Winnipeg MB Santa Claus Parade 2019

Winnipeg MB Santa Claus Parade 2019

welcome welcome to the outdoor
adventures I’m Rudy and get ready to go for a Christmas spirit guys because
we’re gonna go to win a pack and then we’re gonna go see the Santa Claus
Parade are you guys ready to come to ride along with us
on the Santa Claus Parade well we will probably have quite a bit of music Santa
Claus music or Christmas music I guess you could call it in this video so get
yourself some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the music I will – I will try and
do as much talking as I can but we will probably have quite a bit of Christmas
music so with that being said let’s head on over to Winnipeg and we’ll see what
kind of goodies we can show you right we have made a to Winnipeg so let’s take a
look I’m gonna see if I can show you guys our around a little bit yeah I see
that there’s the Rogers building right there
and you got a huge building straight up here that it is you guys can see it is
kind of cloudy up here but look at all the people up here and they already do
have a Christmas tree all the way over there at the end but how it looks like
there is security coming down there but yeah there is some Christmas lights
already they don’t have all of them lit up yet I’m guessing they’re going to be
lighting them up here a little bit because as you guys can see right there
I’m gonna zoom in a little bit right there they will be lit up a little bit
later and this is where Santa Claus is going to come around later
all right guys they have just turned on the lights holding holding my Christmas
lights I just turned them on so let’s take a
look and spin our own over there and show you old and late so over there
and all them people up here man there’s a ton and ton of people up here oh yeah
everything is starting too late lit up now and they should be coming
down I don’t know if you guys are even going to be able to see it but way way
over there they’re already got flashing lights so they’re probably starting way
over there but yeah so we should start seeing them coming down here pretty soon
welcome welcome to the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade you see the welcome sign
right there so here we go we are beginning we wish you a Merry Christmas thank you
okay we wish miss it no biggie pudding do
ng okay listen we all figgy pudding Oh er figgy pudding so
bring it we breathe we wish you a Merry Christmas and a half we won’t go until we get
well till we get some sobering Sun kid Merry Christmas we wish you a
we wish you a Merry Christmas and do you
okay new year joy is come let earth receive heaven and nature sing they Jersey George let’s man what feels I repeat the sounding joy No
sins and sorrows to the ground he comes to make his blessings for as the curse is found cuz his mouth is heeey to raise Asians and wonders of Islam this mystery Christmas tree o Christmas tree Christmas tree o Christmas tree
Moser can scare me Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree how richly God has decked
me o Christmas tree o Christmas tree o unchangingly o Christmas tree you all right guys let’s get ready for the
best part of it this is the Santa Clause yes this is the big bang that’s for sure
this is pretty much the end of it but this is supposed to be something new you
guys see Santa anywhere he’s coming he’s right over there guys
yeah Santa Claus is coming I know he’s sitting right on top of there you guys
see him right there he is right there on top yeah
Gold with a big bang there give me some nice Christmas gifts this year all right
yeah look at you

19 thoughts on “Winnipeg MB Santa Claus Parade 2019

  1. Temps for milton area next week is from. Plus 5 up to plus9 and jukebox is around top of Indian area this week a head he is haveing thanks giving over by Gary Indian

  2. Thanks Rudi for sharing. You did a great job filming this parade. Winnipeg has a beautiful parade. Now I'm the Christmas spirit. I hope Santa Claus is going to come to my house. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  3. Great video, Rudi, beautiful parade,lots of Christmas spirit,love all the decorated trucks,and Holiday spirit,beautifully decorated lights ,Merry Christmas and all the music.thanks for sharing have a great day

  4. That Christmas parade in Winnipeg honestly made my day Rudi and it definitely put me in the Christmas Spirit !!! I especially loved the beautiful Christmas music and I also loved the floats with all of the pretty lights !!! Merry Christmas Winnipeg and to the Dueck family whom I dearly love and thank you so much Rudi for showing everyone this wonderful parade!!! Canada definitely is in the Christmas Spirit and seeing your video of the parade brightened my day so much!! GOD BLESS YOU and your beautiful family Rudi!! Hope we can someday come to Winnipeg-to see that . Sending lots of hugs and LOVE ❤️ to the family-GOD BLESS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????

  5. Rudi can you do something for mw qhen you are talking to JukeBox can you ask him if he got himself a cb or if he is still looking for one l have a extra one and l can meet you at TKOS yard and you can meet up with him

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