Merry Christmas! What’d Santa bring me? He brought you me! Ohh Ahh good day everyone! And Merry Christmas Well it’s not Christmas for you, it’s the day after Christmas for all y’all. Um, but it is Christmas morning, I haven’t gone downstairs Boys! Who’s excited for Christmas? Hey! Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! Ah Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! They are wild Anyways I haven’t gone downstairs to see what Santa Brought so I’m gonna go down right now So let’s see what he gave us! Come on boys! Let’s go! come on let’s see what Santa brought. What’d Santa bring? Come on Storm! Where are you? Oh there you are Come on let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, going, let’s go, let’s go Ohh Uh, ohh Merry Christmasss What’d Santa bring me? He brought you: me! Ohhh! uh oh! huh! What the hell is that? It’s a bike! Ohhh! It’s for you *surprised and grateful laugh* Woooow Holy crapazoid Look at all the gifts Santa brought! Wait did Santa really wrap THOSE gifts? What do you mean? Whose are those? *quietly* Those are yours… Hm. Those ones are really pretty though. Yeahhhh *silly voice* They look ugly *Joey laughs* Those are all for me?! Yeah! What?! What?! There’s one back there that’s for Wolf and storm Okay well we’re gonna get ta…. unwrapping Okay so Daniel got me a bike.. and… Little did he know… I got him a bike too You got me what? What did you get me? Oh hush! You’re so stupid Joey “It’s so beautiful!” Daniel “It’s gorgeous” its called a spect… specialise ( in silly voice) oh I don’t know how to read special do you live? this bike is definitely for you look it even has a bell I’m gonna do this all night please don’t! um ok so I don’t even know where to begin with these gifts Holy freaking crap this was supposed to be the gift you opened last but this was already out so well I had to put it out because I didn’t know where to put and I thought it would be more of a shock for you oh shockatize me captain ok lets get to opening Alright! Time to pick our first gift-a-zoids! I honestly don’t remember what I got for you.. You wrapped these? Yeah well I tried.. They look just like mine. Really? Yeah. So pretty I love the wrapping paper you choose. We kinda match with the Zig-Zag Okay, open yours. I don’t know what that is. So it might not even be good. Oh, yes! lushisacal I love this. Its bringing back lot of memories. The caps on it Oh What is it called? Dirty? Dirty Wash. No, spring wash. Spring wash Okay, I’m going to open this one. I feel like its calling to me. Its plaid. Plaidular. Yes Recordazoid Oh! Wow, you’re a good wrapper. haha! I went to Cat’s house and I stole it back. I hope you killed her along the way. Shes dead Shes dead, yessss! My iridescent skull that was stolen from me. You finally got it back. We’re not even going to drink it. You’re just going to look at it. What do you mean we’re not going to drink it? What is it, vodka? Vodka… Vodka Okay Okay, so far so good. So far I’ve only got an avocado slicer. Yeah! For you in the kitchen, yes. everything haha lets you chat like 12
minutes but eat alone there’s no huh Oh answered by be- where thank you oh my god to go along with my
thank you yeah people away what else you got a little open one know
your brother ok how do you know what my clock huh how’d you know what it is it is a bike lock wow it did parent it’s okay all right which one should I open open
that one this one yeah you at I don’t know what you’re talking about
oh we’re literally twins I know the way God open up oh this one’s everything about
blue I love it I love the color it’s streaky streaky in Greece Tariq’s
so now we can do yoga to go back home now we can do the yoga challenge oh my god thumbs up do you think we
should do the yoga challenge no never never doing oh my god we should
wait it’s only half of it is tricky no it’s just like a nombre moment I like
your t-shirt pig thanks you’re a surfer next we got the litters get it twisted yeah nights like this Wister challenge
naked mr. challenge challenge yeah as a result Daniel all I wanted was
board games because that’s all I got you can do come at you ok one more push one was all they’re all
good pick they’re all good what about this big one
yeah you can open on Oh heavy yeah heavy guy have been in
time no yeah she got your record prior there what you
got me marina and driving record i know i thought it would be perfect to have to
thank you and it’s portable so you can take it
anywhere you just put it in its case and pearl on time I think he has thank you you’re welcome alright so this is the monstrosity that
is up oh are you boys do love all your storm
has passed the f wow so cool – I for a walk this morning oh ok so
boys weekend we can get too huh oh the hog you learn I want to look at
it was like I’m claiming all these toys hey Mikey haha a little koi fish like a whole time
