What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!)

What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!)

How to talk to a girl at a party is what
we’re gonna be talking about on today’s video. And you might find yourself at
parties whether you are in college, maybe someone invited you to a party and
you’re in your 20’s or a dinner in your 30’s or whatever it may have you, you’re
gonna have experiences where you’re gonna be talking to a girl who might be
in your extended social circle at a party and today I’m gonna be going over
kind of like the one-two punch here in terms of what to say to a girl and
things that you can actually say to her in the beginning, the middle and the end. Right now we’re just steps away from the slumber party Hostel. It’s right on the
beach so I’m just checking out the sunset right now. Hanging out,
unfortunately I got to go back to my upload station that’s far away and
upload a bunch of videos but tomorrow I’m very excited because I’m gonna be taking
a little island tour going to the Kho Phi Phi Islands and checking that out so that
should be fun. I want to give you the first tip in
terms of what to do when you’re at a party. My biggest tip is this; whenever
you’re invited to any party I want you to show up early. Is the party over? Party
hasn’t started. No one’s gonna be here for like another hour. Oh. Do not show up
fashionably late, showing up fashionably late is maybe okay if you know everyone
there and everyone gets excited to see you. But if you don’t know a lot of
people that are going to be at the party and you go there early, you get a chance
to introduce yourself and start meeting people from the very beginning so by the
time everyone shows up you already know everyone. So it’s not lame. Show up to any
party early, at least the very least right on time. So what you’re gonna be doing is
introducing yourself to everyone when you first get to the party and you’re
early. But what do you do if you can’t get
there early for whatever reason? Well when you get to the party and you see a
girl you want to talk to, all you gotta do is go up to her and you say
this line. Say to her “Hey, I haven’t met you yet.” And if you’re an avid Tripp
Advice follower, you’ve heard me talk about this before because it it’s one of the
best things you can say at a networking event, at a party, anywhere
where there’s a gathering and you want to start a conversation and it works very
well when you’re at a party because it’s as if you’ve been socializing and
talking to people but you haven’t met her yet. And that’s be a nice easy warm
introduction now mid-conversation or even towards the beginning, what you can
end up saying is “Who do you know here?” I know that might sound kinda lame, kind of
obvious, but that is a great feel jumping point to be able to continue
conversation from there so maybe she knows someone that you know. Great, now
you guys can talk about that. Maybe she says someone who you don’t know then you
could say “Oh cool. You should introduce me” or you could say “How do you know
them?” and then from there listen to conversation and be able to extract
keywords to be able to continue it and then if she says “No one” or if she has one
friend then a flirty thing you could say to her “Well now you know me.” Alright that was a nice little sunset hanging out now I’m just heading back
to the slumber party hostel. Gonna see what’s going on. Let’s go. Alright so
let’s just say now at this point you have talked to the girl, you’re in
conversation, things are going well, maybe 20-30 minutes have already gone by, how
do you close the deal? How do you get her number? Well all you gotta do is say this line that I learned from a friend of mine which she says is working very
well. Basically you say to the girl, let’s hang out again sometime but let’s do it
on purpose. That’s just an easy way to be able to
see her again or you don’t have to get her number. You can continue hanging out
with her if there’s something going on after the party, invite her out, continue
spending time with her because that’s where the attraction happens. When you’re
in person. You want her to be invested in you alright but of course that can
happen go for the number. That’s just an idea of how to do it. There are other
ways to do it. You can just ask her for her number very simple. But here’s a little
tip that I need to give you. Make sure that you don’t wait til the end of the
night. A lot of guys will be too scared to go for the number because maybe
they’ve only talked to the girl for like 10 minutes and they think they’re gonna
see her later at the party but then they find out that they don’t so I urge you
to actually ask her for her number instead of leaving and going and talking
to other friends and thinking you’re gonna see her later. I’ve heard too many
stories where the guy doesn’t get the number, doesn’t ask for it and then he
doesn’t see the girl again later and then they shoot themselves in the foot.
So make sure that you go for it before you two separate after your conversation. If you are struggling to know what to say to a girl when you are at a party, I
have something for you, Chick Crack the topics of conversation that women love
and you can get that for free in the description down below. It’s
a little video and it’s gonna help you be able to continue conversation, make
conversation and make it interesting when you meet a girl at a party. Go get
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58 thoughts on “What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!)

  1. The important thing to remember is that faint heart ne'er won fair maiden. So go for it. Be funny. Be charming.
    Be considerate. Be the guy she wants to spend time w/. Be yourself.
    And if those last two are mutually exclusive, then you have a decision to make. Personally, I'd go w/ being yourself. B/c when you stop being the other guy (the one you're not actually), she just might not be interested in you. Or might lose interest.

  2. Hey Tripp have you thought of bringing back Jason capital on this channel? If I can remember you mentioned you would bring him back for another video, would be awesome.

  3. Last night was am 80"s party at a club downtown. Pretty lame mostly bc of the age inequity, but I met a couple of very petite Italian girls, I thought they were twins, so in my self amusement I said ahhg, it's always been a fantasy of mine to fuck twins, then I said too bad, tonight could have been your lucky night, ?. I danced with them both for about 5 minutes, before touching happened. They both had fishnet underwear risk g above their waistlines, so I tugged on them both and said, you caught one! They went nuts and from there the night just got fukin better. One of my first pulls and most bc they were 7.5 and 9.

  4. I been improving myself over the last year or more and I honestly think you have the best and most relevant advice. Thank m8

  5. My crush says she almost has no contact with men and never has dinner with a single man before,then how should I ask her out?She is 21 and not very mature,she always spends time with other girls…

  6. Tripp i need some advice, i went to a party the other day and met some cool people. Among them was this girl that i found attractive. We talked for a bit between ourselves and the group and ultimately it ended in her asking for my facebook (I wont go into specifics but she did ask for my number in a joking manner in another language but i missed my chance since i prefer getting numbers). Anyways, i wait a day later to talk to her on facebook saying hey nice meeting you etc we should do it again sometime. She responds with yeah we should definitely at uni parties and what not. The conversation carries on for a bit and eventually i did not leave it open ended resulting in her just seeing my last message and not responding. What should i do? It has been around 24 hours. Should i message her again asking her to hang out etc or just drop it. HELP i am not good at texting

  7. Man respect for you doing the Vertigo effect in your drone shots!! Love them! And nice teal & orange grading! Keep it up in your great vlogs!! Good content for sure 🙂 have fun in Thailand

  8. Hey Tripp, nice work with your videos. I wanna ask you, is it possible to meet a girl from social media? Like instagram for example?

  9. I did exactly what u said and i smashed the hottest girl in my class. thanks dude. all of yall gotta listen to dis man.

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