White Noise Sound Machine for BLACK FRIDAY ◄ to help you sleep.

White Noise Sound Machine for BLACK FRIDAY ◄ to help you sleep.

– Today, sound machine… – [Dominique] Speaker deals… – [Matt] For 22 bucks! Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. – And I’m Dominique. – Best job shadow ever, and your one-stop shop for deals right here. We are in the midst of amazing
Black Friday reductions and today just one of those items. – Yes, if you are subscribed, we will be getting you the best Black Friday deals. – Hook-ups early so you
don’t need to line up, so you can preserve Thanksgiving,
I already have a list of huge door-busters which
we have access to and if you wanna stay subscribed to
this channel, we’ll get your holiday shopping done
at 80% off and for free. Dominique, how do you feel about free? – I love free. And we are giving away two sound machines for free to two subscribers. – We’re gonna make the draw
at the end of this video and a reminder, if you stay subscribed, not only is your holiday shopping done but those freebies will continue. The sound machine today is
just a better way to sleep, a lot of people are relying
upon apps but it’s confusing, they deactivate in the
middle of the night, under 30 bucks, down from almost 50, this white noise machine
with eight sounds is great. The only complaints tied to
this have really pertained to price, a lot of people
think it was overpriced at almost 50 bucks and they will tell you, “Well I wouldn’t spend
the full price on it.” This is a steal, it uses
three double-A batteries or a USB cable, an AC
adapter which is included. – I live on a busy street so these sounds definitely help me. Hear the nice, peaceful
sound, my personal favorite, rain, birds chirping, light thunderstorm, more powerful thunderstorm,
and drizzling rain. – Dominique is magically in another outfit because she tested this awhile ago. Other than the impressions you’ve shared and you’ve spent months with
this thing, what do you think? – I like this a lot because
it doesn’t take up the mobile data on my phone, and it has
just better sound quality. – Yeah, if you’re trying to even use Wi-Fi which you do have access
to, to try and sleep, this is built specifically
for that one purpose and it is still helping you sleep? – It is. – Wonderful! And it also drowns out my snoring, so it’s helping my marriage
at home in other ways too. Isn’t that great, saving money, marriages. Alright, it’s time for our giveaway. Using Two Buddies random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, our first winner is
Michael, I’m glad you love the drone deals, I’ve
got many more coming, just email support at
MattsDailyDeals.com for your freebie, and MantaRyan, again
congratulations to you, just email me, and a
reminder for everyone, make sure all of your
notifications are checked and on for this channel so you
never miss another giveaway. Dominique for our winning
subscriber, oh you’ve already started, peaceful, that’s great, do ballet or whatever you’re doing,
and I’ll go quieter, yes, you’ve won, amazing,
thank you for watching. Wow, did you ever take ballet
at any point in your life? – Yes, I took six years of dance. – Wow, it certainly paid off for this. – Can’t you tell?
– Yes. Questionable teacher
that you may have had. But that was great, I can’t do any better. Thank you so much for
watching, a reminder, if you want access to all
those door-buster deals early, this is just one of 1000 different
deals that you can score. – Stay subscribed, this is
your home for the holidays. We have more freebies than
anyone in the country. – And door-busters, and
they are coming right up. Thank you so much for being
here, Dominique will respond to probably every single
one of the comments that you write to her, you like that? – I do. – You still have time for that? – Yeah, I have homework, but
you know, I, yeah I like it. – You know your priorities.
– Yeah. – You are our priority, thank
you so much for watching. – Hey everybody, it’s intern Casey here. If you’re not yet subscribed to Matt, why? That makes me so sad. But it’s not too late! Click on his head right here
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what are you waiting for?

50 thoughts on “White Noise Sound Machine for BLACK FRIDAY ◄ to help you sleep.

  1. Love this machine! I can't sleep if it's too quiet! do this handy machine would do the trick! I love the dance Dominique! It's beautiful and graceful just like you! Keep those great deals coming!

  2. I always complain to my boyfriend that I can't sleep without white noise. we recently moved into a new house and always had our cieling fan on and now we don't have a fan so It's hard for me to sleep at night!! it's awful! I definitely need this!

  3. Thank you so much! Not only for finding the deals, but I am getting so many ideas for gifts for people.
    Way to go all of the interns……and I guess Matt too 😂

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