100 thoughts on “WHO IS LYING? The FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet Bar Brawl Controversy Breakdown

  1. Truth: channel 19 did a hatchet job on Banks because they have a vested interest in the restaurant, and have done a series of celebrity chef promotions for the club, it's on public record, the women who assaulted Alissa, are involved with bar staff, and were the aggressors in this whole thing, the bouncer was told by management, that Banks had permission to be in that restricted area, the bouncer had a hair across his ass because Maria ( an employee of the Barley house other restaurants) went over his head to his boss, in order to get permission for Banks to be downstairs, this staff has a history of assaulting patrons over the slightest dirty look, and two have been charged with assault and battery with a shod foot, so do your research before you troll his posts, he makes you relevant, and without him, and other content rich vloggers , you'd be stuck in your mothers basement playing D&D with other mouth breathers!

  2. Wow the guy pulls the girl and banks girlfriend apart (you're welcome allyssa) and then ricky comes from behind and smacks him in the face from behind multiple times. Enjoy the assault charges mate. And even better his gf tries to swing on the guy breaking them apart, what a classy couple.

  3. I'm Curious…IF THIS WAS Jake or Logan paul…would people react the same way? Because from what I am seeing people would be defeding those brothers one way or another….

  4. He received a massive number of requests for this story. You can't get upset with the guy for giving people what they asked for. If you do, then you must just be one of those people that are never satisfied, or just really inattentive when it comes to Phil and the ways he's always trying to satisfy the story requests of his audience. Don't get mad at Phil, get mad at all the plebs that requested coverage on this drama.

  5. One reason I really like your show is because you doesn’t show false neutrality, you understand that both sides are not equal and that one side might have more information than the other, or that one side might have more supporters. You show the facts and separate them from speculation and do a good job of presenting both sides.

  6. Brilliant this is real and I appreciate you looking at the evidence that is available without taking bias. Brilliant

  7. Tbh I think she was choking Alissa in my opinion and with her ass idk maybe someone grabbed it idk but I can't give a definite yes or no answer

  8. I actually really enjoyed hearing your take on this and you make strong points. I am a huge fan of Alissa and Faze but you are right, it seems to be as if they are both in the wrong.

  9. NOT deffending, but he says "trying to get my girlfriend ass", trying, not that he did, that may be the reason why there is not a touch iin the video….

  10. maria, the girl who worked at the bar, was in the womens restroom downstairs with alissa and hannah. she literally confirmed that ricky was never in there with them.

  11. the bar people also didnt even use all the footage either. they only used the parts that made them look innocent. another takeaway from this is why tf would banks try to pick a fight when he was there with his girlfriend AND her FAMILY for the last time before they were gonna head back to LA? banks had no reason to pick a fight unless someone touched him or alissa first. he initially came to ohio with alissa to spend thanksgiving with alissa and her family and was scared as hell over how they'd react when they met him. not that hes a bad person and has to try to stay on his best behavior (because hes clearly not that person), he wanted to impress her parents to the fullest extent and just wanted them to accept him. why tf would banks do that with alissa's family there? why would he pick a fight when he's trying to earn respect and acceptance from alissa's parents? and the fact that banks' story provides more insight compared to the commentary and footage given to the public? id say theyre a lot more sketch.

  12. I paused it right at the moment he says the guy choked her, and he for sure was. Just the way he is grabbing at her and you can see her hands near her own throat grabbing at his wrists trying to get him off. (I have no idea who any of these people are so I am not biased either)

  13. If a girl is going to get sexually assaulted in a club it usually happens on the dance floor so there isn't going to be camera footage

  14. Was going too say…why do these pretty girls get with people like "Faze banks" Look and behave like gutter rats…Yet..look at how she behaves…like a gutter rat. :/

  15. Phillip defranco is a better channel than a legalised news channel. He’s not biased and does a thorough research on both sides.

  16. Oh yeah, bring on the morality clauses on YT influencers in 2018. It's coming. Google will make Disney look so easy going when it's all said and done.

  17. I am totally late to this conversation, but isn't a bar responsible for the alcohol consumption of their patrons? If they served him drinks to the point of their staff recognizing inebriation, he should have been cut off and sent home then, not just when the place was closing. Also, there are so many ways to keep people out of “off limits areas” when you don’t want them there, that do not include a bouncer being in an “inebriated person’s” personal space. That is a recipe for a cluster. I think both parties made sketchy claims that they couldn’t back up. I feel badly that people got injured in a situation that was preventable, or, at the very least, was one that could have been handled very differently with far less chaos involved.

