Where is Santa Claus?

Where is Santa Claus?

So we all know Santa Claus lives here in the North Pole Which first off is a smart move If you look at a map of the countries that celebrate Christmas you can see most of them are in the northern hemisphere So it makes sense to put your distribution hub at the center of this so that he’s equidistant from the bulk of his delivery destinations Second off. It’s smart because of the temperature.While we all know the Arctic is getting warmer it’s still one of the most consistently chilly places on earth and that’s important because Santa operates a manufacturing industry at a huge scale the impact of such a factory would discharge a lot of heat.If this factory were anywhere else it Might get too hot for elves to comfortably work not to mention cold Temperatures are good for computer servers to run because they produce a lot of heat as well. And why is this important? Well think about it Santa started delivering presents like a thousand years ago when the world’s population was really small But now there are billions of us to keep track of and the logistics of that must be Incredible keeping tabs on who’s naughty and who’s nice for billions of people is a task Only a supercomputer would be able to handle probably made by some very crafty elves for Santa in the early 2000s This computer must receive intelligence from elves in order to keep track of everyone all at the same time and calculate good to bad algorithms Remember, he sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake which actually means he has constant surveillance in place and you’re outputting a constant stream of data for Santa to process without placing his servers in the Arctic this supercomputer would definitely overheat and crash but this raises the question where exactly is Santa well first off it’s important to note that it’s absolutely necessary to keep the location of Santa’s workshop a secret so that no kids can come and see what they’re getting for Christmas before they’re supposed to because of this we’ve never Learned its true location But I think I can narrow it down a little so taking a look at the North Pole we can see that it’s actually water not land and that’s no good for building a factory on so it would have to be on some of the land surrounding the North Pole I’m going to assume that it’s at least been near the water though for several reasons first This would give Santa easy access to cargo ships importing raw materials necessary for making toys And second with so many elves working here You need to feed them somehow and a coastal Manufacturing plant allows for a fishing industry to exist up there as well considering no edible plants can grow that far north So that gives us an area that roughly looks like this. Okay, so real quick I’m going to rule out this area in this area as those are the parts that belong to the United States and Russia Let’s face it if santa was in either one of these two countries, the military would have found him probably during the Cold War and forced him to stop giving presents to the other side that leaves this area belonging to Canada Greenland and Norway now all of these look like pretty good options, right? They’re all snowy close to the North Pole and so on but we have to remember that America These lands were only rediscovered by Europeans around 500 years ago when Christopher Columbus came over before that Native Americans lived here and they were really cool But they did not celebrate Christmas And in fact, no one on this side of the world had ever celebrated Christmas before this point think about it This would have been the perfect place to hide his operations from the entire Christmas celebrating world what this means is that we’re going to kick out norway and only focus on these two areas Now you might think well We really can’t go any further than this, but you’re wrong You see Greenland is almost completely covered in glaciers Which are more icy than snowy and that just isn’t what Santa Claus is all about also You can’t build a factory on top of a glacier because those move and any factory built here