Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone? | Episode 8 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone? | Episode 8 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

– What’s up guys and
welcome to my very own Holiday Special here
on MTV ‘No Filter’. Make sure to stick
around to the very end of this episode for a very
exciting announcement. (upbeat music) (holiday music) – [Trevor] I’m really excited
about this Christmas Card. It is going to be
[bleep] insane. – Ho Ho Ho. – Today our squad is doing
a holiday photo shoot. Normally people definitely
do their holiday cards with their family
but this is my family and definitely the holiday
card I want to be sending out. – This is a little dehumanizing. I don’t feel great about this. – [Trevor] You like that
[bleep]? – Too much? – Yes. (laughing) – I’ve been giving the
camera nothing, nothing. Oh my god I smell alcohol,
why do I smell alcohol. – I think it’s your mouth. – Last night I went to
a really good friend’s Birthday Party and
everybody and their mother wanted to take a shot
and today not only am I hungover but I am sick
as [bleep] and I am dying. I’m never ever drinking again. – No, you are. – I’m never drinking again. – You’re going to hate to
hear this, but you are. I feel like it would be fun
to antagonize her right now. Like soft seeing
alcoholic eggnog. – Please stop talking
about alcohol, I literally just gagged. – This is what happens
when you drink too much. (group laughs) – So what the [bleep] is
everyone doing for Christmas? – Well Trevor, some of us
don’t celebrate Christmas, bud. Some of us celebrate
something called Hanukkah. Trev, what are you doing? – This is going to be my first
Christmas doing it my way. – Natalie, what are you doing? – I’m going home. – Home, like, what’s that like? – Yeah, what? (laughing) – If I have my own
family’s I feel like I have to do everything and like I don’t want to do
that, like I’m 21. – Like you’re going to
go decorate their house? – Yeah, exactly, like what? Like and put up a tree
and like buy everything and like cook everything
and I don’t want to do that. I grew up in Vegas
with two parents who were completely
unfit to be parents. When it’s like I
still, in so many ways, just want nothing
to do with them. – So are you thinking
that you’re going to spend Christmas at
Jake’s, you know, now that your like married. – I don’t know where
I’m going for Christmas. I’m going to be editing a
YouTube video on Christmas. – I feel like if Tana and
Jake spent a Christmas together it would be
just a lot of Tana sitting on a couch, probably
on her phone really bored. – You know you’re
always welcome to come back to my house for
Christmas, right? – Yeah, I don’t care what I do. – When are you going to decide? – I don’t know, I don’t
care, it’s stressing me out. – Life is so hard, I
just don’t know what the [bleep] I’m going to
do during the holidays. – Yeah, it’s like such a
blessing having no family. – As Tana’s friend it
concerns me to hear that she doesn’t know how she’s
spending the holidays. I don’t want her to be alone. Nobody wants to be
alone on the holidays. – Okay, can we wrap? – Tana I literally
put a red nose on and a reindeer costume for this, can you just wait
5 minutes maybe? (dramatic music) – [bleep] no. Love you guys I’m
going to go throw up. – I guess we’re done? – So she’s just leaving the set and all of us up here
because she’s hung over? – Did you expect
anything otherwise? – I’m wondering if she’s
just hungover or if she just doesn’t want to involve
herself in the holiday spirit. I’ve known Tana for
years now and we’ve had a couple of rough
days on set or during brand deals or just
any appearances, but this seems to
be much different. None of the kids are going
to get their presents now. – We can still use the chimney. – The [bleep] chimney. – Who needs Tana Clause
to use a chimney? – The Reindeer aren’t
even supposed to go into the house, this
is so unrealistic. – Give us the gifts. (laughter) (dramatic techno music) (phone rings) – Hi. – Hey. – What’s up? – What’s going on? – I have like 3,000 things
to get through before the trip to Albany. I’m getting in on Friday night. – Okay, cool, are you just
staying for the weekend? – Mhmm, yeah. – All right, cool. – Is it just you? – And Max is going
