Why is there a Christmas tree shortage?

Why is there a Christmas tree shortage?

You may need to rush to the tree lot to
get your mittens on that perfect Christmas tree this holiday season. Fraser firs might be America’s favorite Christmas tree. Their branches are sturdy and they won’t leave a mess of needles on your living room carpet. It’s been a market shift from particularly Scotch Pine but some other species as well to Fraser Firs, they have great natural Christmas tree shape, has a great fragrance. They’ve really become kind of a Cadillac of trees. But the favorite furs are in short supply this year And to understand why, we need to go back in time 10 years. In 2009, President Obama was in his first year in office, the Black-Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga were topping the charts and the country was still mired in the recession brought on by the housing market crash. Unemployment was around 9%, America was shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, and the trees that will be in living rooms this year we just seedlings. Christmas trees take a long time to produce. The trees out here have been growing some maybe 8-10 years. We kind of have a natural cycle with Christmas trees. Prices tend to go up and people get into the market, start planting more
trees. Then there’s an oversupply ten years later, and the price to go down, people get out. The recession coincided with a natural downturn in the Christmas tree market, and growers were leaving the business. On top of that, in 2012, a drought killed many susceptible young trees. And seeds for the increasingly popular Fraser Fir have always been hard to come by. The species is found natively
in only a limited area in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The nursery growers, that supplies its transplants to places like this, they have a hard time getting seed
so that’s also contributed to the reduced supply. Small retail lots, those are the people
that probably around going to feel this shortage the hardest. Because, for a consumer, you’re
gonna find a tree. It may not be the first tree you want, but you’ll find a tree. Duke Wagatha has run a tree lot in Ann Arbor for more than 40 years. He says this year he was able to get the same amount of Fraser firs as last year due to his long-standing relationship with a grower but he couldn’t get any extra. Meanwhile, demand for real Christmas trees is up. Millennial shoppers are looking to buy local and recreate traditions from their childhood. The National Christmas Tree Association has been working to tap that market on social media. “Real Christmas trees are 100% recyclable – 100% biodegradable” But don’t cancel Christmas if you can’t find that perfect Fraser Fir. There are plenty of other trees in the forest. This is a Concolor Fir, this is a species it’s actually native to the western US. As you can see, it’s got this nice blue color to it, longer needles, it has sort of a almost citrusy smell. Balsam Fir is closely related to a Fraser Fir. It has a very much a similar look, dark green needle. Canaan fir is kind of an intermediate between Fraser and Balsam in the same characteristic. Shop really for best selection, even if you’re not intending to put the tree up right away, you could always keep the tree in an
unheated space and out of the wind until you’re ready to set in the house. The tree bringing home this year might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it
might become your new favorite.

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  1. So not really a shortage of Christmas trees, just people want a "specific" kind of Christmas tree. What a shocker, fake click bait title. Fuck off with this garbage

  2. Why is this news! As a Oregonian I'm sickened by this! The state won't help replace the trees cut down! No one cares the devastating after math of Christmas the garbage the loss of trees the greedyness of this is disgusting no wonder why Jeremiah mentions it in the bible no one reads so no one cares. ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. I used to work at one of these tree lots. Those trees are filled with MICE and RODENTS. We would distract a customer and another coworker and I would shake the tree for all the rodents to fall out before YOU buy them. We also spray them with FAKE fragrance and rodent repellent chemicals. We would also spray them with green dye to give them a vibrant color. Buying one of these means you're bringing INFECTIONS, feces, and viruses into your home to be around your kids and family.

  4. Who gives a fuck. It's not even December yet fucksticks. I hope all these trees burn the fuck up and y'all ain't got no dam tree. Ya motherfuckers sheesh.

  5. There isn't one! Just another ruse for the powers that be,to take financial advantage of the work-a-day Joe's trying to keep tradition alive with their family. Shame be upon you tree assholes! I'm coming at night,and cutting ALL your shotty trees down by the hundreds,I'll help to teach you to be a decent human being…

  6. FUCK Christmas trees that literally tells you in the Bible not to do that in Egypt after believing it was the resurrecting penis of Osiris they would take a pine tree cut it down and take the balls of animals after they cut them off and dip them and gold and hang them from the tree we're continued its pagan occultic Roots until the Vatican hijacked it and marked it up with Jesus pagan holiday equals satanic don't do it

  7. Because Donald Trump hates Christmas! He always has! he always will. He hates your children more than he hates his own.

  8. Perhaps someday we can plant trees to celebrate life, not kill them and decorate them as some psychopath would do with kill โœจ๐ŸŒฒโœจ

  9. My guess would be neighborhoods popping up every other farm land. My, once small town has now become ppl from the city. Absolutely hate them!