to literally one and all but what do you think oh yeah get your fish oh for sure roomie oh the rack yeah wolf literally want all but storms
going to steal them all storms get the hog it’s like the same size the same a
little red and green general ahead he just wants to put it in this model
once it down though the donuts blue blue just put it down that’s so cute well I don’t want so much ya know a little dragon tennis no man
just one storms of storm that’s for you it was not gonna let that happen storm
just didn’t care I really just want to wrap and rebirth
the booze who’s smart bones ups overall very
successful i’m going to do is sit down thing where i show you all the gifts
that i got and all that holly is that I’ve gotten basically a
spot we got the record player to play playing a little happy but this is what
Whitney got me for Christmas it has her songs i don’t know how many
are in here please do the thing where it changes make it monik creepy way I want to try different
people I love it it’s like fruit in there each
a different color this is so inspection scratch and snap
that all right so it later and make on some has arrived hi so she gave me my guess I got the new
anime i got some asian snacks Japanese candy and this oh my god i’m so excited to put this on
my face the enemy night it really is this is legit anime night
and candy but I figured you probably want to eat it you gotta be kidding yeah that doesn’t
just feel I don’t know this was great the perfect amount also I don’t I didn’t explain these
treat things so I got to bonsai trees i got a red one and a blue one and i gave
her both she could choose one and then I get one so she chose the matrix for you huh and
I chose the water Wow then call trailer for you my dear but if they die it doesn’t mean a bunch
of guy yeah no definitely not one last thing I
have a stocking frio darkness falls here you go this is your stocking I’ll
let you open this lots of little goodies stockings
honestly like my favorite things that were because there’s so many little
knick knack paddy whacks guess what it’s gingerbread house making time with who i’m megan i ended up watching anime and
building legos i watch lost 10 minutes please I think that happens all the time
i get comfy on the couch a nice sleep but now it is time to make a masterpiece
and showbiz city how it’s done where’s a good luck to you got all Hannah I mean like am I what happened just special with this
like like that it’s kind of cute like you that’s really sad I’m over there look at
the end on time welcome to Chateau breda our complimentary Wi-Fi gummy bear
security oh yeah and we have an upper day with 36
and several pools oh well we’re the cool air up here are
rules now okay yeah thank you for the gummy bear inside
of it there are there are few in there there there just come oh ok they’re drowning ok well we definitely
saved the best for last and this clip oh my good as the Cinch wayward for
every 29 look at this well I’m 500 like you’re up so these are the choices making bring
yours over here so they can vote yeah i’ll slide it over maybe that in a
video like this with you for heating and well we can’t all you don’t even have a front door it’s
almost four minutes oh it was this the front I had just
gotten started I wouldn’t oh ok ok I’m just going to
push it like that or not ok so we’re going to do a little boating
in the comments section if you think Megan’s is the best vote Megan oh ok if you think Joey’s is the best
vote Joey that Jo ey if you want Daniels to
win vote Joey he’ll get my security guards in the
back will come for your wigs ok so what I like about Daniel’s is that
he actually decorated the whole house I only did the front and the roof mount thanks for that what I like about
Megan’s is the front lawn and it’s very welcoming very welcoming yeah and you and she have some little
treats in there but ultimately i think i want I mean this isn’t my bass
gingerbread house but it is still really good and you did not win because I
didn’t what is it why do you think yours was
because – shocking and stunning there’s so much gay pride happening
right now I I excuse me who has the rainbow freaking flag uh yeah right there however i have
security i have security i have all our shores I have a beautiful front door
have brick and Mason right mm well that’s poop no that’s the cobble
stone walkway obviously they liked that they do like
that they will have that yummy okay so put your boat down in the
comments and now i’m going to show you guys the gifts that come for Christmas
already so i will show you guys the stuff that i got for christmas so I’m going to try and went through
this pretty quickly the video is going to be long but starting with clothing is
also for those this is brought this is a feather shirt
which is true that i really like from urban outfitters feeling normal it has kind of like a you know I’m like
oh that was quick and I’m like going to hold feel i’m just going to show you