to be there too. Orielle said, like,
obviously she can’t fly in. – And then mom and
dad, obviously. – Yeah. – My family is all
over the country, so getting us all
together can be difficult. So this year we
are doing an early Hanukkah celebration
in New York. – I’m happy that
we can fit it in, even if it’s an early Hanukkah. – Same. – I don’t usually tell
Tana when I’m traveling because it just
becomes a whole thing. Avoidance is the best
plan of action, always. – Oh, Jordan. – Do you think that mom
will make like latkes? – I hope so, okay cause like. – Rise and shine. – Hi, I’m on the phone. Tana just walked in. – With who? – Adena. – Adena, you’re my
favorite Worona. – Can we talk about… – Adena look at this blanket I got made of Jordan
at the strip club. – You know it’s winter time,
I needed a new blanket. Snowflakes or your
manager at a strip club? So this weekend? – Yeah, I’m going home. I’m leaving on Friday. – Oh my god, I literally
can’t exist without you. It’s so scary – Yeah. – I’m only alive
because you’re alive. – That’s not true,
you can do this. – Honestly when Jordan
leaves for an hour without me I have a full
blown mental breakdown. As much as I hate to admit it, Jordan is entirely the
glue for holding together my whole life so when
he goes out of town it gives me crippling anxiety. Wait, I want to Facetime Adena. – Oh my god, I love you, I
want to come to the Albany. – [Jordan] Absolutely not. – Have you ever celebrated
Hanukkah before? – No, literally never, I
know nothing about Hanukkah. Yo, can I go to Albany? – [Jordan] It’s called Albany. – Jordan let her come. – It’s called Albany
is what he said. – [Jordan] And no. – [Adena] It is called Albany
and we can practice that. – She’s so [bleep]
supportive man, be more like your sister. – No. – I think I want to go
because Adena’s inviting me. – [Adena] She should come. – I’m like the charity case. – [Jordan] Adena are
you being serious? – Yeah I think she should come. – Have you watched
her YouTube Channel? – How bad can it be? – Parents love me. Parents literally
love me, I will like vibe with your parents, so. – You don’t want
to hang out with my immediate family
for the weekend. – I want to [bleep] hang out. – You really don’t. – With your dad for the weekend. – What? – No that sounds so gross
I don’t mean it like that like I want to be like homies. What’s wrong with you? – Literally no,
you’re not going. – Honestly your dad and
mom do intimidate me. – Yeah and I think
you intimidate them. – I’m going to let you go but I’ll see you
this weekend I think. – No she will not. – [Adena] I’ll see
you this weekend. – I guess we’ll find out
who’s right or wrong, bye. (upbeat music) – [Jordan] Oh my gosh. – That was such a
long journey, wow. and I have to carry this myself No assistant, it’s so humble. – It’s on wheels. – I’m so humble and your house. Guys, I grew up on the
streets of Las Vegas. So going to the middle
of upstate New York. Where everything looks
like it’s just like a Christmas movie is really
[bleep] weird for me. – Okay I need you on your
best behavior, seriously. – As apposed to what? – I dunno just
don’t embarrass me. – You’re like “don’t exist,
talk, breathe, blink”. – I haven’t had to be on
my best behavior like this since I was in High School
and I dropped out, so. Oh my god. Hi. – Hey guys. Hey Tana, how you doing? – Hi, so good, how are you? – Lets take your coats off and let’s go in the living room and. – All right lets not get
too close to her right? – Get out of here, Jordan. – [Jordan] Thank you guys for
having her for Hanukkah here. – [Tana] I am so excited. – I think there’s
already a lot of negative feedback about being a
social media talent manager so having my parents respect
is important to me and if Tana makes them think that my
job is just dealing with BS that could potentially be
really embarrassing for me. I haven’t slept in like. – [Tana] Years. – [Jordan] Seventeen years. – [Tana] Years. You actually have like. – Don’t touch me. – But I like. – Don’t touch, don’t touch me. – Okay it’s real
crusty, keep it on. – All right, you
can, you can do it. – No. – No, you can get it. – Nah. It is like crusty, sleep, but
he told me not to touch it so I just won’t
you can leave it. You look so uncomfortable