  18. 3.9 million and 2.9 million and they're "the face of YouTube? Hell no. There's people with many times that many subscribers and those people aren't even the "faces of YouTube"…

  19. The problem is, is at the end of the day. Clubs don't take let you take glasses out. Most clubs don't have you drinking out of glasses only plastic cups. But the will give you a bottle of water if you ask though.

  20. All I can think seeing these two spoiled entitled children is I would make it a point of going to Barley House and having a beer

  21. Everyone always goes to spoiled whenever people have more money than they do not everyone is Jake Paul, people who have money get Wrong by other people to it happens I think from listening to it Ricky always says that he was wrong he already said that he was wrong he says he could have handled it better he says he recognizes his own wrongdoing in this he always does that whenever something like this happens because he doesn't want anybody to think that he is wanting preferential treatment or anything but looking at the video of the guy putting his hand on Alyssa I mean In the Heat of the Moment something may look like much worse than it really is and regardless of whether or not Ricky was going to punch him either way he was already reaching up to put his hand on Alyssa why they're keeping her at Bear whatever but she had not thrown a bunch of to anybody she had not punch the girls who punched her repeatedly in the face she had not punched the guy who was being rough with keeping distance between her and his girlfriend she had not done any of that so what is actually the point of putting your hand up because it wasn't just her chest it wasn't you know to her stomach it was up to her neck so you see that you see her getting punched again you see a guy going reaching for her what do you think's going to happen it probably In the Heat of the Moment did look like he was choking her from the video it look like he was choking her to me like that's that's what it look like there's nothing else I can say that's how I viewed it but when it comes down to it whether or not she was sexually assaulted or whether they were lying and that's what she told him he even said he did not see it that's what she told him so maybe when she was being escorted up the stairs her friends were right behind her Parts down underneath from where the camera can see obviously because that's kind of where they come up Alyssa was being handled extremely roughly down in the basement before they had her going up the stairs and so was Banks I mean it's really hard to see exactly what's happening down there but it was very obvious that Banks was put in a Chokehold and Drug upstairs and you can obviously see him talking to a guy and he immediately get gets calm just like he said because that person wasn't being rude or aggressive or anything so he walks out obviously dialogue in still probably still telling them about Alyssa being down there so he gets escorted out he says everything about everything about they should have just left but he even says Alyssa's mother got pissed off because she had not seen what it happened to Alyssa space so I mean in this day and age how can you how can you blame somebody for wanting to make sure it's captured on video because if it's not look what happens the person who has it on video is the person who you know has evidence or whatever people feel safer recording things because then they can show exactly what happens and what they saw that that's the day and age you live in and if you're going to be so pissed off to the point that you have to repeatedly assault somebody and somebody who hasn't put their hands on these women at all Alyssa did not punch them back didn't do anything to defend herself which I think is pretty damning on them because she literally has a reason to to fight back but she doesn't because she knows what's more powerful is getting it on tape. Everyone who has money is not the devil and everyone who's on YouTube and makes money is not the devil regardless if the show the the news channel makes money off of the off of the bar or Barley House makes money off of the news channel they don't have to make money off of each other and order to be affiliated with each other if you have somebody who's not necessarily a friend but you guys benefit from each other cuz you're not going to tell me that it's not beneficial in Evony anyway to be on TV or to be on another places channel to kind of get more exposure that it's not beneficial to you so it's beneficial for them to work together otherwise why would you do it so saying that there's absolutely no conflict of interest there I think is you know not true nowadays money is really beneficial but show is reaching a large audience a different audience expanding your reach publicity you know so I don't think that was correct in just a second that they have no they don't get anything out of scratching each other's back basically. I mean if you think about it you actually do need to use a little bit of logic this is the first time that Ricky was meeting Alyssa's family let alone her parents who all went out to them with them to this bar and personally I know I would not be drinking crazy getting in the abbreviated and trying to cause any type of scene if I'm out for the first time with my significant other's parents and family obviously you want to make a good impression you want them to like you I think that's a pretty big point and then also I do think that when you're angry and adrenaline is high sometimes things that look one way can just be taken to a further extent so if it looks like somebody's going to be reaching for somebody let alone your girlfriend and she's already been punched three or four times in the face then yeah you're going to take initiative and action and go ahead and attack somebody he even said it wasn't right I don't think it's right to attack anybody but from the standpoint of she'd already been messed up and you see pictures of her face she got fucked up I don't think she's being a spoiled brat at all if got that messed up and now is pissed off about it I don't know obviously facts and logic have to be you know taken into account here together no one is going to act a fool whenever their first meeting their significant others family and going out like it doesn't make sense nobody's going to do that and then Ricky being who he is let everyone know obviously it's his side but he's telling them exactly you know what happened and he's also making sure that people know that he doesn't condone any type of threats or anything that other his fans or whatever are saying to Barley House he's not condoning any of that he saying he knows that he was wrong as well he should they should have just left all of this stuff but yeah he had permission to be down in the basement in the restricted area they left the girls wanted to go back in to go to the bathroom but at the same time could the girls not have also gone and been interested in where the money was like why weren't they stopped at all like if they had any knowledge of that the money was back there they knew it was after hours as well but they were let down without any trouble and it was only him that they had trouble with I understand if it's closing but there didn't seem to be a problem he didn't know that that's where they counted the money he obviously wasn't he never even looked further back he was literally just waiting for Alyssa and her friend to me it just seems very obvious that Barley House has a history of being aggressive and not really caring about their customers I mean if you watch faces video you can see that there are they have a history they have a pass of having very poor reviews when it comes to their bouncers and even their manager whoever it was to me obviously both parties are at fault and different areas I don't really think people should be going after Ricky just because he was told by his girlfriend that she had her butt felt up so she was sexually assaulted and he even said you know that's what she told me so in a situation like this it's really hard to just you know be like oh no are you sure you know so everything was escalated at that point that's what I think

