? – Yes it’s locked. – [Kayla] Ah he locked us out! – [Connie] Kayla you gotta open the door! – I don’t know how to open! – [Connie] He’s gonna catch us! Tyler open it. – Which key is it? – They’re coming! They’re coming! Ho ho ho ho ho. – [Connie] You’ve gotta do it man! – Is it the gold key? – [Connie] No! – [Kayla] The dogs are givin’ us away! – Hey! – Ho ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho! How you doin’ Kayla? – [Connie] You don’t look too surprised! We were tryin’ to catch you!
– Your glasses are crooked. – I’ve been so busy. Thank you Kayla. Ho ho ho, merry Christmas! Where’s my hug Kayla? Ho ho ho ho ho. I like doggy’s. Ho ho ho ho. Hello! Ho ho ho ho ho. – I think we’ve gained
a few thousand comments. – Catching Santa! Let me just hang out
with him for a second! – I was just gettin’ ready to leave but since you’re here, I
have something for you. Hold on. – Look at all the extra presents! – Here you go Kayla. For you. And for Tyler. Ho ho ho. (mumbles) – Kate Spade! – You got Kate Spade! How cool is Santa? – Ho ho ho merry Christmas, right on top. – Oh yay! I got something too. – Oh my goodness! – Oh look how pretty that is! – Kate Spade! Oh my gosh!
– It’s awesome! – Yay! – Ho ho ho ho. – [Kayla] What’d you get? – I got this uh, what’s this? (laughing) Oh wrong side! One set rock me? – [Santa] It’s a puzzle game. – Oh!
– Ooh! – You like those puzzle games right? – Yeah! – Oh my goodness! Let’s see.
– What’d you get, what’d you get? – Ooh! – Oh Lululemon leggings! – Lululemon! I like that! I got workout pants! I love workout pants. Yeah! – Oh they have like cute little pockets. You have pockets on your leggings! – Oh perfect for my phone. – Yes. – Ho ho ho.
– It’s awesome. Thank you. Santa’s always hip on the
latest Lululemon styles. You know what I’m sayin’? (laughing) – These are awesome! Thank you so much! Oh I love it! – This is so cute. It’s got a pocket inside the little flap. – Oh nice.
– So I can stick stuff int here. And then there’s pockets in here. And there’s all striped inside. – [Connie] That’s cute. – I love it! It’s my first Kate Spade item. Thank you! – You’re welcome. It took the elves forever to make that. Ho ho ho ho ho. Well I hate to be a party pooper but I got like nine billion other houses to hit this year so, you guys are coming with me. – [Kayla] Bye! – [Santa] And besides,
you guys didn’t leave me any milk and cookies. So I’m out, all right. Ho ho ho ho. – [Connie] Now we gotta go find daddy. – Yes.
– Ah he’s up on the roof with the reindeer. You didn’t see him when you
guys were drivin’ around? All right, well I’ll go get
him and bring him back for ya’. – [Connie] Thank you so much Santa. – You’re welcome. Merry Christmas everybody. Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho ho. – See you next year. Maybe. – All right What’s up everybody? – [Connie] How was that? – Rudolph’s a little rascal man. We were just wrestling, it was fun though. So Santa said there are multiple presents. He thought he had to run real quick. And he didn’t want to make
it seem weird or anything. But those were the last two
that he was bringing out. But there’s more presents for each of you from Santa somewhere in the tree. It’s a scavenger hunt,
you gotta find ’em go. – Well I want the doggy’s to
open some of their presents. – [Connie] This one says
to Tyler from Santa. – [Kayla] Hershy! Hi guys we’re filming. – Bonk? What is this? – [Connie] Oh that looks
like another board game. It looks like a marble game. – [Connie] That’s cool. – No this is Hershy’s. Harley, this one’s yours. – [Connie] So Kayla gave
Hershy and Harley some gifts. – Look this one’s yours Hershy. – [Connie] Do you think they can open ’em? – [Kayla] I don’t know if they can. Look. Try and open it. Over here. Rip it. Just gotta pretend this
is a toy or something. I don’t know. Hershy, no. He doesn’t know what to do with it. – [Connie] Look he’s trying to bite it. – [Kayla] He’s trying, he’s trying. Rip it, rip it Harley, you can do it. Did he find it? Did you open it? – [Connie] Here’s Hershy’s. Get it Hershy. – [Kayla] What’s in there? He’s like I can’t get it. Open it in. – [Connie] Let me help
you just a little bit. What’s that? – [Kayla] What is that? Is that yours? – [Connie] It’s a toy! – [Kayla] Is that yours? He’s like oh my goodness! – [Connie] Oh he did it! – [Kayla] You did it Hershy! – [Connie] Good job. – [Kayla] Okay Harley, this one’s yours. – [Connie] Let him peek. – [Kayla] Look what is that? – What’s in there?