literally this is you right now you’re like. I am so happy to be
in my childhood home. (laughing) He’s like afraid. – I am very very afraid, yes. – [Jay] What are you afraid
of lets talk about it? – Should we, should we
coach him through this? – You can’t be part
of the coaching. – Okay tell me why
you’re worried. – I don’t know, I don’t
want you to see like Tana do anything embarrassing
and then just being like oh my god like I can’t
believe he works for that. – That assumes that we
haven’t seen her videos. – Oh. – I think that my parents
think Tana is crazy. It’s the the loudness the
brashness the wardrobe. It’s just the whole like
everything I mean my parents they’re not used to her kind. – Jordy only says
nice things about you. – Does he? – Yes he’s very protective. – [Tana] Jordan says nice
things about me to you? Can somebody get that on record? (laughing) – [Jordan] Oh you did get gelt. – [Tana] I don’t even
know what gelt is. – That’s gelt. – And what is that, what’s
the history, who is she? – So Gelt is a Yiddish
word for money. – [Tana] Okay wow that suddenly,
Jordan lets get this gelt. (laughing) – [Jordan] Yo lets get
this, it’s gelt season. It’s gelt season baby. – Woohoo. it’s so weird celebrating a
holiday you know nothing about. I just like feel offensive
I don’t want to be offensive to like their culture their
traditions or like their holiday and I, I don’t know I
just feel like a fish out of water honestly. – What time is
Adena coming home? – She’s hopefully going
to be here between 11:00, 11:30. – All right cool. – Did you want to go ice skating
today it’s going to be fun, we used to do that when he
was a kid, want to do that? – You want to go ice skating? – You don’t, you don’t
want to do that right Tana or do you want to do that? – Wait in Albany for, for
Hanukah like you do have to go ice skating I’m mean
that’s part of the rules? – It’s like tradition. – They used it to escape for
forty years in the desert. – Yes that’s actually
a very known fact. – Of course ice skating is
this family’s tradition. do I want to go ice skating
at all right now, [bleep] no. – This is going to go great. – All right guys so
where are our skates? – Oh my god, I can’t
believe were ice skating. – [Jordan] You got this. – Oh no I don’t. I just saw this and I like
legit want to throw up. Why am I so defeated
by things like this? – [Jordan] Dude it
is so easy there are four year olds out there. – [Tana] Let’s say I break
my face, lets say I literally have to go get like
a rhinoplasty and
for the next [bleep] like six weeks I got to like
shows are canceled like why? – [Jordan] A hundred percent. Put the skates on,
let’s get on the ice. – [Tana] I can’t wait
for Jordan to eat [bleep]. – Look at me look
at how easy this is, I’m just, I’m standing no
but like you can just stand. – Tana just put them on. All you have to do
is just stand here to see if you like it. – It’s funny because ice
skating is one of the few things where even growing up and
my friends would invite me. I would always stay
home I have never been I never intend on going
and this is the only time I’m ever going to go
in my entire life. I could cry I’m so
emotionally unhappy about this you have to come help me stand. – All right. (Tana screams) – Is this for show? – No I’m. – There are children. – I really don’t care. – One of the number one
things we discuss for Tana not to do this weekend was
to scream she does this really high pitched screech. that is the bane
of my existence. And not only do I not
want to hear it personally but I don’t want my family
to have to hear that. All right now stop being a
child, lets go, take my arm. – I think I’m going to crawl. – Oh my god. No dude it’s really
embarrassing. – That’s fine. – Stop. – Okay come on. I got you. – No no no don’t do that no
you don’t want to do that don’t put your. – Oh my knees are frozen,
and I can’t even stand up, I’m so unhappy get away from me. – [Jordan] You’re ruining
Hanukah for everyone. (Tana screams) – Oh my sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry, I’m really sorry to anyone
here trying to ice skate I’m really sorry. – Okay. – No no literally no. – Sit on it sit on it. – I got on my knees. – [Jordan] Just stand
on your feet on it. – You guys should
take a family lap and I’ll take a