would be destroyed within a few years So, yes, the only place the Santa could be is here in northern Canada But where well we already ruled out any where not near the ocean so he could presumably only operate in about this range But if we look at shipping routes through the Arctic we can see that some areas receive a lot of traffic during the warm parts of the year now if Santa wanted to stay hidden He would have chosen someplace far away from these shipping routes so he could stay undiscovered for our purposes We’ll be paying special attention to this route as it goes right through our potential area then building off this certain passenger flights Will fly over the North Pole to make travel time between two destinations shorter. Here’s what the most popular routes look like These are a lot of help because almost all of them go over our designated area Here are the important ones highlighted now,im going to eliminate 50 miles in each direction Of these paths because you know when you’re high up in a plane and stuff you can see for a very long distance If santa was in any of these areas, his factory would have been discovered already So taking away the paths our new map now looks like this. Okay. This is starting to look messy But hang on I’m going to clean it up I’m also going to say that making toys for Billions of children requires a lot of elves, right?And when they aren’t working they must be hanging out or sleeping somewhere else So what this means is there must be a massive residential Development right next to the factories where all of the elves can live outside of the sweatshop workshop because of this I’m going to rule Out all of the smaller islands and specks of land we see because they simply would not be able to fit such a massive Population center, okay so now we have these few areas left that Santa could be operating from Except there are also weather stations built throughout the Arctic so that us people living further south can know what the weather will be in Advance, here’s a map. But for times sake we’ll make this fast These all would require Construction teams and engineers and land surveyors and people to operate them throughout the year and this surely would have threatened Santa secrecy So any area within 100 miles of a weather base will say cannot also contain Santa’s workshop and you might think that’s it. We can’t get any closer, but you’re wrong again You see perhaps one of Santa’s most iconic gifts could also be his downfall coal Think about it in order to give coal to kids who are bad and I can assure you There are a lot of these sorts of kids Santa would need to be located near a coal deposit and have elves mining it year-round so all we need to do is look at where the coal can be found in the Arctic and overlay that with our Pre-existing map and there you have it The only place Santa’s workshop could be are these two locations now between these two I believe I know which one Santa’s factories homes fisheries coal mines Distribution hub and all the rest is located. I believe that Ȋ̪̯̙͓̙̞͍̰̲͖̟͉̑̅̇̉̌̓̐̋̚T͈̘͖̪̬̝̘̜̅͛̔̑͋̍͊̂͐̅ͅ’͉͇͉̯̮͇̟̠́̏͂͋͌̍Ṣ̤̮̟̯͚̦̠͒̀̀̄͋̉́͐ O̗̙͉̫̜͆̋̈́̀N̯̩̲̯̂̉̐̆ T̜̳̖͙̪͇̯͗́̔̿̈́̈Ḣ̦̦̰͚̭͎͉̪̲̀̌͆̋Ȅ̖̭̣̭̎̿͊̂̑̐͗̅̾̈́ S̝̰̱̙̄̋̓̀M͚̮͇̮̜͊͂̅̔͛͌̾̓͌̄̈A͓̠̭̖̜̳̽͋̈̑̉̈͊ͅLL̫͈̽͊̐͒̉̇̏̈͋̆͒̚Ĕ̖͔̥͍̤̰̥͇̅̈́̀͂̌̊̃̚̚Ȑ̮͓̣̖̔͆͋ I̪̱̠͉̓̒͗̎Ṣ̘̭͎̩̜̩̥̥̦̅̋̐̾́̉̿́̅͛L̮̝̣̗̦̮̗̙̍̋́̀̿͛̆A̬̞̦̬͕̜̪̫̟͊̉̃͊̓͛͋́̆̒̚N͕͙͇̙̂̂̓̓̈͊̉́̽̚ͅD̯͍͙̰͖͙̪̳̝̤̱̜̽̌̀͗͊́̉͊͋̿ I̫̥͎̭̜̜̯͎̬̋͒̄̍́̓̾̉̐̂̊N͈͉̤͇͕͈̰̰̫͂̀̈́͛̆̍̿̀ T̳͇̫͔̮͕̑̐͛̆͗̉̉͂̚H̪̖̜̝͓̭̩̭̀͌͒̋̄̄̚ͅE̥̙̩̬̮̠͕̔̀̔̇̈́̐̆́͐͒̐̚ͅ Ě̤͍͓̣͙̝͓͖̗̝̬́̐͂͒̈A̭͕̯̟̓̽͆̅͊̄̾͆Ș͎̖̪̖̮̫͔̰̫̥̄̋̃͌̿͌͆Ṱ͎̯̒̒̍̈́̈̑͒͐̐̃ If you want to get yourself higher on the nice list and help out my channel You can become a patron on patreon like these generous guys thank you to those who support me and there’s a link in the description if you’re Interested it is the season of giving after all I hope you enjoyed this video and please let me know if there’s anything I didn’t think about in the comments if you’d like to See more videos like this, maybe give this video a like and subscribe to my channel Follow me on Twitter if you want updates on future videos, and thanks for watching and have a Merry Christmas

