What If You Had to Be Santa Claus?

What If You Had to Be Santa Claus?

He travels the world in a single day, and can see everything that’s going on, all at once. He has super-strength, and can even shapeshift. We’re not talking about a superhero. Instead, we’re talking about Santa Claus. And now, you’re him! Don’t worry, in What If anyone can be Santa. Now, It’s your job to deliver presents around the world to billions of people, all within a single night. So, you’ve made your list and checked it twice. Now you’re ready to deliver presents to the entire world. But your work wouldn’t start on Christmas Eve. You’d be working a lot longer than that to produce all these gifts. Sure, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but let’s assume that every kid on Earth will get a gift this year, just to make this more fun. How much would something like this cost anyway? If we assume that every kid gets something, even a lump of coal, if they were bad, that would over 1.9 billion children you’d be delivering gifts to. Luckily, you would have your elves on staff to help you make all the gifts. You could put them to work mining the coal, too. Instead of building all these gifts from scratch, your elves would probably act more like an Amazon fulfillment center of some kind. We know from Amazon’s numbers that they have 175 fulfillment centers, employing about a quarter-million people. During the holiday season of 2016, they sent out over 1 billion packages. We can expect our staff numbers to increase by hundreds of thousands of elves if we want to send out almost 2 billion gifts. And if each gift costs about $75, the cost of our presents would be nearly $143 billion. The expenses wouldn’t end with that, either. You’d have to have a tricked out sleigh to deliver all these gifts. The most important thing you’d need would be a heat shield. Traveling at the high speeds necessary to make this work, you’d be encountering friction in the atmosphere similar to meteors crashing down to Earth. It’s safe to say that without a heat shield, you’ll barely make it to the first set of houses. So, assuming you’ve figured
out a way to survive all this, what else would the sleigh need? Well, it would need to be incredibly big. If each gift weighs about 1 kg (2.2 lbs), the presents on your sleigh would weigh nearly 2 billion kgs (4.4 billion lbs). And how would you be able to move this massive cargo? Well, by magical flying reindeer, of course! I mean, we could strap some rockets onto our sleigh, but come on, it’s Christmas. Don’t be a grinch. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get to know every reindeer’s name, like Rudolph or Dasher or Dancer or Prancer or Vixen. That’s because, to move all these gifts, you’ll need a ton more reindeer. If a single reindeer can haul about 140 kg (309 lbs), then you’ll need more than 14 million reindeer to move your sleigh. So this entire contraption, with reindeer included, would weigh over 4 billion kg (8.8 billion lbs). Let’s hope the reindeer and the sleigh can constantly float, because landing on a roof, is pretty much gonna crush it. Okay, now that you’re ready for your trip, how fast would you need to travel? Well, assuming my math is right, you’d need to move 13,000 times faster than the speed of sound and deliver to 5,600 homes every second. That’s .2 milliseconds to park your sleigh, grab the gifts, get into the house, set down the presents, grab a cookie, oh right, I forgot about the cookies. If you want to be a good and polite Santa, you’re going to need to do a lot of eating. Since it’s customary for people
to leave some sort of snack for Santa to eat during all this hard work, you’re going to need to eat over 600 million food items. This will range anywhere from mince pies in Scotland, to good old fashioned cookies and milk in North America. Yeah this may sound fantastic at first, but you’ll quickly realize how big a task you have in front of you. If each home has, 150 calories worth of food for you to eat, by the end of the night, you’ll have consumed over 93 billion calories. Or as I call it, Friday. For reference, in your entire lifetime, you’ll be lucky to consume 100 million calories. But you’ll undoubtedly be burning off quite a few of these calories
as you go throughout the night. Even the act of chewing and digesting this much food would burn at least 10% of them. And sure, you might be tired by the end of all this, but think of what you’ve just done! You’ve made billions of kids happy, all around the world. Now you can rest, and get ready to do it all over again next year. This sure would be a lot easier if we could travel through time. But we’ll leave that story for another WHAT IF.

100 thoughts on “What If You Had to Be Santa Claus?

  1. Kid: How does Santa deliver all those presents?

    Parent: Well I think it’s just easier for me to tell u Santa isn’t real

  2. I’ve got some questions ?
    • Who was the real Santa
    • How did he get known
    • And why is he associated with flying rein deers

  3. Santa Claus does not fkn exist and idk why parents lie to their children about it ,just tell the fkn truth this whole world is built on lies and deception

  4. I'm gald they made this video!
    Kids believing in Santa is truly Magical!!!
    And Kids watching this, their Faith in Santa Would be boosted!
    I Mean look at our World Today!!fucked up!!

  5. Here's a funny QUESTION if SANTA ELVES can make anything

    Why didn't they make a EXTRA SEAT for KIDS to sit on instead of his lap makes u wonder.




    hope you can make a video about these 2

  7. Can you guys include the imperial system? It’s kind of hard to grasp the concept of your measurements if some of us never learned the metric system.

  8. Parents : hard to break it to you but……… his not real.

    Kid: and its hard to break it to you to but I don’t love you!!

  9. You know, you guys didn't have to break the news to the kids lmao, they shouldn't have figured that Santa isn't real via yt comment section..

  10. There are not 2 billion kids Santa would be delivering, it would be less than half of it, since many children in this world are not Christians and therefore would not be considered.
    Also, Santa instead of eating all that food, could just feed them to the millions of reindeers instead because they too are working hard and after all are travelling many times the speed of sound!!

  11. 3 million is coming for this youtube channel. Can't wait to see who's the voice over thanks for making me learn things.

  12. Guys , Santa Claus exists and he's real. He's just not that one in Coca Cola ads. Santa Claus is the Great Basil, who lived in Cappadocia devoted almost his entire life to helping fellow human beings and is regarded in world history as the inspirer and the first creator of organized philanthropy.

  13. If santa travel's faster then the speed of sound then it will create sonicboom in the atmosphere which will be dangerous of us.

  14. if i had been santa i would probably had power of stopping the world and time till my wish i would deliver all the gifts in this time

  15. What if we evolved from a different species
    What if space was not a vacuum
    What if humans did not exist
    What if species never evolved
    Life without einstein
    We lived without water
    We could convert energy from any form to any other form

  16. It made be remember the friends episode in which Chandler tells the kid that he is adopted and santa doesn't exist at the same time???

  17. Santa
    Has reindeers that are faster than the speed of light and can carry a big sled

    Albe to shrink down all his gifts

    Doesn't get diabetes

    Can withstand friction

    Conclusion: santa is overpowered

  18. That mean we get to eat a lot of cookies
    Also you can deliver present in one night think about time change.
    Get this on the 23rd in the USA it already Christmas eve in Asia never thought about time change haven't you yet

  19. The quantum physics of Santa, he shrinks gifts down to a quantum scale he then starts at midnight and jumps backwards through time from house to house never going past 12:01am. And the rain deer, well their magic bra!

  20. Theoretically you can, in Hindu Puranas there are eight personnel who have such powers, the power to travel at the speed of mind.

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