cute little video. – This is a big moment for
you to overcome your fear. – I just hate this
I’ve never did it. I don’t like it. – I know it’s probably a trauma. – It literally is like I
was never 11 and ice skating like I was 11 and like
planning on moving out. Family outings were always
really [bleep] for me growing
up. I feel like my dad was really, really peak level embarrassing. Whether he was like
screaming at me or just cheep and rude,
my mom would have never like gotten dressed been
ready at like a normal time and like gone ice skating,
it’s something my family would have never done so I
definitely do feel really uncomfortable in that regard. – [Sandy] Jay. – Oh my god your dad
and mom are so cute. – Yeah. – [Tana] It’s so weird
seeing such a happy pair of parents that are together,
hell would freeze over before I saw my parents happily
holding hands ice skating. Do you think jake and I will
end up like your mom and dad? (Tana laughing) – Yeah, that could be all of
us out there but you had a temper tantrum on the floor. By not skating
Tana is missing out on bonding with my family
and sometimes you got to you got to put yourself
out there an face the fear to get to the good
things in life. I’m going to go skate with them and get one or two
laps in so they feel like it’s a family thing. – Yeah, go. – All right you ready? – [Tana] I didn’t think
it would make me this sad to see such a happy family. – [Jay] Look at this. – But it definitely really
is like it’s definitely just a constant reminder
that like I will never ever ever have that. – [Sandy] Woo wait
Adena that’s too fast, I’m going to fall down. – Don’t let mom fall why
don’t we put mom on it. (relaxed techno music) – Cheers to Tana
being in Albany. – Aw Adena thank you
so much for having me, Jordan’s like thank you so much for [bleep] torturing me Adena. – [Jordan] Have you guys
tried any of this gelt? – Like if I’m not Jewish am
I even allowed to eat this? – Are you? – I feel so, I live my whole
life in fear of this candle. – Do you think that
you’re eating gelt? – Yes. – Hello guys. – I’m sorry. – I wanted to show you a minora. – Yo, I literally, I
don’t think I’ve ever seen one in real life. – You know what they are, do
you know why they are there? – I know candles go in them. – Yeah there’s like four
on each side and this is a very tall one. – Yo I know nothing
about Hanukah. – This is like freely
a bridged version. – Okay I’m ready. – Like a hundred and fifty
six B.C. Syrians took over Jerusalem and there was
this group and they revolted and they got the temple back. – Okay. – And in a synagogue there’s
a eternal light that always hangs there and it’s
always on they only had enough for that particular
light to last for one night but it lasted for eight
nights, so now it’s considered the
miracle of Hanukah. – Wow that make since. – And each night you
light another candle. – That’s awesome, first
of all your dad is so much smarter than you like the way. (laughing) – The way he just explained
that no I’m kidding. – That’s a very
abridged version. – In all seriousness
that was the longest I’ve ever seen her give
anyone eye contact. – Honestly paying attention
is so difficult for me. – She was at least pretending
to be respectful and caring and that’s really all I can ask. – So now this country we
eat latkes because a latkes are fried in oil. – We’re basically doing all oil. – Which coordinates with oil
of the minora that was lit for eight days. – Exactly. – [Tana] I think this trip has
definitely teaching me a lot about the importance of
traditions and of family and love during the holidays. – All right here spin this. – And it definitely is
making me want to establish traditions of my own. – Oh, no that was really bad. (laughing) – Tana this is easier
then ice skating. (laughing) (light upbeat music) – Oh my god cute this is unreal. – This is super formal mom. (glass breaking) – Calling it formal and
then that happening is so funny mozeltof right? – Hanukah, cheers to that. I honestly just hear people
yell that when [bleep] breaks. Like what does
mozeltof even mean? – I think it did get
on the latkes though, we’ve spoiled the latkes. – Maybe we dab it
with some water? – Just make sure it doesn’t
go through that’s it. – Oh no I’m down for like
photos, I do want you to go and find like the video
