Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! – Arcade Miracle Night ALL Clear – 54.7 Million

Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! – Arcade Miracle Night ALL Clear – 54.7 Million

As a general rule for this game, you want to milk destructible projectiles until the enemy is about to run away. Kill one of the projectiles early here so that the chain doesn’t break. You can break the chain here too so be careful. The trees on the sides of the screen don’t actually kill you. The icicles don’t actually have a hitbox so you can go inside them to destroy them. These wheels are a pest. They move about randomly and can spawn bullets behind you. This midboss is quite crazy but a well-placed Catapult makes it pretty trivial. She always moves to the same places during this final so memo where she goes. By activating a hyper as soon as possible you can build up another one for the final bell ring. If you destroy the ball on the bunny enemies, then they will hop around and spawn a lot of bullets. Be mindful of not breaking your chain during this section. For this part you want to only destroy the cards the bunnies shoot to get a hyper for the bears. I believe this part ends after you’ve destroyed 6 of the grabby hands. Oh look it’s the flying fortress from Flying Red Barrel. This part is pretty complicated. These plane formations are the most dangerous parts of this section. You need to kill them quickly. However an important thing to remember is that these cannons block your shots. Over here I place myself on top of the cannon and aim my options to the right, outside of the cannon, to kill the planes. This cannon in the bottom-left needs to die immediately. This first phase shoots a ton of darts that stick to the walls if you don’t destroy them. Once she snaps her finger, all of the remaining darts will shoot straight at you. I use Orbit to protect myself when that happens. The remainder of this boss is spend using Orbit. This boss is honestly quite crazy and I’m not sure how you do these patterns without Orbit. The giant snowballs for this pattern are static at least. The main danger on this pattern are the little swords that bounce across the walls. I pressed Hyper a second too early and didn’t cancel all of those bullets. Make sure you cancel these lightsabers outside of hyper so that you generate enough green stars for a 2nd hyper. Killed it too early again. 🙁

10 thoughts on “Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! – Arcade Miracle Night ALL Clear – 54.7 Million

  1. This is the greatest game to celebrate the holidays with. Merry Christmas.

    Also holy crap, over 54 million points. I can't even go beyond 14 million at this point. The score difference is insane…

  2. At least the final spell wasn't as batshit insane as Sweet Breaker's in QP Shooting :V

    Great run, Jaimers

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