Wild ‘N Out Cast Reacts To OG Cast On First Episode | 14th Anniversary Celebration | Wild Reacts

Wild ‘N Out Cast Reacts To OG Cast On First Episode | 14th Anniversary Celebration | Wild Reacts

– I was still in my
daddy’s (beep) at the time. I wasn’t even born yet. For none of these. (energetic music) – Hey! – Hey. – We’re back. – We’re back, now Karlous,
we’re about to watch the first Wild ‘N Out
episode ever, that’s classic. – That is classic. (glass shattering) – What’s up world? It’s ya boy, Sway. – Nick look younger than hell. Nickelodeon Nick. – Ha. (laughs) – Nick looks 15. – Nick, I’m glad you grew into your looks. – Nick look like his balls
didn’t even drop yet. – Wow. – But now on Instagram, that
(beep) look like he need– – Hoo!
(woman laughing) Them muscles, that (beep) looks good. – Man, naw. – I would love to do
these, that could be me. – Okay, you right. – See, that could be me. – In a dress, though? – Hi, guys, we’re live here Wild ‘N Out. – I could be like the little– – Hell yeah.
– The little. – Look at this.
– I would love to do this.
– I would love to be in this. – We definitely, why don’t we do this? – We need to go back to skits, man. I don’t know why we, we really,
we got some talented people that’s on the cast, we
should go back to skits. – My first season, we still did little behind-the-scenes stuff like this. – Season five?
– Season five, when we first can in, we did
little sketches backstage and all that. – Check it out, I said I was tired. I said I was real tired, ’cause I was on the best
of my world tour by myself. (laughs) Hove! – Oh my goodness. – He was beyond that level.
– Listen, you could not, there was no way that this
sketch would work now, ’cause there’s no way you gon’ be able to have anybody be Beyonce. – Oh, a Beyonce impression
definitely wouldn’t go in this day and age. – Are you in the–
– You would to delete all your social media.
– Hello? What was her team called again? The beehive?
– The beehive. – The beehive will sting your ass up.
– If they saw this clip now, they would, oh my god.
– They’ll go crazy. She’d be done. – Right now it’s time for the bonus round, and y’all know how we
do with the bonus round. It’s called Wildstyle. Now we do this every show. This is our version of freestyle rapping, you know, like you seen
in “8 Mile” and all that, but we comedians, so we
hitting ’em with jokes, punchlines that are worth one point added to your total score. So y’all ready to do this? – Hold up, I’m gon’ tell
y’all what I’m looking at. – Why is Biz Markie like that? (laughs) – He had a straight face the entire time. This one you didn’t have to react. You just looked.
– They used him so much in this episode. – Crows, and how come your Adam’s apple go out further than your nose? (crowd cheering)
– That was a burn right there. – D-Wrek.
– D-wrek’n ’em. – Consistency. – That got way too much response. – That got a lot of response. – That was trash.
– That would be quiet nowadays.
– That was trash. – Fire.
– Yeah, he got the blueprint to the Adam’s apple. – Ace was a beast. – He was?
– Yeah. – He went crazy? – He got a skullcap with a bill on it. – Got a new direction, the (beep) so nasty I got a ear infection. – Oh.
(buzzer buzzing) You couldn’t say that on TV now. – Oh, I remember that, I remember that. I was like, “White boy went crazy!” – Do you see what I just did? I stole his mic, now say your next rhyme, but this time, do it just right. – Wow. – Oh you definitely can’t do that now. That’ll get ya a email. – A email from corporate.
– That’ll get ya a good strong email.
– Yeah. – You a 7-Up bitch, and that ain’t right. No wonder they fired your ass,
we’re all drinking Sprite. – ‘Cause he was the Sprite guy. That’s why that worked.
– Oh. You know what’s funny? – That joke didn’t age well, though. – Wait, are you even allowed to do that? – I know, right? – ‘Cause I said a bunch of
candies in the Wildstyle and they all had to get cut,
so I know you can’t do that. – Well that was back when
you were allowed to be human, so these days, everybody sensitive, so. – I think I’m the only
white person on the show who doesn’t deliver their bars like this. (speaks in gibberish) – You should.
– Like they all have the same delivery.
– No, you should, you should. – Nah, my delivery, if it ain’t
broke, don’t fix it, baby. – You should do it for the culture. – I should just do it – [Both] For the white culture. – Just one time.
– Yeah. (stately music) – [Narrator] Coming this fall to MTV, justice has a new name, Judge Mo Dollars. – Court is in (beep) session.
– The great one, Katt. ♪ Judge Mo Dollars ♪ – Court is in session. – I remember this. ♪ From the streets ♪ – You lying, you just saw
it on Instagram recently. That’s why. ♪ Judge Mo Dollars ♪ – Then how come I know the theme song? – ‘Cause you saw it on Instagram recently. – Jail? – You know that back in the day, boy. The earrings are square and big as hell. Oh look at that, that (beep) is straight. – And he’s still in and out of jail. – Back then. – Unpopular opinion, I feel
like the Judge Mo Dollars skit is way better than any
Chappelle skit ever. – See I always– – It was more classic. – Hey, take me out of this,
I don’t want to be by this. – Wait, it’s like skits. – That’s what I’m saying. – I would love to do stuff like this. – Exactly. – I think stuff like this
is what separated that cast from ours, they got to show more range, you know what I’m saying? – I would love to do skits like this. – You know, foreshadowing, Katt Williams spent a lot of time
around judges after this. – He did, he got, so
he’d know the process. – Yeah, that was. – That was him telling us in advance that I’m ’bout to get in
