Will It Eggnog? Taste Test

Will It Eggnog? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question:
– Will It Eggnog? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Thank you for making us a part of your daily routine, and welcome
to the last episode of season 8 for Good Mythical Morning.
We will see you at the very beginning of season 9 – January 11th, 2016.
A whole ‘nother year! Whoo! Merry Christmas
everybody, Mythical Beasts. – Whoo!
– Merriest of Christmas to you. Now listen, you have opened your gifts.
You have searched all the way – to the bottom of that stocking —
– Maybe. turned it over to make sure there’s not
one little thing hidden down in there that you’re gonna find next year.
You gotta make sure you get it now. – You’ve done that.
– A chestnut. And so now it comes to the most important
part of Christmas, the thing that everybody looks forward to: Eggnog! That’s right. And you know that we like
to ask if things “Will” on this show, and today, we’re going
to ask that question. – (both) Will It Eggnog?
– ♪ (Christmas music) ♪ Okay, so the typical ingredients
of eggnog are eggs, sugar, – vanilla extract, nutmeg, and milk.
– Mhmm. Mhmm. But everybody can’t have milk.
Some people ain’t tolerant for it. And some people can have it
but they’re always out! Yes. And so that’s what we’re gonna do
today is we’re going to replace the milk in eggnog, ’cause that’ll still
be eggnog. We’re gonna put something else – in that ‘nog part of it.
– Mhmm. Now here’s the thing with eggnog. It usually has booze in it
so kids can’t enjoy it, but — – Booze.
– there’s one thing that kids can enjoy. – Soda pop!
– (both) Soda Pop: Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Okay we have some Rhett and Link – Value Puls Select Soda Pop.
– Yeah. Not for sale. This is just for
our own personal enjoyment. And I have a blender here
with all of the other ingredients already pooled at the bottom,
including a raw but pasteurized egg. Tip that a little bit
so I can count for the fizziness. The thing I like about this is the fact
that it’s got some fizziness. Let me see the level.
Hold on. Woah woah woah. – I like effervescence.
– Yes that’s 12 right there. – Alright so I’m gonna blend this up.
– Please do. – (buzz)
– WOAH! – (laughs)
– Dude I’m sorry! – I swear it was on there!
– Oh. Yeah. Look, I don’t know why it came off.
I mean it just wasn’t on there. – Here we go.
– (buzz) I’m sorry man! Just come back. – It’s done.
– How did you manage to get – absolutely none on yourself?
– I am sorry. I did not do that on purpose. So you’ve got
a cup here. We’re gonna pour this in each of our cups.
Let me give a little pour. – Ooh it’s effervescent.
– It smells like a float at this point. It’s not nearly as thick as it would be
if it was milk. Okay. Let’s move this out. – Mmh.
– Let’s give it a taste. – Wow! It’s weird. It tastes like —
– It tastes like a melted down float. Like a Coke float. Not a root beer float
but a Coke float that had ice cream in it and then you left it out, and then you
came in later that day, and you were like, – “Maybe I’ll keep trying.”
– (laughs) (smacks lips) It’s not bad.
I would say it’s interesting. I kinda feel like it’s as good
as regular eggnog. – It’s sweeter.
– Which is just a tolerable thing for me. Yeah but you might be into it. It’s
definitely worth trying, mythical beasts. – And it will keep you up.
– Will It Eggnog? – (both) Yes.
– (ding) Sometimes you make yourself
a glass of eggnog, and you think, “You know what? I’d like this to stay good
for over a year.” – (laughs)
– One way to do that: pickle juice! – Pickle juice!
– (both) Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Okay. The only way I know – to get pickle juice is to get pickles.
– Alright. So just pour that juice right in here. Ooh, that’s not gonna be fabulous.
Alright. And thanks for continuing – to trust me with this.
– Oh, I am not trusting. – I’m moving while you do that.
– Alright see? It popped. – It’s definitely on there. See?
– (buzz) – It’s good. It’s good.
– Okay. Alright. – So let’s blendy blend. Make it nog!
– (buzz) Oh it’s getting fluffy in there.
And then — Oof! – Hmm. It’s pickley.
– (laughs) I love pickles. There’s always
a pickle jar in my fridge, and when I finish the last pickle,
I drink the pickle juice. – You do?
– Yeah. – Ooh.
– (laughs) – Just take a little garnish.
– A little garnish? Here you go Rhett. It’s actually pretty liquefied, it’s just
coming through a small hole, so it’s glug glugging. Alright? – Dillnog.
– Dillnog. (laughs) – Put your finger on the pickle.
– Yeah. – (laughs)
– Alright. – Wow!
