Wildest Customers (Compilation) ๐Ÿคช Bar Rescue

(crowd yelling and cheering) – I (beeping) love Friday! – [Jon] It’s insane in here. (heavy music)
(guy screaming) These kids are going crazy. (venue patrons screaming) – It’s okay, it’s okay. What are you doing?
– Get the (beeping) away from (screaming and beeping) you filming me you piece of (beeping) – (beeping) I did no (screaming) (heavy drum music)
(beeping) you (beeping) are you
(beeping) kidding me? Get the (beeping) camera away. (cymbal crashing) (bar patrons yelling) – That person lost their ability to talk three cocktails ago. – Now we get a chugging montage, oh she’s gonna fall over.
– Oh, coming over. – Then she’s gonna drink another. (patron groaning)
– Oh. – What’s your name girl?
– Tiffany. – Tiffany needs to be cut off. – Yeah.
– Move! – She’s loud, interrupting
other bar guests, – Cheers! – Is it over time?
– Look at your dad, he’s oblivious to it. – [Blonde Woman] They’re
giving her another one. – I hate when bartenders
are irresponsible. (Tiffany yelling) Randy is sitting right there, and this is happening
right in front of him. The fact is, when bar
owners are irresponsible, people get hurt. (intense music) She just took another shot! – No, this is just irresponsible, and it’s wrong. Now she’s gonna leave and get
in her car and drive home? No, I’m not letting it happen. (intense music) I’m Jon.
– How you doing Jon I’m Rick. – How drunk is she?
– Pretty drunk. – Pretty drunk. Should she have gotten her last drink? (music intensifies) should she have gotten her last drink? – No! – Who’s y’all talkin’ to? – I’m talking to him about you, ’cause I don’t want you drinking any more, and if he serves you any
more and endangers you, he’s an (beeping). – He got a temper, he’s an arrogant (beeping), the way he could’ve
gone up to some people, it was really not necessary. – You think it’s funny?
– You got me (beeping) up. – I didn’t do anything, he’s the one that got you (beeping) up. Now is she gonna drive home, do you even know that? Where’s your brother? Sitting back there oblivious
to the whole thing, right Randy? – [Randy] No.
– You saw this didn’t you? – [Randy] Yes I saw it. – But you did nothing.
– I got something to say. – Look at what you created.
– Tiffany, Tiffany. – You all it’s not normal, and you saw me do some
(beeping) that you’re not about to be doing. And look I got my car keys,
– That’s enough. – That you’re talkin’ about,
– [Randy] That’s enough, that’s enough. – When a bar owner lets a customer leave over-intoxicated it’s immoral. (Tiffany yelling) that customer can get hurt, get arrested, hurt somebody else.
(car horn honking) – [Car Driver] Get out of the way! – [Jon] That’s why I called a cab. – [Tiffany] Peace!
(car horn honking) – You served her all night long, she had shots as well as beer. – [Tiffany] I don’t
need to swim turn me up! (police sirens) – Your number one responsibility
is to keep people safe. – You run over me, I don’t give a (beeping). – That is the number one
responsibility we have, right? And you (beeping) blew it! – [Tiffany] I don’t wanna go! (police sirens and radio) – Why you even back here? Y’all are going the wrong way, damn! – Look at them. – [Staff Member] What’s wrong?
– [Waitress] I don’t even know why Church is here, he doesn’t
even (beeping) work here. (sighing)
– Uh, Uh, what we do. – [Jon] So we have terrible customer service in the bartenders, raw food being served out of the kitchen, and Lee’s friend messing
around behind the bar. Not only is this upsetting customers, but it’s also pissing off
some of the employees. – [Bartender] I’m hella mad, – Oh wow.
– It only takes so much man. I’m telling him boy, he gonna get what’s coming
to him or I’m gonna kick him. (beeping) cause. – I don’t like this Jon, I don’t like this one bit. – Wait Church, you can’t
be coming back here right now though, seriously, Church. – [Black Waitress] He’s
about to get me hit him. – Hey, y’all got a pad? – Bruh back up, back up bruh. – For real? – Oh.
