WILL DISNEY PRINCESSES ESCAPE THE GRINCH? (Babysitter or Will He Steal Christmas?)

WILL DISNEY PRINCESSES ESCAPE THE GRINCH? (Babysitter or Will He Steal Christmas?)

Hey Grinch, freeze it right there! Once upon a time, in a land far away, the
princesses were listening to hear Santa’s sleigh. It was Christmas Eve night and they were all
so thrilled. No one could sleep. Elsa had chills. Huh. Uh. I got chills. Okay Anna, do you have the milk and the cookies
ready for Santa? Check and check. I also left him a sandwich. A sandwich? Yeah. I figured he gets tired of eating so many
cookies plus he has a lot of houses to visit. I figured he could use the extra fuel. I’m snow excited. All right. Well, we better get to bed because that way
he can come here. Santa was ready preparing his sleigh. Night was coming, it was the end of the day. Seeing him off was his trusted elf Jingle. She was the right-hand helper for old Kris
Kringle. All right. That’s the rest of them Jingle. Sure is. Now here is your schedule Santa. Your first stop is to the princesses. You’ll hit Arendelle, Corona, France, Agrabah. Yes, yes Jingle. I know, I’ve got it. I’ve been running this route for years. I always stop by Arendelle first because that
Anna always leaves me a sandwich. Bingo! I found him and he’s going to see those princesses. If there’s one thing I hate more than Christmas
it’s princesses. Now it’s time to hatch my diabolical plan. Now the Grinch from Whoville hated Christmas
a lot. He wanted to end it. He wanted it to stop. Yeah, yeah, yeah they know who I am already. Hey, I’m narrating. It’s my job, no need to get upset you big
green slob. Slob? I resemble that remark. I’ll have you know I keep Mount Crumpit spotless. But that’s beside the point. Now, time to get that Santa Claus, ha ha ha. All right Santa. Hey, let’s get an elfie before you leave. Oh, Jingle, you slay me. Ho ho ho! All right I am off. May the cookies be with you. Ha ha ha! Okay, let’s see. Dasher, Blitzen, Cupid, yup! All the reindeers are here. Time to get this show on the road. Wait a second, who left this delicious gingerbread
man here? I guess a snack before I hit the road wouldn’t
hurt. And wait, here’s another one. Jingle must have left these. That silly little elf. Ha ha ha ha. Hmm, so delicious. Oh, look another one! What’s this? “Your love of sugar will be your demise, Turn around for your Christmas surprise.” Huh. I don’t under- whoa! Ha ha, so holly and jolly and so easy to trick
with sugary confections. Quiet! Step one; take down the big red man. Check. Now it’s time to steal Christmas. Oh, no. This is bad. Christmas is done. But wait, what’s this? Will Grinch’s plan be undone? It looks like Sven the reindeer is here. He was visiting his cousin Prancer for the
new year. “I have to tell Kristoff,” he said to his
friends, “this is Christmas, we have to defend.” Last piece of tape and done. Anna is gonna love this new panini maker I
got her. Oakens, that guy always has the best blowout
sale. Hello. Oh, hey Sven, how was your cousin? Tell all the other reindeer I said, ‘hey’. Wait, what? Santa’s been taken? By the Grinch? Oh, dear. No, no, not you. It’s a figurative of speech. We have to do something about this. We have to save Christmas. I’ve got to go tell the girls. Elsa, Elsa wake up. What is it? What is it Anna? Is it Christmas morning already? No. I think I hear Santa. Listen. Oh my gosh, it is. Let’s go see if we can go see him. Okay, let’s turn on the lights in three, two,
one. Santa! Wait, Kristoff? You’re Santa? You’ve been Santa this whole time? Oh my gosh, it makes perfect sense. You have a reindeer. You love the snow. You love cookies. You’re very jolly. Oh my gosh, it’s all starting to make sense. What? No. Anna, I’m not Santa. Santa has been taken by the Grinch. And if we don’t stop him there will be no
Christmas this year or any year. OMG, we have to put a stop to this. I’ll have to call all the other girls. Elsa did not like the Grinch one bit. She knew he was bad and could throw a fit. She had to call her best friends quick. If anyone could stop him it was the power
of friendship. Oh, look what we have here. Looks like Moana was going to get a new necklace,
haha. Too bad Momo it’s mine now. Haha. Max? Max? Put this with the others. Oh, that’s right Max is on vacation in Hawaii
ironically. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to get a
