What I got for my 12th Birthday!!

– Hey guys, it’s Karina. Welcome back to my channel! And today I’m gonna be showing you what I got for my 12th birthday. My 12th birthday was
about five days ago-ish and it was awesome. I had a sleepover party. I invited eight girls over, and we all went to a tree trekking park and it was so fun! But I got some presents, so I gotta to show you guys some. All right, I got a load
of presents, obviously. I got them from my mom and dad. Wait. I forgot something, hold on. Okay, now I got everything. All right, so starting from number one, which is my parents (mumbling) Can’t speak. They brought my presents
in while I was asleep. And they surprised me by singing happy birthday and that woke me up. So that was the start of my day, which was awesome. So, I got headphones, Beats
headphones, from Ronald. I’m so happy, and I didn’t even know because Ronald, on one of
our Sisters and Bro videos he said, “I’m gonna get
this for my sister Karina “on her birthday.” But obviously I didn’t watch the video, so I had no idea. And you guys were
commenting on my Instagram after I got the present, and you’re like, “Oh Ron got
you Beats, Ron got you Beats.” I’m like, “I know!” So awesome. So, yeah, but from Ronald,
from my parents, actually. I got this Michael Kors
bag, this mini bag. It’s so cute, I love
it so, so, so, so much. It’s actually so amazing. And it comes with straps
here, You can take them off, and make it like a bag, that goes across your chest like that. All right, I love it so much, and inside of it came a Michael Kors wallet. Oh my God, this is the
prettiest wallet ever. Has MK on it, mm-hmm. And it’s funny, ’cause
those are my dad’s initials, MK (laughs), what a coincidence! And, it’s just so pretty. I have my money in it already, so yeah. All right, next from from
my parents, all right. Ooh, which one should I show? Wait, I forgot something else, wait. Okay, now I got everything. I think I got everything. So, the next thing that my
parents showed me was this. I got these new leggings. I think these are so awesome! They have these like these
cool white pattern on them. With like these lines,
I don’t know what it is, but it looks so cool. And I love it so much. And they got me… These are Nike, by the way, I think. I think they’re Nike, what are they? Yes, they’re Nike. And also I got two other things from Nike. I got this like really light kinda reddish kind of shirt from Nike. I really like it so much. It’s kinda long on me so I’m
gonna like kinda tie it up. And I could do, I don’t
know, sports in it. I don’t know what I’m gonna do in it, but I really like it. And on my birthday, this is
what I wore on my birthday. This sweater, and obviously we went to a tree trekking park,
like I said before. So we needed to wear some active wear. And I totes chose to wear this sweater. It’s kinda cropped at the bottom, and I love it so much. It was so awesome, and so pretty. So, next up, I got a bunch of swimsuits. And if you don’t know Spain, we don’t have kids for me. People like me, we don’t
have nice swimsuits. We only get sports swimsuits. And I don’t want to be going to the beach in a sports swimsuit, I
wanna have a nice swimsuit. So my mom, I don’t know what she did, but she probably flew to Mars, and found these swimsuits. They’re so awesome, I love ’em so much So, I got this one piece swimsuit. It’s so awesome. It has this sun bird thing on it, and it has an open back. It’s so pretty, I love it so much! And I think I’m gonna wear this one for like, my swimming
classes inside school. ‘Cause we have a swimming pool and stuff. And sometimes for PE, we do swimming. And I think I’m gonna wear this one ’cause it’s so pretty
and I love it so much. All right, next up we’ve
got another one piece. It’s this really weird, but cool one. It’s like so confusing. On 1/2, we have black and white lines. On the other one, we have this
cool black and white pattern. A little strap, and they
cross, at the back here. And it has a really open back. Super open, and it goes all the way down to where I guess, your
bikini thing would be, so. All right, next we’ve got bikinis. Uh-huh, all right. This one is really cool, so. I got this, this one’s really nice. It has this kind of leafy pattern, goes that, it’s pretty normal. But, but, you can flip it inside out to get a new pattern, I know, shocking. Wow, okay, so that this new pattern here is like beige with these crosses. I don’t like this pattern as much, but it’s kinda cool, like
maybe I want to switch it up. And of course, we’ve got some bottoms. We got blue, no not these ones. We got these bottoms, they only matches the leafy ones, not the beige ones, which I’m kinda upset
about, but like whatever. All right, next up, we got this one. We got straps for the neck and the back. And it has… Also, this one also switches patterns. This one has this cool flower design, but now when you switch it
up, it’s red and white lines. Oh my God, I love these switchy up ones cause it’s literally two swimsuits in one. All right, we got matching
blue ones, mm-hmm. All right, and my favorite
bikini that I got was this black one, so cool. It has these flowers on it,
it’s really, really pretty and at the back it has this
small little leafy bit. And I tied a bow on it,
the bow is pretty ratchet, but I love this bikini so much. It’s so awesome. And we got matching little bottoms. Perfect, all right, I think that’s everything my parents
got me, yes, I think so. Okay, no, not really. They also got me these
brand new makeup brushes. They are so pretty. All right, that’s all for my parents now. Okay, all right, now we’re gonna start off from my, start up with my friends. All right, so, my first friend, my friend Amma, she came
with this massive lolipop. I had another massive lolipop, except it was kinda different. But this is a heart shaped lolipop that has lolipops inside of it. I already ate most of them, I
shared them with my friends. And we had red tongues afterwords. Literally, it stained my tongue
red for the rest of the day and the brackets of my
braces, they turned pink. It was kind of crazy, I had
to brush my teeth several times, but, it tasted amazing. So, we got this massive
