What do the bars on your phone really mean? | weBoost

What do the bars on your phone really mean? | weBoost

Hi my name’s Jake Kleiner I’m the Technical
Support Manager here weBoost Today I’m going to talk to you about the bars on
your phone. So what do the bars on your phone really mean?
Well honestly the bars really don’t mean much as one phone could show five bars and another phone
can show two bars and you’re getting the same signal strength so for more a accurate way
of reading your signal we recommend putting your phone into a test mode.
Let me show you how to do it To put your iPhone in test mode go to
the phone button and dial * 3001 # 12345 # * and press the call button.
You’ll see it comes up and says field test and there are some options below but don’t worry about those. What you’ll
do is scroll down your notification bar and in the upper left-hand corner of your phone
where the bars used to be you’ll see the negative number right
there that’s your signal strength To get that number permanently show up hold the
power button for roughly five seconds and then hold the home button another
five seconds and that negative number should always
appear in the top left corner of your phone as you can see here
For any Android phone go into your apps and go into the settings once in settings go
to general and scroll all the way down until you see about device, click on
about device, status, and then find your signal strength right here. There’s your
singing reading. When you’re in test mode you’ll notice there’s a negative number
that’s your signal strength. Don’t worry it’s always going to be a negative
number. The closer you get to zero the better your signal will be. For instance
-100 or worse is not a good signal, possibly not even any signal at
all. -50 or better would be as if you’re standing next to a cell tower so
that’s an excellent signal. Thank you for watching today I hope this was helpful
to you please subscribe to our channel as will be coming out with videos every week
thanks have a wonderful day

65 thoughts on “What do the bars on your phone really mean? | weBoost

  1. It seems that as I get farther away from zero, my connection is better. The lower it gets, it gets to worse connection like 3G. I have like -86 at 3G and it's connection is terrible.

  2. can the trick u showed always stay on on a android (galaxy note 5)? also I have AT&T and service has really suckered lately especially LTE. any tips or tricks to fixing or helping. I restart the phone when it's really bad bad and it helps but it does get annoying. thanks

  3. my signal is -103 dBm 38 asu and I my signal is still good can watch videos games exc.. so idk what bullshit your video is talking about lol. and also I'm using a note 3 like on the video lol

  4. I knew this before but looked at this video a couple of months ago to find the number to dial, had it as an ad just now. Cool that is being used as an informative ad to people.

  5. Why isn't there a standard for these such as 5 bars is -60dBm or better, -70 to -60 dBm is 4 bars…? Also, those small bars can be hard to see so they should use something to make it easier like color coded bars such as red, yellow, and green.

  6. I do have a question! So say I have 0 signal out in NW Nebraska you said I need signal for this to work so if I turn on my roaming I then get signal will it take my roaming signal and turn it into my actual cell company signal? Does that make sense?? Thanks!

  7. I have -91 and I can watch videos fine, but when I open the App Store it can't connect. Why is that?

  8. I did this and got a -112. However, verizon has towers nearby…any way to piggy back? I live at my farm and the cell company we have here other than verizon wireless refuses to help with the signal issue. am actually a couple miles at most from a tower…LOL

  9. Bars mean nothing! Ive got dropped calls with full bars on all carriers. The fcc needs to lift the .6 watt limit and allow phones to transmit a full watt to ease the strain on crowed towers.

  10. Hi!  Just received a Weboost for 4G from a business associate.  I work out of my home.  Where I live, in far northeast Scottsdale, AZ, we have very minimal cell coverage.  In my office, I get a signal strength of -145dba.  I do have access to a reasonable Verizon signal on the SE corner of my roof.  From there to my office in the house is about 70 to 80 feet.  Can I put 80 to 90 feet of GR-6 cable on the system?  I assume that it is best to put the added cable on the side of the booster that is the "output" (after the boost…not on the incoming antenna side)?  Another point of reference:  the house is a typical southwest design.  That means construction is stucco on the exterior.  Stucco is applied on top of the walls that first have a chicken wire type mess places on the exterior wall.  The chicken wire serves to give the stucco a surface to solidly bond to.  But it virtually turns the house into a Faraday cage!

  11. I have iPhone 7 plus and I got a main menu with 4 options, when i swipe down from top I still have signal bars and no numbers. Is their a different number for different model iPhones?

  12. My iPhone 7 will not connect, the connecting wheel at bottom of screen just keeps spinning while still having 3 bars. now what?

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