interviews I did the ones that I grid posted to be in my thing. – When Tana starts talking
to her phone at dinner I’m thinking to myself
that we might have missed table manners 101. – I’m sorry hi. – My family doesn’t use
phones at the table. – Really, do you want
to take my phone? That’s so weird just like
families with values like that like no phones at the
table we’re all going to spend quality time
together, like hello. – What are you guys doing
for the rest of the holidays? – Me getting like
instantly stressed out, I think I’m going
to go home to Vegas and I’d feel obligated
to do something with Jake but I don’t,
I don’t know yeah. It’s so funny because I
just feel like every time that somebody asked
me my holiday plans it doesn’t get any easier. I’m just kind of going
through the motions and like telling
people like normal [bleep] that they
would want to hear. Like at the end of
the day it’s always going to be like
weird to me but yeah, no I still don’t [bleep] know. Thank you guys so much for
dinner and for having me. – It was so great
to have you here. – I guess that I didn’t realize
how comfortable I would be. I was like nervous
going into it but like you’re all like just
like Jordan in a way. Parts of Jordan
are in all of you and I love Jordan so much, so
I like love you all so much. I want your family’s
impression of me to be so different from
like how psycho I can be. – I know but they also
see it on insta story. – I know it’s like they know. They’re like drop
the facade, hooker. (laughing) – [Jay] Did you hear that? [mellow Music] [knocking] – Hi. – Are you matching me? – [Tana] Are you matching me? – Are you in my childhood
bedroom right now? – Yeah I’m on your
childhood bed, did you lose your virginity on this bed? (laughing) – No but also don’t
ask me that question. – I was sitting on this bed
earlier editing and it’s all I could think about,
I was like ew. – You’ve already been in here? (laughing) – Like this is so crazy to me that this is Jordan’s
childhood bed. I had a lot of childhood
homes so it’s crazy to me that Jordan only had one,
and it’s still standing. – Do you want to see pics of me
from when I was like your age? – [Tana] Yes I do. Oh, okay wait I’m looking,
you look so lame there. (laughing) – That was my barmitsfa. – It is oh my god I like
want this on a shirt. These are iconic, is this you? – [Jordan] That’s me. – You actually look
really good there did you used to be attractive like
you look so [bleep] normal. Oh my god aw your family
is so [bleep] cute. – I think this is when
we went to Israel maybe. – Oh my god little did
they know you were going to manage psychotic influencers. – I know right. – This is like so cute
like my family would never have made me take
a photo like this. That’s what’s like
crazy, is like tradition that’s like so crazy to
me that your mom like prepared that whole ass dinner. Like my mom like I would
have to prepare the dinner. Last year was like the
first year I did Christmas not at my house, I did
it at Emari’s house. Because at least his
family’s having like a structured dinner there’s
kids opening presents it’s the holidays. I don’t know I like
went to my house and dropped off gifts and
it was like so sad to me because I was like this
just doesn’t even like feel like Christmas. You can pretend to love your
family as much as you want but it’s not like I like them, like I don’t, you know,
connect with them. It’s like if my parents die,
am I going to spend the rest of my life regretting the
fact that I like didn’t go this Christmas, but
also if I go this Christmas I’m going to be sad
the entire time, because it’s going to
be me doing everything. Holding everything
together, you know. Being the parent. It’s like I’m the
parent of my parents. It sucks I don’t want to be
that just want to be the kid. – You’re angry at them. – Yeah. – Like about your childhood,
like how you were raised. – Yeah I think it lies
more in forgiveness. I think I can like say I
forgive them as much as I want, but it’s like, you sucked
you were terrible parents, like it’s never
going to be undone. Like I never had like
what everyone else had, you know, it’s just
like that’s just life. – Except, it’s
amazing that you have all these friends who like. – Yeah. – Every single person
