What She Wants For Christmas

You’re really not gonna tell me huh? Yup. Yup as in… ‘yup you’re not gonna tell me’ or ‘yup you’re gonna tell me’? No. How’s this? No. Okay… How’s… this? No! Okay! How about… No. You know what? Why don’t I just take you straight to the shop… and you can show me what you want and we can buy it on the spot. Okay. Mm! And then after that, we- Sorry what did you say? I said okay . Let’s go. Really?! So we’re really gonna get your present now? Uh huh. Like… we are walking up to your present and getting it? Darling… You asked me for help, right? Yeah… Then let’s walk! Okay! Okay, you know… I just I thought like… Wah! Look at this! And this! And this! And this! And this!!! Okay, okay, okay. You know what? That is great! So let’s just pick one of these things and we can go. No! You need to look at them properly. I am looking at them… properly. One by one. One by one? One by one! One by frickin one. This could be a really good gift… for someone else. Whoa… This is really nice. Right? Okay, that’s great. Let’s- But I don’t know where to put it. Oh my gosh… What? This is perfect! Really? Its gorgeous isn’t it? Uh huh! Alright, dear? Look… I know you’re probably dropping a lot of hints But I… just can’t figure out what you want for Chr- Dear? Dear! Let’s… Uh… dear? Oh! Uh… look here. Okay… But the shops are back there. I… think I dropped my purse down there… Oh okay. Is that why you’ve been- Mmm where’s your purse huh? Ah… I… I found it. Its here. Its here. Dear… we really should continue. I haven’t found anything for your present yet. Okay… I’m ready to go home. Yo… your rea… home?! What about your present? Today was lovely… Oh! I thought we didn’t even get a- This… is a lovely present. Okay… Thank you. You’re welcome! I think. So… Does this mean I don’t have to buy you a present anymore? I’ll kill you. Yes ma’am.

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