new puppy helper. Now to clean up and get a headstart on next
Christmas. Wait, what? What are you doing here? Where is Santa? I’m Santa. You see the suit, the belly full of jelly? Yes, it is I, Father Christmas. You expect me to believe that? I have to sound the alarms. I don’t think you are Santa at all. I think you are the Grinch. Ah, the Grinch! Where? Ho ho ho! Jingle knew he was the Grinch mainly by the
smell. His green fuzzy body was also a tell. Yes, yes, yes we hear you. And you, you’re full of your elf, ha ha ha. Yes, it is I and I stole Santa. And I know just what to do with you. Uh-oh. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this happened. If that Grinch thinks he can stop Christmas,
he’s got another thing coming. I asked for a new hair brush and I really
need it. My hair has been getting super tangled. We’ve got to get there ASAP. But how are we going to get to the North Pole
that fast? Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Christmas carpet carpool. Huh! We’re all gonna go on Jasmine’s magic carpet. Come on. And so the princesses left on their way. Jasmine’s carpet worked just like a sleigh. They had to get Santa as fast as they could. If kids woke up to no presents, this would
be no good. If the kids wake up to no presents, this will
be no good. Whoa! Deja vu. Whoa, it’s getting chilly. We must almost be there. You’re telling me, I can’t even feel my hair. Could you ever feel your hair? I don’t know. I’m not thinking straight it’s so cold. Don’t worry, I have extra coats in my trunk. This thing has a trunk? Yeah, it’s a magic carpet. It has everything. Wait a second, do you guys see that? Oh my gosh, it’s Santa’s sleigh. But that’s not Santa driving it. It’s
the Grinch. We need to take him down. Jasmine, how fast does this thing go? Let’s just say, Superman wishes he could fly
as fast as this carpet. All right, we’re going turbo speed. Whoa! He is still going super fast. Santa’s sleigh is really magical you guys
I don’t how we’ll ever catch him. Then we will have to slow him down. Huh, you got him Elsa. That sleigh is going down. Let’s get him. Look, there he is. Okay Grinch, freeze it right there! No, don’t freeze me. Wait a second, you’re not the Grinch. Who are you? I am Jingle. Santa’s right hand elf. But unfortunately, the Grinch did something
with Santa. We heard. How did you hear? A little reindeer told us, haha. Well, actually it was a big reindeer. My best friend Sven. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t great. The Grinch had used Jingle as a fake. He made her distract the girls from their
quest so he could steal their presents. Oh, this was a mess. Um, yeah basically what he said. Um, the Grinch went to your castle to try
to steal the presents that you were going to get each other. Wait, what? Oh, no. We’ve got to get back. Hold on, I think we should split up. Kristoff, you think you can fix this sleigh? Absolutely. It just got a little frozen that’s all. I’ll knock off that ice and it’ll be ready
in a jiffy. Okay, you guys let’s do this. Jasmine, Rapunzel and I will go find the real
Santa Claus. We’ll take Jasmine’s carpet. Meanwhile, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff you guys go
back to your place and try to stop that Grinch. You got it. Let’s go. Wow, this thing is amazing. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Comet, on Sven. It’s pretty cool that Sven got to be a part
of Santa’s reindeer team this year. Oh, man. This thing is going so fast. I’m holding on for dear life. Almost there Kristoff. Okay. If I were the Grinch, where would I put Santa
Claus? Yeah, where would the Grinch not think we
would go? Well, there is the toy workshop, the reindeer
barn, the candy kitchen and the cold room. What’s the cold room? It’s where Santa gets all the cold that he
needs to give to the bad girls and boys. He really hates giving cold, so he never really
goes in there. Let’s go check it out. Uh, I wonder what’s in this, haha. Well, hello little puppy. You know I’m in need of a little helper. You could be my new match. I’ll call you Snacks. Mhh, delicious. Stop right there Grinch. And stay away from my dog. Her name isn’t Snacks it’s Snowflake. Or Elsa. Princesses and Ice Boy? You’ll never stop me and I’m keeping Snacks. She’s my new friend. Ouch! Fine, you can have Snacks. But I’m keeping the presents. Come on Grinch, I know you have a heart in