– Wow, that’s — – It’s just a creamy pickle juice.
– Again, it’s not bad. – It does have a bite to it. Whoo!
– And I do think it would stay good – for a long time.
– This is actually better – than drinking straight pickle juice.
– Yeah, the eggs and the nutmeg – really bring something out.
– Well, Will It Eggnog? – (both) Yes!
– (ding) The one hangup I have about eggnog
is that it’s so thick and tasty, – but it’s also — makes you sluggish.
– It’s rich. – It’s rich, it slogs around in there.
– Yeah. Slogs. So what if we could create a version
of eggnog that puts you in sports mode? I’m talking about adding
blue sports drink. – Sports drink.
– (both) Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Sometimes a pickup basketball game can break out at a Christmas get-together. – Right.
– I think that what we’re about to create is for that moment. You’re sipping on
a little Sportsnog. – Sportserade.
– Sportserade! – (laughs)
– Eggerade. Yeah. – Eggerade.
– Eggerade. Whatever we call it…
it’s for that moment – (laughs)
– when you get called into the big game – with your uncle. Post up!
– (laughs) – I love to play big games with my uncle.
– (laughs) – Alright. Here we go.
– (buzz) Body builders, they add eggs
to protein shakes. It’s like we’re adding protein
to a sport drink. – (laughs)
– Alright. I’mma pour you first, brother. (Link) That is a nice color.
That’s a holiday color! – It is. It looks minty.
– That is much more of a holiday color – than actual eggnog.
– It’s got a strong sports drink smell. – The blue flavor.
– Eggerade. Go for it. It’s so weird the equalizing effect
that eggs has on everything. It’s like candy!
It tastes like creamy liquefied taffy! But you know how hard you hit
a Gatorade at the end of a pickup basketball game?
One of these? (slurp) – I haven’t played basketball…
– You just inhale it. – …since I was seven years old.
– You know how drink a Gatorade. It’s at least half the bottle.
So we just gotta chug it. But think about all the other stuff
we’re about to drink, and if this – comes back up because we chugged it.
– Hey. Do you want to be – a scientist or not?
– We do this so you don’t have to. Three, two — It ain’t that much to chug.
One. – (slams glass)
– That wasn’t as good. – No. When you —
– No. No no. – It wasn’t.
– That wasn’t as good as just regular – sports drinks.
– But I — Let me argue for a second. – No. Don’t.
– It was better than the last thing – we had.
– No. Pickle juice is a sippin’ thing. And you know it going in.
Nobody chugs pickle juice. – So this is not chuggable?
– And I think if you make sports drink non-chuggable, it loses.
Will It Eggnog? No! – (buzz)
– Okay no. Now one of the knocks that eggnog gets is that it has
a lot of calories in it, you know. – Yeah.
– It’ll fatten you up. – Mhmm.
– So we thought, why not add bacon? – (laughs)
– Well, we didn’t want to add bacon because we wanted to keep it liquid,
so why not bacon grease? – Bacon grease:
– (both) Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Well we’ve got some of that right here. – That is a lot of bacon grease.
– No garnish? No bacon garnish? – You ate it all.
– (crew) Oh no. It’s all gone. – Okay.
– (Rhett) This could be tricky to pour. So just set it out there
a little bit from yourself. – Okay.
– And I’m gonna do it so the people can see. – (Rhett) Look at that.
– This is wrong headed. – It looks like a tar pit.
– Smells good. Smells really good. – Oh I bet it does.
– Mmh. – See if you can froth it up for us, Link.
– (buzz) – Oh. Look what happened to it.
– There’s still a grease pond on top. I’m getting that down in there. Alright, so…here. Let me… The grease is already
trying to separate. – Oh! Oh. Just smell it.
– (laughs) – It smells like a dog that’s sick.
– Like dog vomit? – It smells like bad dog breath.
– Rancid dog breath? I’m trying to remain positive, because this
is a mental war we’re in, Rhett. – Call this one hognog.
– (clink) (laughs) You just redeemed it. – It’s gritty.
– It changes in the mouth. – If you chew it…
– It tastes like a byproduct, though. – Oh.
– You’re beginning to feel it? – My stomach just turned a little.
– Your lips are really shiny – right now, though.
– (laughs) – Will It Eggnog?
– (both) No. – (buzz)
– One of the questions that I ask myself during the holiday season is,
“How can I get more cheese – into my body?” Cheese:
– (both) Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Well I got some in a can. Well of course you did.
The pour over anything sauce. Well let’s pour it over some eggs
in that blender you got there. And some nutmeg. – It’s kinda thick.