(staff and patrons yelling) (beeping and roaring) – Oh (beeping) – Hey, hey get off, no, break it, back it up. – Look at him. – [Black Waitress] Church! – Damn!
(beeping) – Oh my God. – They gon’ leave. – [Church] Y’all think
I’m a bitch like that? – They’re still fighting. (yelling) They’ve been fighting, look he will not stop. There’s four people holding him back. – [Patron] Listen you’re bleeding– – Well I don’t (beeping) – So he’s bleeding. – [Patron] Let’s break ’em up. – This is not a fight any more. This is now a war. (intense music)
(police car beeping) Look at this. There’s a customer who just
walked into the kitchen. – Put that order up there? – Raviolis. Raviolis, yeah. – Look how comfortable he was walking in, you know he’s walked
through those doors before . – Of course he has.
– Not the first time. – I had ravioli. Was it ravioli? – With a huge ‘Do not enter’ sign. – What a joke.
– Do not enter. – [Jon] Look at this fricking guy. – Unbelievable. He’s grabbing his own chicken fingers, or mozzarella sticks or whatever it is, and throwing them in the fryer. – [Sou Chef] Slow down, slow down. – [Chef] Send me opinions
by order first please. – [Brown-Haired Lady] Poor guy. – What happens if they burn themselves, gonna get sued for a couple million. – Come on seriously, he’s working. – I’m almost done. – What are you making? Why didn’t you let him make it? – Because I like making it myself. – [Jon] They don’t care. – [Brown-Haired Lady] It’s a free-for-all. – New York burgers, can’t
get ’em nowhere else. – [Chef] No more meat.
– They don’t have any. – All the customers took all the beef. – Other people ate
everything so is no more, that’s it, not more hamburger. This is not yours to drink, this is all the time. (beeping)
(firecrackers popping) – Whoa! Get in there!
– I’m rescuing my wife! (firecrackers popping) – [Patron] Oh my goodness! – Are you (beeping) kidding me? Stupidness, that’s stupidness all right? – I expected a tough rescue, that’s why I’m here. I did not expect owners
that are clearly not doing anything to run their business. (intense music) – I want you guys outta
here, you gotta go. – [Jon] Hi.
– [Owner] Hi. – Jon Taffer.
– [Owner] How are you? – How are you? What’s your name?
– [Owner] Steve. – Who are your two partners? – My brothers.
– Your brothers. Go stand over there. – I don’t wanna lose this business, I don’t wanna let my brothers down. And my staff, I don’t
wanna let anybody down. – Here guys, I’m a New Yorker, he’s a New Yorker, New Yorkers are supposed to be tough, we’re supposed to be strong. You’re letting somebody
fire fireworks in your bar, these are your customers. They’re disrespectful (beeping)
and you let it happen. And they don’t give a (beeping) about you. (beat) they can walk in the kitchen, they can walk to the bar, I sent Josh in here, he walked right into your
kitchen and made a pizza! Nobody said a word! Why don’t you just bend over, and let ’em do what they wanna do, ’cause that’s what they’re doing to you. They’re (beeping) you. (patrons screaming) – Yes I know how you do it. (crowd yelling) – This is not gonna cut it here. A hundred 18 year olds dancing, ruining the place, – Stop blaming 18 and over on me. – Wasn’t the last part last year? – You’re just as guilty as me, you opened the doors and
allowed this party to happen. Just as much as me. (beeping and yelling) (patrons yelling) – Mike, this is Jenna. Jenna’s 23. I had her use a friend’s ID
tonight to get in who’s 18. She’s been drinking his
cocktail for how long? – About 45 minutes. – 45 minutes. How many times did I ask you
to walk through the room? – I didn’t see that. – You blew it as an owner, and this promotion makes no sense. You can be sued for
serving somebody under 21. If you miss this, you’ll frickin’ miss anything. It’s insane in here. (guy yelling) These kids are going crazy. – It’s okay, it’s okay. – What are you doing? – Get the (beeping) away (screaming) get the (beeping) out of here. Get the (beeping) out of here you little– filming me you piece of (beeping). – (beeping) I know! (intense music) (beeping) you (beeping) are
you (beeping) kidding me? Get your (beeping) camera away. (cymbal crash)

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