you know wants you to come home with them. – So yeah now the holidays
for me are about what feels like family, what
feels normal to me. The only person who feels
like family is Emari. He literally in
one person is like the whole family I never had. – So like Jake as well, I
would assume like your family would want to spend your
holidays with family. – It’s more him and his
emotions than him being weird with his family too. – Why don’t you just ask
him like what he’s doing for the holidays right now? – We’ve talked about it, we
both like don’t really know. I guess the valuable
lesson here is the holidays are about love, and that’s
what I have to try to channel. You know, I’m like obviously
just going to spend this holiday celebrating the love that I
do have where ever that is. And probably be at Emari’s,
I mean no matter what I do this holiday season
I’m just going to try to focus on love and the
people I love and doing what I love and trying to be where
I love and whatever it is. And it’s not really that it’s
normal but I think that’s me. That’s Tana and nothing’s
ever going to be that normal. – I, I want you to know
as of this Hanukah trip to my house now
officially we’re family. – Wow, thanks for, you
didn’t even invite to Albany, I’m not going to [bleep]
thank you, thank you Adena. – I told her to invite you. – Yeah. – I did I called her right
before that phone call. – Yeah.
– Of course. – Yeah. Thanks for having me man. – You’re welcome. – Why am I like a little
sad to leave Albany though? I think I learned a
lot about tradition. A lot about family,
a lot about love, and a lot about Jordan and
I’m really really happy that I went. – Fam. – You’re my family, ew
I hated touching you. – I don’t like it at all. – Come on brother. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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  19. I don’t get why people are being so hard on Tana. She wasn’t even being outwardly disrespectful. These situations are foreign to her so it’s a learning environment. I know what it’s like to not have a family on holidays. It’s hard to adjust and witness such close knit settings.

  20. Her childhood doesn’t excuse her behavior but people still shouldn’t invalidate her feelings because of that. Every family is different, and people aren’t always raised to act a certain way. Just because you grew up in a dysfunctional family and still have manners doesn’t mean she was the same 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Tana is so selfish and immature
    I honestly don’t understand how anyone even likes her… she’s so unlikable and just a fucking bratty child

  22. I’m all for the “move on and educate yourself” mentality when approaching childhood trauma and dysfunctional families… but the amount of negativity towards Tana’s feelings, especially when seen from an uninformed perspective, is so so sad to me. Some of you have never felt like a stranger in your own home, and it really shows.

    Not looking for an argument, or to disagree that she didn’t act in a way that she probably should’ve, but she’s doing what she knows. You can’t force someone to receive the help they don’t feel ready for.

  23. Everyone talking shit about Tana but no one wants to say that Jordan’s parents are judge mental. That’s why Jordan was so nervous sitting there, he’s afraid of what his fathers gonna think. In reality, he should be confident about his work and his client (tana) because she’s legit his paycheck

  24. I never thought I would relate to tana but hearing about her parents made me realize she’s more than a giant ditz w/ a loud mouth.

  25. She is seriously embarrassing and a female Jake in A LOT of ways. She probably gets this from her parents. She hates the way they treat her, and yet she acts just like them, selfish, annoying, rude and embarrassing.

  26. Crazy how trauma works. She says her dad was so embarrassing and loud. And look what she’s doing. And she says her mom would never have been ready on time and she always is late.

  27. Why do I have the same life and can relate with everything with Tana with the fucked up family and not having anyone and having a shitty child hood 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😈

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