guys this is a marvel tank top which the link and face it out but I obsess about
this ok thanks full just move the tripod
Albert ok then i got this all things short sleeve button up we were evolved and then I also really
love this color of this all saints t-shirt a green t-shirt from
cotton citizen uv-a be a nation shirt and then this is a tank top that i love
it says part wolf on it i am part also makes that pretty freaking cool on next
I got some lululemon gym shorts because that’s pretty much all i wear every day
and just trip short these nice sweatpants where these from
con citizen they have really cool news and they’re
like can fit oh my gosh okay these are absolutely stunting ah they’re actually really sexy
and hot on they are sweatpants but check out like
front drops thing it’s a it’s kind of like a footballer e
very shocked but their footpads as well I love them
next I got some nike shoes and these are really pretty there like a blue-green
color as well as like a mint on it’s just really really cute shoes
perfect for the gym when you’re hiking square then I got this bkr beauty will save the world is a cute
glass bottle on for water more of a fun little gift is this nerf gun which
actually really freaking hartsdale shot me with it today and hurt so I shot back
and eat got to feel the pain that is this nerf gun and normally nerf guns do
not hurt this was painful i also got as
clarisonic out I think it’s meant for men with facial hair I’m excited to try this out should be
nice oh my gosh this is so freaking pretty it’s like at your destiny it changes
from green to purple to gold it’s pretty much just going to be my
travel little sack thank you to put like my toiletry stuff
in whatever I the goal place is it’s really beautiful I live for where’s it from Douce luxe
whatever that is I got a freaking go later lava lamp now
a lot of lamb haven’t been around forever but Daniel got me a glitter eyes
one I think this will go in my office i’m
super excited to plug this in and see the glitter go for AG I got this nice yoga mat because I i
want to start doing yoga so I’m really pumped about this and I’ve
been taking I want to do yoga but i never have maps and I have a reason to
have to go do yoga so that we climb and then I got three of
these like washes their Anthony washes I don’t know what they are Daniel so
they’re really good but it smells so good oh my god you know I can’t even describe
what it smells like it’s like a very little my muscles water and I think it’s
like passion through or like orange passion mother’s water is a good day another shower product is the spray can
you for your base yeah it’s like mud to foam like a daily
clearing cleanser i’m not sure but apparently it’s like
charcoal charcoal moving on to four games I got janga
twister catan on this like a different explored and pirate different version of
this model from circulating play sorry blue and bad shit i absolutely
love your game so I’m very very excited about moving on to last but not least
the crystals these are not going to do it justice but
oh my gosh I don’t know from your shoulders here’s one this is a band tonight I say
that hmm oh my gosh our aura quartz oh this cameras are going to adjust this
but it’s so over exposed but it’s very rare decimal beautiful I’m going to eventually one day to a
crystal video going on like crystals just got a break video let me tell you um this one is so freaking pretty it’s huge – this is really cool on this
one is called tap time 13 stealing courts moves illness out of the body but
you’re sticking your skin I feel he’ll oh my gosh i have cured my
scanner and there are a few other gifts that I think you’ve already seen
throughout the blog but i want to show you the gifts that I’ve enjoyed before
on so anyways I totally kind of like a lot
of really great stuff I’m very it very lucky that I got all
this stuff and this video wasn’t to be like oh my God look what i got like well
I mean kind of was but it wasn’t like it wasn’t in a way of like you know showing
off or anything i just want to show you guys but I hope you all had a nice your
superficial I’m not superficial but anyways christmas is not just about the gifts
but it is good to the skipping a bit but we spend away exactly so i hope you
all spend Christmas with someone special or even if you didn’t you still had a
special day with yourself on but that’s all for today’s video I hope you enjoyed
it Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy New
Year because I guess that’s the holiday I give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it and I will see you all two morrow you can I can’t believe it Christmas
already well it’s not Christmas for me yet but
when this video with a bill be Christmas o Christmas tree or what are you doing
what you do we get the presents you wanted good hope Santa Claus was good ok stop
following me yeah we

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