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  1. Santa finishes the video, and with his palms sweating and his nerves jittering, slams his laptop shut


  2. True location Finland:
    – Reindeer CHECK
    – Arctic climate with forest: CHECK
    – Postal address: CHECK
    – Possibility to visit in person CHECK
    – Google image search for visual proof CHECK
    – Access to rail and airport (Rovaniemi), Finland: shortest flight route to Asia CHECK
    – Northern lights for atmosphere CHECK

    Now ball in your court, show any proof of northern pole version

  3. The error is that Santa considered shipping routes hundreds of years before they were implemented through North America. Does he have a time machine? :O

  4. Santa lives in Sweden according to science https://www.thelocal.se/20161223/santa-claus-should-live-in-sweden-researchers-calculate

  5. I actually met Santa once when i was a young fella. Even got to sit in his lap and take a picture. Smelled like whisky and smokes though.

  6. 0:07 the Philippines is like that weird lil country that looks up to its past so much that It wants to be in the on going present action as much possible

    It was conquered by the Spanish
    They gave them fancy Spanish last names, christianity and of course the language "Spanish"

    After a long rule. fancy constructed modern beautiful cities 😍 the u.s came and kicked the Spanish out
    Slowly the Spanish language diminished (not completely since theres still a good size of people who speak it or some form of it today, like the language chavacano) anyways English was the new "it" language

    Army/navy bases were built like crazy all over the small island nation
    Western media circulated all around as the norm, traditions were brought in

    Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos left to western countries mainly in the U.S (Hawaii, Guam and California)

    Let's not forget how many Filipinos married stationed soldiers like crazy during the u.s accupation
    And how many westerners (mainly americans) still visit the nation to do …. stuff

    They just cant get enough of western society
    They've been thrown left and right like crazy over the last centuries they dont really have their own culture that cant be traced to colonization

    Just like the Hawaiian people
    How many of them speak Hawaiian? How many of them are 100% Hawaiin? Apparently not many according to some studies. Most "Hawaiians" in Hawaii are actually SE Asians or other Pacific groups passing as Hawaiians

    It's a lost culture there too
    It's all a show for the tourists

  7. If you could in the future talk about indigenous people on North America NOT like they "were" extinct. Thaat'd be great.

  8. This is such a wholesome video! Your channel is so good, I love your content. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. I'm going to throw a monkey-wrench into by saying Santa discovered automation decades ago, so there aren't really that many elves to take care of.  And the shipping problem you mentioned? Well the reindeer don't just pull Santa's sleigh. OK. the ones we are familiar with do. But there are others that are used to haul the goods the rest of the way from a regular shipping port. Santa contracted (under an alias, of course) with them for unloading and storage until his "people" came to carry it off. For which they are paid handsomely to not ask any questions.

  10. Plot twist: The ice caps aren't melting because of global warming but heat created by Santa's super computer.

  11. Atlas: Most of them are in the north hemisphere.

    proceeds to highlight the entire African continent and South America

  12. 6:26 Anyone who is subscribed to your channel and also plays fortnite is in a rather uncomfortable position.

  13. Only 35,000 views? You deliver quality content like real life lore! I think you should get much more attention

  14. One of the best things about this video is it shows how much human activity there really is in the Arctic Circle region, a place many people probably think isn't visited much. Well done!

  15. I think you made a mistake with your map of christian majority nations: you included Chad, which is majority Muslim.
    Edit: you also seem to have included Burkina Faso, also majority Muslim
    Edit Edit: Okay, also Albania, Bosnia, and Kazakhstan, all of which are majority Muslim

  16. You realize Santa could bribe the people who find his workshop. He could give them all year round presents or maybe that they will always be on the good list.

  17. 0:05

    But That's Unfortunate For Like The Whole Southern Hemisphere..
    I Bet Aussies, Brazilians & Filipinos Are Sad To Recieve Their Gifts Late

  18. no, he lives in colorado, at a place in the mountains called "The North Pole". I've been there before, it's fun, it has the world's tallest ferris wheel

  19. Really fun video! It's definitely an oversight that you kind of ignore the fact that there are Inuit communities in Northern Canada, though, not just weather stations.

  20. Atlas Pro: Santa must be in Canada because that area was undiscovered up to 500 years ago and Santa is way older
    Also Atlas Pro: Santa won't be close to any commercial ship and plane routes

  21. Nicely Done.. with scientific explanation i scan explain it clearly to my children how santa do his job.. Thanks a lot

  22. Actually it makes more sense for Santa Claus to be stationed somewhere in Norway. The Norwegian name for him here is Julenissen. One thing Norway is filled with are creatures known as Nisse, not to be confused with goblins and elves. Nisser have a very similar appearence to Santa Claus, with bushy beard and pointy hat and a strong connection to Jul/Yule/Christmas. Also we have giant trolls that makes attempts at exploration extremely difficult. Also we have Samer who herds raindeer, and we all know it isn't moose pulling the sled. He might have expanded his operations to other parts of the world, but there can be no real doubt that his home must be located in Norway. Also, he must be as strong as a Viking to carry that bag of presents around on his back.

  23. Great information, and very well done, but I am shocked that Santa still distributes coal. Isn't it dangerous for the elves to mine it? To think of all those little elves running around coughing and hacking! I'm just sickened by the thought. Luckily they live in Canada and can get health care.

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