there, somewhere. Huh! Me? No way girlfriend. I’m a rebel without a cause. You want to be cold-hearted? Well, be that way. Fine, you snow the drill. Noo. Good job Elsa, you’re the queen. You got him, you did, that ice can sting. Oh, thanks narrator man. Wherever you are. Where are you? You know I kind of feel bad for the guy. Well, he’ll thaw out eventually. Plus it gives him some time to think about
what he’s done. Let’s get back to the other girls stand. Hello? Santa? Ho-ho hover here. Santa, there you are. I’m so glad you found me. The Grinch locked me in here with this computer
that plays Elf on repeat. Cute movie, but it gets old fast. Santa. I know him. What happened with the Grinch? We should give Elsa a round of santa-plause,
she froze him. Oh, it was snow big deal. Oh, I see what you did there. That’s great. But I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s almost morning and I haven’t delivered
any presents, ho ho ho! We can help you Santa. With my carpet and your sleigh, we can do
this. And just like that they got on their way and
Christmas was saved. Hip hip hooray! So, when you get your presents on Christmas,
just know they’re from Santa but also from princess. Anna, Elsa I am good now. I love Christmas. Can you unfreeze me? Come on. Oh, my jingle ladies, oh, my jingle ladies,
oh, my jingle ladies, oh. Now taken? Okay. Max! Okay Anna, we gotta find our perfect Christmas
tree before the gift exchange party tonight. Okay. But how do we know which one is perfect? They all look equally green and pine needly. Use your nose silly. Huh! My nose? Yap. Nope not that one. The perfect Christmas tree will smell like,
well, Christmas you know. Has that perfect wintery smell. Go on. Gift exchange? Did somebody say gift exchange? Well, if I can’t steal Christmas from those
pathetic cools, perhaps I can steal Christmas from Arendelle. Plus I already have the hat. Ha ha ha. Ai, Hoo-hoo! A big Christmas tree blowout sale. Hey, Oaken. Oh, hallo, you. Gosh, we just love your Christmas tree farm. It was really hard to pick our favorite. But I think that we sniffed out a winner. We’re going to be decorating it for the big
gift exchange party tonight. I heard. I mean, uh, a party at your home where you
live. Which is where? Good one Oaken. The queen always hosts a gift exchange this
time of year. It’s tradition. Oh, she does, does she? The queen? And who might that be? Aha, you are in such a funny mood today. Oh, we have a queen special. Did you know every queen gets the tree for
free? If you can prove you’re royalty of course. Yoo-hoo! Ah, thanks Oaken. Elsa, this looks snow good. Oh, thanks. Here, let me help you with this. It’s so heavy. Urgh! She is the ice queen. To Arendelle castle to steal Christmas. Ha ha ha. Yoo-hoo! What in a world? Are you giving away my trees for free? Ah, Merry Christmas. Oh, well. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery. Blah! Is this sugar free? Oh, I just love the holidays. Me too. It’s the only time of year that my ice powers
are truly appreciated. That must be our guest. Be our guest, be our guest, steal our presents
and the rest. Welcome to our holiday gift exchange everybody. Thank you so much for inviting us. Duh! Okay, go ahead and put your gifts right here
under the tree or you could just give them all to me of course. Ha ha ha. Don’t worry Anna, I baked something delicious
for you as part of your Christmas gift. The tree looks beautiful ladies. Thanks snow much Jas. Oh, who else is coming? I think this is all of us. I’ll go see who it is. Hello. Hi. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas. Santa, is that you? What? Don’t I look like Santa? I mean, ho ho ho ho, of course my dear. It’s me Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris
Kringle, cookie addict. Wow, it’s such an honor to meet you but, what
are you doing here? It’s not Christmas Eve. It’s not? I mean, of course it’s not. I know everything about Christmas because
it’s my favorite holiday. Right. Anyways, I was on my way to the North Pole
but I seem to have gotten turned around. Wow, you really are far from home. I mean, it’s definitely snowy and icy here
but this is Arendelle not quite the North Pole. Do you want to come in and rest? That will be marvelous. And all part of my devious plan. I mean, you have a lovely home. Santa, I can’t believe it’s really you. I just mailed you my Christmas list yesterday. Well, I hope you get nothing. Ah, nothing but your heart’s desires you princesses,
