When New Year’s Resolutions Go Too Far

– [Announcer] Take your
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which keeps you in check if you fail to meet your goals. – Um, can I get a? – [Announcer] If you miss
runs, consume bad calories, or continue being single,
you’ll lose points. Because unhealthy eating
and lifestyle decisions not only kill you, they
keep you alone forever. (device beeps) We believe the path to a better life, is right in front of you. And it’s really not
that hard at all, Kate. Stop running from your problems, And start running toward
your solutions, Kate. Make every breath count,
because breath is limited and you only have so many before you die. And you don’t want to die alone, right? Are you still single? What happened to all of your goals? How’s your dating going, Kate? – [Device] Fail, fail. (Kate screams) (exciting music) – [Announcer] tunefit 4s,
we’re talking to you, Kate. (exciting music) – Help!

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