– What is that? – [Tyler] It kinda looks like pizza. – [Kayla] Let me hold it. Get it. He can’t get it out. – Let me get it out.
– Get it. Just wait a moment Hershy. Oh he’s gettin’ it, he’s gettin’ it. You gettin’ it? You gotta pull it out. – [Tyler] It’s not working. – Oh my goodness. What is that? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. (squeaking) Is that one Harley’s? Oh I guess you could share it. You know whatever. – [Shawn] Yeah it’s Christmas. – [Kayla] Oh that one’s from me! – Yeah. – The best of the (laughing). Yeah this is awesome! – What?
– What is that? – It’s the best of Saturday Night Live. It’s got like Will Ferrel. Which is like I need
a little more cowbell. Ding, ding. You know that one (mumbles). – [Kayla] I thought he was elf. – Chris Farley, Eddie Murphy. No way.
– The best of Eddie Murphy. – Will Ferrel. Awesome. – [Tyler] I’m openin’
a present from Santa. – Good job baby, that’s awesome. Thank you. – I got glow in the dark stuff. Slime, bouncy balls and I don’t know what that is. Sand I guess. – This one’s from Santa too. VR Real Life. – [Connie] That’s for on the road. So when we’re in a cabin or
something we can still play. – [Tyler] Nice. – Oh it’s already open for me, the box. – Let’s see.
– Do you wanna laugh? We’re watchin’ these man.
– Yeah. – [Shawn] These are so funny. – [Connie] You gotta
bust out the DVD player. – Oh what is this? Kate Spade backpack! Thank you! Yay!
– So that can be for spending the night. A sleepover backpack. – Thank you. Yay! Thank you mommy! – Yay, you’re welcome! – Great underwater volcanic eruptions! – No way! How does a volcano erupt under water? I don’t believe it. It’s not real. – Oh okay.
(laughing) – No it says right there on
the box you can do it right? – A mister. – What is this? – [Shawn] I was expecting
something different. But that is actually the
coolest thing in the world. It’s called an aerosol mister. So you just pump it a few times. And it makes water like hairspray. So it goes sh. – Oh really? – [Tyler] Yeah didn’t we that at the? – [Shawn] Yeah the barber has ’em. – Wait, it makes water hairspray? – [Shawn] It doesn’t make
is stick like hairspray it comes out like hairspray. – [Tyler] It doesn’t go like sh sh sh. It goes sh. – So it’s a squirt bottle? – [Shawn] It doesn’t go sh sh sh right. – Oh!
– You pump it a few times and it goes
sh with just water. – [Tyler] Can I open this one? – [Shawn] Like a very even– – Water fight! – [Shawn] Yeah we can totally
have water fights with those. It’d be awesome. – Thank you.
– Can I open this one? – Thank you. Yay! – Curl Secrets.
– It’s a Bop It. It’s a Bop It. – It’s like a curling iron.
– Ooh you got a new one. – [Bop It] Bop it to start. Quiet.