ha ha ha. This is the best gift exchange party ever. Oh, can we get you anything while you’re here
Santa? Well, some milk really hit the spot. See the reindeer and I have been struggling
for hours. Ice cold milk coming right up. And some cookies of course. Sure thing. I know exactly where they are. And a meatball shob, shrimp cocktail, an entire
gingerbread house and some carrots for Rudolph. Uh, maybe we should all go to the kitchen
together. Perfect. If it’s not too much trouble that is. Not at all. Let’s go everyone. Ha ha ha, these princesses are as gullible
as the whovians. Ha ha ha. Come to Grunchy. Who could that be? Watch the what? Santa, who is it? Oh, Ho ho ho! Just some carol singers, I guess. Mhh. Just might work. No. Wait. Tulus! All right, I have got the presents but you
know what? I am going to take this tree too. Santa? Where are you? I heard the door close, maybe he left. Wait, where’s the tree? And all the presents? I’m starting to think that wasn’t even Santa
Claus. Then who was it? Yeah, who would wanna steal Christmas? Huh! I know who. The Grinch. Come on ladies, we gotta stop him before he
steals Christmas from the whole kingdom. Okay. Let’s go. Urgh! This bag is heavy. How does the big man do it? And what’s with the shards of ice on this
tree? Wow, that ice queen is a real cold fish. Max? Max? Oh, that’s right, I forgot to pick him up
from the groomer again. Just when you need a reindeer. Hold it right there big, mean and green. Oh, stop. You really know how to make a Grinch blush. Wait, princesses? Stop. We’ve caught you red-handed. [inaudible] blasted ice splinters, jeez? Anyone got a band-aid? Get him! Now you see me, now you don’t. Where did he go? Wait a second, let’s think. If we were the Grinch, where would we go? Well, he hates Christmas. I remember reading in a story that in Whoville
he stays up on Mount Crumpet so he’s away from everyone. Wait a second, I know a place like that. Where? North mountain. Over there. Come on girls, I can get us there in a cold
second. Wow, It’s freezing Elsa. Come on, let us go. Don’t light them men, don’t light them she,
be the good Grinch you never have to be. Man, this brings about Crumpet by a mile. How much further Elsa? Not much. The mountain crest is right out there. I ate way too many candy canes. Huh. Ha ha ha! If only Max could see me now. A King of a kingdom of isolation. Ha ha ha. Now to open these gifts. Ehem. What? How did you get so fast? That’s imposs- I’m gonna need you to chill
out. Impossible, huh? What’s the meaning of this? Let me out of here. Nothing is impossible. Not when you’ve got the power of friendship
on your side. Argh! That’s the most nauseating thing I’ve ever
witnessed. You are definitely on the rotten list this
year. Now what would the real Santa say? Get ready to find some coal in your stocking
Mr. Grinch. Our presents. Looks like we did save Christmas after all. Come on, let’s get back to the castle and
get this holiday party started again. Okay. Wait, don’t leave me here. Fine, take your presents. But you still don’t have a tree, ha ha ha. I’m the Grinch who stole strawberry, go me. Here comes Santa Claus, down through the chimney,
with good Saint Nick. You better watch out, you better not cry. Ho Ho Ho let it snow, let it snow, Santa Claus
is comin’, to town, to town, to town. You better watch out, you better not cry,
you better not pout, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is comin’, to town, to town, to
town. He’s making a list and checking it twice,
He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming, to town, to town, to
town. He sees you when you’re sleeping. Oh! He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so
be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, you better not cry,
you better not pout, I’m telling you why. Oh, yeah. Santa Claus is comin’ to town. He’s making a list and checking it twice,
he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows
when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so
be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, you better not cry,
you better not pout, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is comin’, to town, to town, to
town. Ho Ho Ho, let it snow, let it snow. Ho Ho Ho let it snow, let it snow. Santa Claus is comin’, to town, to town, to

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