  22. I understand the Un biased opinion in my opinion it looks like allisa was being choked she was flailing then banks attacked the guy from behind

  23. Honestly, from where Banks was standing I can totally see why it looked like that guy was choking Alissa, especially since it seems to be the same guy that was attacking her before. When you look at it as a pattern of behavior, his actions are more threatening than they seem as individual instances.
    I think Banks and Alissa handled it poorly, but I also think that Barley House was pretty scummy for putting such manipulative commentary over the footage, where multiple statements are false and aren’t at all supported by the video.
    Gonna say that I don’t follow either Alissa or Banks, I don’t really GAF and didn’t know who they were until this week, but I still think they were treated pretty crappily by everyone involved. The Barley House was happy to scapegoat them rather than acknowledge what their team also did wrong, and they painted Alissa and Banks as the aggressors in the fight after the fact when it clearly wasn’t them who started shit.
    I do respect your coverage of the issue though regardless, even if we disagree on some points. 🙂

  24. the problem was never about him being in the bathroom or not, the problem was him being in a restricted area

  25. Obviously the bars lying the bouncers thinks it's okay to choke and hit woman and two of their spots that work there attacking la woman that far is a joke this isn't the first incident this virus had they have a history of it and then Cleveland 19 video of it they cut it up to Barley House favor they cut it up anyone with half a brain could tell that video is cut up Cleveland news 19 is one of the worst news outlets in America they have a history of spotty reporting #fuckBarleyHouse if I was them out to that bar for everything they're worth they still have his $7,000 bracelet how are you going to steal someone's bracelet

  26. Simple, Rickie is in the wrong and he instigated the whole thing. He acts like he's privileged and deserves special treatment. Young rookie doesn't know how to hold his liquor and check his emotions.

  27. Never heard of Barley House or Faze Banks. From the evidence, the Bar did absolutely nothing wrong. Banks was 100% in the wrong.

  28. People like you is the reason Banks is so mad. Because you guys are portraying him as this monster, fabricating evidence😡

  29. Face Banks seems to be the common denominator in all of these altercations and just a few months ago all that jazz with what happened with Jake or Logan Paul… And tbh, I don't think it matters what happened inside the bar, it's a business establishment, I know I can't just walk into a restricted area whenever I want in someone else's business, and that's exactly what bouncers and security is for… It also seems like Banks and his gf tend to let their emotions dictate their actions.

