WWE Wrestlers Who Played Santa Claus in Movies

WWE Wrestlers Who Played Santa Claus in Movies

– [Zach] Having a
wrestler play Santa Claus may not seem like a
logical casting choice, but Hollywood would disagree. Over the decades, some of the
biggest stars from the WWE have taken on the role
of the holiday icon. Let’s look at a handful of times wrestlers have played
Santa Claus in movies! While the Monday Night
Wars were heating up, Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy looking for the TurboMan doll in the 1996 film, Jingle All The Way. Partway through the movie, Schwarzenegger’s character goes to an underground, counterfeit toy shop to try and get his son the action figure he wants for Christmas. The doll that Arnold gets
turns out to be bogus and a brawl ensues. Of course, there’s only one person who’s a match for the Terminator, and it’s The World’s Largest
Athlete, the Big Show. – I’m gonna deck your halls, bub. – [Zach] Schwarzenegger lands
several punches on the Giant, but they do literally
no damage to Big Show. The seven-foot wrestler then
hits Arnold with an uppercut that sends the WWE Hall of
Famer flying across the room. The giant Santa lumbers
over to finish the job, but misses his target and accidentally KOs one of the santas. Like any good wrestler, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses the distraction to take down his opponent. Soon after that, the police arrive and shut down the operation. Being born in Minnesota, this was a Christmas
classic for my family, but for the longest time, I never knew Big Show was
behind the giant beard. Well, the more you know. The same year he turned heel
and joined the New World Order, Hulk Hogan was also starring
in the family comedy film, Santa with Muscles. In the movie, the Hulkster plays a self-centered bodybuilder
named Blake Thorn. While getting chased by the cops, he disguises himself as Santa Claus and falls down a garbage chute. This results in Hogan getting amnesia and, as you can probably
guess, he starts believing he’s the real Santa Claus and the only gift he’s
giving this year is justice. If that wasn’t weird
enough, get ready for this. There’s a mad scientist who
wants to destroy an orphanage, so he can steal the crystals underneath. Of course, it’s Santa Hogan
who comes to save the day. And either the amnesia
gave him super strength or there was something else in those bodybuilding
supplements he was selling. The movie is a bizarre,
live-action cartoon, but then again, it’s Hulk
Hogan playing Santa Claus, what did you expect? A year after his first run
with WWE came to an end, Goldberg started started
terrorizing people in Santa’s Slay. Unlike the other Santas,
Goldberg’s portrayal of the character is much more terrifying. As it turns out, after
losing a game of curling, Santa was forced to deliver
presents on Christmas for 1,000 years. Well, time’s up, and Santa Claus is free to do whatever he wants and
he decides to go on a rampage in a place called Town Hellship. He goes around and kills
pretty much everybody, in creative and
holiday-themed ways of course. In typical slasher movie fashion, the villain is pretty much invincible, bullets to the chest
don’t even damage him, so the only defense is
to run away and hide. I covered this film in the Wrestlers Who Played
Horror Movie Monsters video so check that out for more detail. One thing I didn’t mention though is there’s another wrestler who makes a brief appearance in the movie. The main character stops at a gas station and the attendant is Zeus! The scene is only about a minute long and Zeus or, Z-Gangsta,
if you’re a WCW fan, doesn’t do a whole lot
but it’s kinda cool. While not technically playing Santa Claus, I’ll throw this one in as a bonus. In 2015, WWE Studios
released a film called, Santa’s Little Helper, and despite what you might be thinking, this is not a pornographic movie. While The Miz is the star, Paige also makes an appearance
as an elf named Eleanor. She wants to become
Santa’s second in command, a Ho-Ho-Ho as the position is called, no relation to the women that accompanied the
Godfather to the ring. The Anti-Diva doesn’t appear
a whole lot until the very end when she challenges the
Miz to an obstacle course with the winner getting the job. I would love to say that they sneaked in a few wrestling moves into the scene but the closet we get
is half a Hurricanrana. Ah, are we sure this part
wasn’t filmed for Porn Hub? Well, Paige’s character ultimately wins but Santa reverses the decision because Paige is a heel
and she storms off. Oh wait, there is one other scene she’s in that I didn’t mention. (sultry music) (Paige snickering) Okay, I’m convinced, this was porn script before WWE got their hands on it. Well, I’ll leave you on that PG thought. In the meantime, post a
comment with which wrestler you thought played their role the best. Also, check out the videos to
the right for more content. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy.

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  1. I'm going to have to go with Big Show as my pick, with Goldberg a close second. Which wrestler did you think played their role the best?

  2. My favorite Santa Claus happened when Stone Cold Steve Austin gave a Stone Cold stunner to Santa Claus now that's my favorite.

  3. You make the best vids and can I give you some advice can you do like a comment of the day when you make a vid thank you

  4. The Miz and Paige because he's awesome and you vids i watch all the time i liked the vids so much that i had to subscribe and turn on the bell

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