lollipop, it’s pretty awesome. We got this bag from
her, which was basically the wrapping for the rest of the presents. And she gave me this
bag, it’s really cute. It has a cat on it, it says meow. And I love it so much, all right, okay. What else did she get me? She got me these, these are… She got me these, which are eye pads. And there are two this time. But they’re shaped in hearts and I think these are super cool. I don’t know what they do. If they’re heart shaped, it
says they’re heart shaped and they’re cooling eye pads. So, I’ll try those out eventually. She gave me this mask, I
didn’t try this one out. She also gave me another
mask, but I already tried that one out, it was cool. My face felt so smooth afterwards. She also got me this set of fake nails. I already used them, but they were fun. They were super fun to put on, so. She also got me this face mask, mm-hmm. It’s this green one, it’s
a green tea face mask. Ooh, that’s cool. She also got me two Beautyblenders. These are so cool and they’re so soft on my
face, okay, next person. Okay, Cassy, Cassy, Cassy, Cassy. Okay, I know for a fact she got me these. These are so cool, oh my
gosh, I love them so much. So, this is lipstick, but no, it’s a pen. And we got this little highlighter too, but nope, it’s a highlighter. Oh, she got me this notebook. It says a little note, I love it so much. It’s so cute, okay, she
got me something else. What did she get me? Ooh, now I remember. She got me this mirror,
this mirror’s super cute ’cause it has a donut on the back. I swear she got me something else, but I don’t remember what it was. Okay, now I remember, okay I remember now. So, she gave me this, the
little like mini makeup bag. It’s so cute, it’s from Benefit. And inside of it, were these three things. I got this little highlighter too. It’s so awesome, I tried
it on, It was amazing what is this? This is, oh, this is mascara. And this is brow kit. Ooh, my next friend, Emilia, oh my God. I’m literally so stupid, I forgot. My parents got me one more thing. But I am wearing it, so I forgot. They got me these earrings, I
love these earrings so much. They’re so pretty, they
have like little diamonds on the side, but you can’t really see them ’cause they’re small, and
they’re earrings, obviously. And they’re so pretty,
they’re like little hoops, like mini hoops, well, hoops, sort of. And then they have a triangle at the end. So pretty. I love them so much. All right, next up, all right, Emilia, Emilia, Emilia, Emilia. I don’t remember who got me this one. I don’t remember, but she
definitely got me this. So, this is from Revolution. It’s a highlighting pallet. It’s so awesome, it has this like little melted chocolate thing on it. That’s so cool. We got
two different colors. We got this goldy color
and this rose goldy color. Oh, hey, you can see yourself. That’s awesome, okay next,
she got me this necklace. Okay, so she got this
necklace from the store. I cannot pronounce it’s
name, but it’s so pretty. It has a star sign on it and a star jewel and a star, a star symbol, I think. I don’t know, but it
has star things on it. On the star sign, which it’s
areous, so it has areous written on the back, wait, I’m just gonna check what the name is, it is from.. wait, wait, wait. From Swarovski. Frickin’ Swarovski. What? She did not have to do that,
I didn’t ask her to do that, but she did it anyways, she’s so nice. I love it so much, oh
my God, I almost forgot. The thing that came in this. Also, she also gave me this cassy she also got me this blush. I’m so stupid, I’m just
going back and forth, wow. So she also got me this
blush, it’s really pretty. All right, but next up we got Lucia. I think she got me this one. It’s another highlighting pallet. It’s face and eye highlighting pallet, so you can use it for your face, you can use it on your
eyes, you can use it on your body, as well, it’s really pretty. It’s a heart and it has loads of different colors in it, it’s so cool. I didn’t use this one yet, but I’m sure this is gonna look awesome,
she also got me this. This is so pretty, it’s from Two Faced. It’s liquid lipstick, it’s so, so pretty. Okay, she also got me this little bag. You don’t know what you’re
gonna get the person, but the person’s doesn’t know
what they’re getting as well, so it is like a mystery
for the both of them, so. And I’m done needing a shower cap. So I got a shower cap. I didn’t have a shower cap. And so, this is pretty cool. Next up, we got Maria. She got me this awesome perfume. It’s so pretty and it smells amazing. And when she left, I
realized it was from Versace. Versace, she did not have to do that. I’m so grateful I have
such amazing friends. And I don’t know how I
picked them like this. This is crazy. Like what? You didn’t have to go out to buy me this. All right, next up we got Kenza. Kenza got all the girl of the Kenzas. All right, so she got me these mirrors. They’re really awesome. This one’s a heart and
this one’s a circle. And this one’s like really
cool ’cause it’s like strippy That’s awesome, she got me these, so. Which is so awesome, it says
love on it, it’s so pretty. I love it so, so, so, so
much, and it’s just awesome. Mm-hmm, all right, all right, and she got me this little notebook thing. It says it’s all good and
there’s a load of happy things in it, she also got
me these sticky bookmarks, which are basically Post-it Notes. And if you open it up,
you got these amazing Post-it Notes. Okay, of course, you got a watermelon. We got a pineapple and we
got a banana, all right. The last person, we got Thabby and Gabby. All right, so, they got me this sweater from Hollister, it’s so
pretty, it’s light pink, and it totally matches up my setting. I love light pink, I
love the color light pink and it’s so pretty, and
then, you got me this other top which is so pretty. It has this like little off the shoulder kinda top and it has these long sleeves. And also, they got me
one more thing, this. It’s iMagicBox from Lick. I love all my presents. I’m so grateful for my parents, my friends, and I’m just
really happy about it. I hope you liked this video, If you did, smash that like button, and
I’ll see you guys later, peace!

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