  30. Personally I think that both sides made mistakes but personally I think barely house is wrong for one doing everything to make banks look like the bad guy second for not being willing to talk out with banks and three going to news channel and trying to get them to bring banks down

  31. What I never get is why is cctv such bad quality when smartphone cameras are good and tv and films cameras are good quality as well but important cameras meant to keep up safe are crap and so evidence is missed out or unable to be seen

  32. I’m not even gonna waste my time commenting !!!! People need to go to jail !!! That’s easy !! Not a big deal !! It’s the trash taking out the trash !!! A wash !!!

  33. Call me "crazy" but Ive known security bouncers and they are very careful to be as respectful as possible because they know their jobs depend on it.
    And I have heard how much of an ass customers can be to them because they know that. I have never witnessed a problematic situation myself, so… no idea.

    But It really looks like the the customers were the ones to blame.

  34. 7:39 why does it say aka FAZE lmfao. can ppl stop nicknaming faze MEMBERS as faze. his nickname is just banks. u cant refer to him as faze cuz we'll just think ur talking about the whole faze CLAN.

  35. Nobody has the right to destroy someone's phone or assault them for video taping them in public. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO PRIVACY IN A PUBLIC SETTING. don't make it sound like Alyssa deserved to be assaulted. It's warped.

  36. I think Barley House was super unprofessional. You don't sink to the level of patrons, no matter what they're doing. You're supposed to be the business, those who act professional and responsible and respectable. Instead, THEY LIE to the news… you don't LIE unless you did something wrong and are trying to hide it.

    I'm not a Banks fan, and I don't follow him or his girlfriend. I just think Barley House is trash and they screwed up and now are trying to justify it by lying and hiding the truth. Banks wasn't in the girls' bathroom, that was not why there was an issue. They never had the right to try to separate him and Alissa. That was inappropriate and they had no legal right to do it. They were overzealous and they deserve to be called out and have their spot blown up. Pathetic.

  37. Anyone who's ever been to a show or Club no security guards are power tripping Psychopaths usually. But still this was a big waste of my life this stupid video

  38. A girl fight and a bouncer gets jumped, doesn’t look like anything bad that requires lawsuits, should have ended that night and not be talked about I’m all about standing up for your girlfriend but the girl was the problem not the bouncer if anything a non violent bear hug of the girl removing her from the situation shoulda been the solution not a bitch sucker punch that doesn’t even do any damage anyways which is pretty pathetic

  39. 11:35 well now, I hope Alissa likes Paparazzi, cuz forcing a camera into someone face like what she did there, is exactly that.

  40. um.. it’s a security guard. If he asks you to leave, you leave. “First contact” is a little irrelevant :/ Beyond that, 15 minutes passed from the first incident to the second. Why didn’t they just leave?? Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  41. In my opinion faze didn’t handle it properly if he would’ve left it would have been fine now obviously faze was drinking that night so things became obscured in his head that’s why the whole Alissa being assaulted Thing is in question from his point of view the guy grabbing Alissa looked like a choke so he obviously reacted that way I think that I can give faze but this whole barley started this fight thing is kinda crap whether he manipulated this situation intentionally or not I don’t know but from the looks faze overreacting over something he thought was stupid and got angered because it wasn’t what he wanted to do and which probably got the bouncer on high alert which brought all these other bouncers which made him angrier and escalated and no doubt faze probably what he thought was right but barley really did what they were Supposed to do and I feel like when the guy claimed he was a barley staff it made banks more upset being that he just got thrown out the bar

  42. This dude is a straight up liar which you can clearly see in the 1st 5 minutes of the video with the Barely house. I don't blaim TFUE for not wanting to be associated with them any longer besides being ripped off. He may have signed the contract but who's to say he wasn't lied to…he didn't exactly have the money at the time to have a representative make sure the contract was fair for him.

  43. Who the hell cares. It's my fault for watching the whole video. This is still why I like Philly D. Fair and even coverage. I could care less about these people but it shows how well he covers more then basic news. Keep up the good work Philly & crew.

  44. I know this is old but my biggest issue is what happened outside when punches were thrown. Inside the bar they were asked to leave and nothing escalated too much so I don't care about that. What happened outside when Alyssa was recording the couple is insane. Paparazzi do this all the time with famous celebrities its not illegal to film someone. It is however illegal to physically assault someone which is what the couple did to Alyssa. I don't care if it bothered them that she was recording they should have left or went inside the restaurant. But to start throwing punches especially for the guy to grab Alyssa was insane. I would have definitely lost it at that point if I was Alyssa's Bf.

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