(laughing) – [Connie] That’s from Kayla. She got Tyler a Bop It. Tyler’s diggin’ the games. – [Bop It] Pull it. – [Kayla] Hair goes in, curl comes out. – [Connie] Yeah it looks like it might be a safer way to curl so you
don’t get burned maybe. – [Shawn] Either that
or it rips your hair– – I like this.
– Out of your head. – Hopefully not. You clamp it and then I
guess it goes through. Cool. Insulated thermal gloves. – [Connie] It’s worth a shot. – Yes we’ll try it. – Cool another one from Santa! Oh I know this game! – [Kayla] Oh Snap! Is that from me? From who?
– Oh no, this is Kayla. – I got a pair of Slides! Yay! Are these my size? They look really small.
– They might be. – [Kayla] They might be small. – [Connie] They look really small. – [Kayla] They look really small. – Oh they fit.
– They fit. – [Shawn] But you’re
really small so they fit. – [Connie] They’ll fit
for at least a week. – Yay. I’ve always wanted a pair of slides. – [Tyler] Kayla, this one’s from Santa. – Harley’s growling at wrapping paper. (mumbling) – Is he growling at wrapping paper? – Yeah he’s really mad
at the wrapping paper. (laughing) Oh my goodness! – What? – I can’t believe Santa did this to me. – I wanted one of these! – Santa gave him crackers. – These are not gluten
free crackers Santa. (laughing) – I wanted one of these. These are so pretty. – I got clothes and this in one box. Oh it fly’s when you
put your hand under it. – When you grow next year you mean. – Next year.
(pop goes the weasel music) I like these ones. Thank you. – Let’s see what’s this. Nice. – Now no one will ever bother you in the gym ever again. Because it even comes
down with a little sheet that says I’m working out, leave me alone. – That’s awesome. Shawn got me some Beats. I’ve never had Beats. Thank you. Yay!
– Yay. – This one is from Kayla. I got a mini drone! – I got the beef jerky stuff. – Kayla got her that. (laughing) Thanks Kayla. – This smells good. It’s slow rising. It’s so squishy. I think there’s another one too. Oh my gosh! This one’s the cutest one ever! It’s a cat! – [Connie] Aha the doggy’s want it. – Does it smell good?
– Let’s see. – I love it!
– It’s a cute little kitty. – It’s a cat. Oh thank you Tyler! So squishy! It’s a squishy family. Squishy family. Oh now we have the big ones! – Oh yeah!
– Open a big one. – [Kayla] We saved the big ones for last. – They look like they might
be the exact same thing. – [Tyler] It says to Santa. I mean to Tyler. – A big brown box! – Oh my gosh!
– Yes! – I always wanted a big brown box! – There you go bud. – Oh I got a mini car! – [Connie] Are they mini? – It doesn’t look mini. – Oh it’s a remote control car. – [Connie] So what kind of car is it? – [Kayla] Are those
stereo cars on the side? – Vroom vroom vroom.
– Cringe. Cringe. Stop!
– He’s taking too long. Let’s see Tyler’s. – [Kayla] Oh there’s a lion on the side. – [Shawn] That’s awesome. Are they four wheel drive? – [Connie] I thought I read
they go 100 miles an hour. I don’t know if that’s true. It looks like as soon as you crash it, that’s it, it’s over. (laughing) What do you think of that? – I think it’s cool. – [Connie] You didn’t
just get board games. Yay!
– Nope. (laughing) – [Connie] You got a really pretty purse. And the boys got some
fancy shmancy race cars. – I was very lucky to get these, Beats. And I love ’em. Yeah we’re gonna go ahead and
say goodnight to you guys. We are just so thankful. We’ve had a really good year. We hope all of you out
there had a good year. – Comment down below
what was your favorite Christmas present that you got this year. – Actually by the time you see it, it’ll be 2018. So you can say–
– Last year. – Yeah what was your favorite Christmas present from Christmas. Or the holidays. Whatever holiday it is that you celebrate.
– Yeah whatever you celebrate. – It’s just a really
good awesome time of year to be grateful. – Yay! – I hope you guys enjoyed this video. And until next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat electronic music) (cheerful music)

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