a lot of legal trouble. – You know they always
say you manifest things into reality? – Okay here we go, this
game is called Questions. It’s just one team trying
to stump the other. – Oh.
– I’m gonna give you a– – Questions.
– Questions. – My man D-Wrek still look the same. – The thing is, there’s a cheating part, ’cause people would say “what”
and think that that was, you know what I mean,
like you could say “what.” – That’s a cop out. – Yeah, that’s a cheat,
like you’d be like, “Are you riding this?” – Do it look like I’m riding this? – Yeah, like no, that’s dead.
– That’s the cop out? – Yeah you gotta ask a real question. – The two stars of Drumline. – Did you get a lot of ass over Drumline? – Did your mama tell you? – [Crowd] Ah! – Oh that look right there, that one hurt. It’s like, I’ll fire you. – I used to practice this game. – Let’s play, why you weigh so much? – Were you looking at my scale? – How come you always eating so much, man? – What do you think is a lot? – Do the scale ever tell you
to get the (beep) off me? – Why does that matter? – Who’s asking? – Are you looking at me, or
is your eye looking that way? – Hey don’t bring up old cockeyed stuff. Man, that ain’t cool. We was talking ’bout your weight. – We been talking about
my weight the whole time. I made one eye joke and then it’s too far? – Yeah. – The problem with your rhyme
is they ain’t got me concerned ’cause your weave is short–
– Lookalike. – Oh he had his edges colored
in with like magic marker. – Yeah, lookin’ like Solange. – Look at what wardrobe was back then here, man.
– Oh, my god. Boy had a clean, he had a cutoff–
– My man had the Shaggy jeans.
– Basketball shirt. – No, because I think they
were doing this season on like a hope and a promise. This was just–
– Yeah, they were like let’s see how it goes.
– To see if it would work. – Everybody got the same jeans on. – Yeah they didn’t have wardrobe. It was the first episode.
– Wardrobe was nowhere to be found. – This probably all came from they house. – Now I know I got a perm
and I know you don’t. Later tonight I’m gon’ (beep)
a girl and I know you won’t. – Wow. – Oh, he tried to say he’s gay.
– Yeah, he did. Right, he did. – Those jokes don’t
really go over too well in the 2019 era, because– – Because we live in a different era– – Yeah, so you gotta be careful.
– Of Hollywood. – Like you can’t really say if he’s gay, you kinda gotta say
they, can’t say he/she. It’s a lot of new rules than there were back then.
– I don’t know ’em. That’s why I only make jokes
about people I know personally. – Okay this game is
called I’m On the List, and there’s one goal,
getting into the club. The team captain is gonna play a bouncer and the other players are
gonna play celebrities that might be falling off. – Oh here we go, here we go. – This game now is the one where you call and tell who’s in jail. – Oh, we only did that like once. – Yeah, but that’s what
this game has changed to, is where you do the celebrity impression and have them try and guess who you are. – Okay, you making your one call. – Hey yo, my man. (audience cheering) – Wit’ Spanky ass. Why he ain’t even got
they shirt all like that, the goddamn. – Could I have Spanky? He look like Rip, if Rip was shorter.
– Do you know this game? – You can tell this is old. They didn’t even have a digital person. – Look at Spanky.
– It look like they drew those numbers on. – They had the mic icons. – Is that Rip? – No, that’s Spank. – Oh that’s Spanky, same person. – No it’s not the same person. – All right this game is called
Tore Up from the Floor Up. Each team is gonna put on a fashion show. (audience cheering) – B2K. – Yes, rip the runway. – [Both] Tore Up from the Floor Up. – Now this, this is one
of the most beautiful men I have seen out here tonight. (both laughing) – That’s so messed up. – I mean a sexy, sexy man. – I used to dress like that. – Hello, she’s ready for the B2K concert. – First of all, she’s fly. Back in the day, if you dressed like that–
– That was cute. – You had money.
– You had money. And you drove a, what is it, a Beetle. (both laughing) – Punch bug, no take-backs. – Stop that. (ululates) (audience clapping) (audience cheering) – Ooh, come on, Eva Marcille. – Anyone else who’s auditioning
to be a Wild ‘N Out girl, please see Nick Cannon later. – That outfit, girls
probably back then like, “Ooh, she looking cute.” – Seriously, see Nick Cannon later. He needs some more (beep). – Oh.
(audience cheering) Look, they still fighting the good fight. Fight the good fight, ladies. You know what’s so crazy, though? As a comedian, and just
a entertainer in general, to be able to say you
come off the same platform and somebody that’s as
legendary as Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, I mean. – Affion Crockett. – Crazy, right, DeRay
Davis, Corey Holcomb, all these different people. – What I do like about
the more current episodes is these outfits, back in
the day they had t-shirts. They just cut your sleeve off. Now we have our own wardrobe. We got pants, shoes,
just cute little outfits. I like, you know, I like my chest out. – But it just look like,
it was just, you had fun. It was no filter.
– Like raw. It was raw.
– It was raw, not too glammy. – Just throw ’em in there and just do it. Give the mic. – You know how to keep the party going. Wild ‘N Out, turn your TVs up. Everybody get out your seat. We’ll catch up next time.

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    She needs to spit out that pecker so she can speak properly.

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