– That’s good. Ew. Okay stop. Yeah let’s not go too heavy
on the cheese so we can get an actual mix. – Boy, that does smell so good.
– Here we go. – (buzz)
– Oh. Look at that! The little mountains. The little cheese mountains!
I wanna be in there surfing! (laughs) – Wow. Nice pull away.
– How do you feel about this? – I think it’s gonna taste like cheese.
– Okay. Ooh. Look at that. Oh yes! It is very frothy
and got a lot of air in it. – ♪ It’s Christmastime little baby. ♪
– This could be a hit. You could pour this over tortilla chips.
Around the fall season, – you put pumpkin spice on things.
– I highly recommend serving this – over tortilla.
– Oh gosh. – (laughs)
– It’s very reminiscent of something. – I think it’s lunchroom vomit.
– (laughs) Alright what do we
call this one? Nachonog? – (clink)
– Nachonog! That’s a good one. – Nacho normal nog! (laughs)
– This is nachonog; this is our nog. – Oh gosh! Mmh.
– Mmh. Nuh uh. – Ew! (gags) Egh.
– (laughs) – That did not mix well.
– Wow! How come that was so bad? – (laughs)
– Exactly. Because the cheese by itself – seems good right?
– Yeah. – Like I’d like to get in that.
– Yeah. – (laughs)
– It’s just so bad. – Egh.
– We’ve achieved something here today. Yeah we learned something.
You never knew that was coming, did you? – Will It Eggnog?
– Nuh uh. – (both) No.
– (buzz) Maybe you’re having a nontraditional
Christmas celebration this year and you invited some vampires.
And with them in mind, we decided to serve – up some eggnog with blood. Blood:
– (both) Will It Eggnog? – ♪ (sleigh bells and harp) ♪
– Oh gosh. I don’t wanna even look – over there, man.
– You know, liver is the thing that I hate the most, but then when I found out
the reason I hated liver was because there was blood in it, I realized that
blood is the thing that I hate the most. – Oh gosh.
– Ew. It looks like shredded chocolate. Let’s just say that’s what it is.
Okay dude, put it in there. – (laughs)
– It’s shaved. – (laughs)
– Guh. I’m about to vomit just spooning it – two feet away from my face.
– (laughs) – Just got a whiff of it.
– Okay. Oh gosh guys. (buzz) No. No. Why did we do this?
Why did we do this? (Link) There’s no need to take
your iron pill today. – I think the blender’s burning up.
– Oh really? Yeah, something’s really
starting to smell. – I think it’s the blood.
– Here. – Ahh, berry smoothie!
– (gags) Oh no. (cries) – Why did you put it all in mine?
– Oh. Whoops, there’s none left! – (laughs)
– Sorry. I guess you’re just gonna have to – tell me what it’s like.
– Split it man. There are few things in this world
that make me feel like a little boy again. Facing down a pint of blood
is one of them. Oh gosh! – Guh. It’s wafting out. Oh guh.
– I don’t know if I can do this. – Let’s not stall any more.
– Let’s drink this bloodnog. – Dink it.
– (clink) And drink it. Did you not drink it? (gags)
Oh. Oh the aftertaste! (screams) – (gags violently) Did you not drink it?
– No. (laughs) – WHAT? DRINK IT!
– (laughs) – DRINK IT!
– (laughs) Swish it around. Taste it.
You gotta actually taste it. Do it. Do it! – (gags)
– (laughs) Every time I breathe out of my mouth,
I can taste, like dead dog. – (gargles) (gags)
– Oh gosh. – Guh. Uh. I hate…myself.
– It’s been a great season. – We want to thank all of you.
– (laughs) We invite you to stick around
for Good Mythical More, but for right now, we want to say
thanks for liking, commenting, sharing this video
with all of your loved ones! – They need to know about this stuff.
– (gags) – (whispers) You know what time it is.
– (all) We’re the Hilton family from North Carolina, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! – ♪ (theme music) ♪
– You’ve got Christmas money, we’ve got merchandise, including a
Good Mythical Morning t-shirt, – Good Mythical Morning hoodieeee!
– Rhett and Link bobble heads! Mythical hats! Peculiarly Perfect
Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm, and some beard oil. Click through to
Good Mythical More, where we are gonna get the crew to drank all the nog that we
made, ’cause we got leftovers, y’all. – Oh gosh.
– Click on though! Link accuses Rhett of stealing his beard. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey hey! What’s that, man? It’s not your beard. I can see the way
you’re looking at me. – Well then whose…beard…is it?
– Your mom’s. – Ew, whatchu been drinking, man?
– Blood. [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]

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