  10. A plastic tree is also 100% recyclable…you pack it up and put in storage space. No water waste either…Won't likely burn down your house either…

  11. I never understood why someone would kill a tree to put in their house for a few weeks only to throw it out again. We always had a fake tree. Just as pretty, no mess, and environmentally friendly without the waste of a good oxygen supply for the planet. And we didn't need to waste money on a tree for 40 years!

  12. Why is there a Christmas tree shortage? Simple answer gets simple reply. maybe because there's not enough people planting them.

  13. Get a fake one last longer and itโ€™s fire retardant and no pine needles. Got mine kadt year at Costco it looks soo real. Ans im allergic to them

  14. Tbh i thought most people decided not to have trees as it's killing a living thing for no reason other than 'it looks nice in my sad house'.

  15. Because trump is bringing Christmas back. So of course that means less Christmas trees. Probably short on presents and good will towards humanity also.

  16. Uh maybe due to the fact that there is a Christmas every single year and it takes more than one year for a tree to grow back? Hello? Does literally nobody have a brain anymore? Yeah who the hell cares about oxygen for the planet? As long as we can cut down a tree and place its corpse in our living room and decorate its dying body to just throw out and give no craps about but hmm i wonder why there srent as many trees anymore? How strange. You people are so stupid.

  17. people still use trees? lol and they want everyone to go green.. me i worship No one . only holiday i recognize is my dogโ€™s bday

  18. I live near a Christmas tree farm, walk to it often… there are plenty of trees!
    There are tons of other Christmas tree farms out here too!

  19. There is no Christmas tree shortage and the Salvation Army guy collecting donations in New York doesn't really get robbed every year right before Christmas and Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton we're not talkin about grandchildren on the tarmac

  20. Indiana Pennsylvania, Christmas Tree Capital of the World, Hometown of Jimmy Stewart, star of Its a Wonderful Life, has plenty for sale! Just stop by!

  21. Their's a tree shortage because the tree farms decided there will be a tree storage so they can charge more. This also means less initial investment for the up-keep of the farm witch means even more profit.

    When I was in high school my neighbors decided to go to the forest to chop down a tree. Turns out the property was right next to the current Vice President Dick Cheney and he was at home at the time. They were completely swarmed by Secret Service and everything. I was laughing my ass off when I herd them talk about it. . . . . If I remember correctly, they did get their tree.

  22. Who gives a fuck anyway? Christmas trees are fucking pointless wastes of money. In fact, Christmas is a fucking waste of money. No one cares about Santaโ€™s birthday. Fuck Jesus. Fuck religion. Fuck all you mindless consumer sheep.

  23. what can be more stupid than massive cutting down the living beings that give you oxygen, just because of a tradition that really makes no sense. who the hell benefits from this?!

  24. People: oh no trees are burning!! the lungs of the earth people donate money to help plant more!

    Month later: oh no everyone hurry go cut your tree to have for a couple of weeks and then throw away. Merry Christmas

    Logic has left 2019 ๐Ÿ˜ข

  25. Democrats have decided that Muslims will be angry if we celebrate Christmas. So Democrats have wuzzed out and are joining Allah.

  26. It should be illegal to make Christmas trees more expensive as more people won't be able to celebrate Jesus's birthday properly. I'm going to pray to Jesus that all of this gets sorted out so that all of us gets Christmas trees for a good price this Christmas! Jesus bless all of you!!!!

  27. Millennials hurting another industry. Would just be common sense to have tree sellers to have two sets of trees, one to sell to millennials, and for the rest of normal people who want to take their time.

  28. Another reason for the shortage is that tree farms need labor. Trump has put a damp on that. But christmas trees are a waste of water, land and resources anyway.

  29. Probably because most people find the idea of killing a tree to display it in your house so you can clean up the needles for a month is a stupid idea. Especially with convincing fake trees available that you can use for 100+ years…

  30. You want that perfect Christmas tree look, buy a fake one. They last for about ten years and you don't have to deal with allergies. As for cost it comes to about 10 dollars a year.

  31. There's not I just cut a beauty down,and it was right over in my neighbor's front yard, and it already had lights on it…shortage smortage..

  32. all the idiots talking about their fake trees, LOL, the real one smells a whole lot better ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

  33. Those trees could have been planted where the fires burned thousands of acres. But nope! They're just going to kill them so they can dress them up for a month and then throw them away. Wow! So whose going to do anything about our planet? Tell your kids lies about a made up character called santa and sacrifice trees for it. Unbelievable!

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