Where are you going to?
– The car. Why?
– Because we have a new one! Wow, a new car! Cheers! Someone tea? You want to have some? Disgusting! It’s Halloween today! We can’t celebrate Halloween this year! Because we’re going to.. England! We have to leave at 4 AM! That’s early!
But I can celebrate Halloween everyday! Because I’m waking up with you everyday! Oh these are from last year in our vlog! Today we’re going to Canterbury! What’s happening? You again? It just fell! I took the cookie and it breaks and falls down,
so no cookie for me It can’t be more British as this! It would be better raining men.. What do we take for breakfast.. Breakfast tea! Tea? I’ll do it for you! A nice British cup of tea. You let it fall down? Good that isn’t on camera! I was just making tea.. Well? What? That’s really typical.. Typical UK, such a breakfast! That’s why they all are fat, look at this size! If you saw our vlog last year from Canterbury You saw that we went to the Poundworld And this year it is… Poundland! That’s because the other went bankrupt!
His own fault, putting everything to 1 pound.. But, here it’s the same story, everything costs 1 pound! True, and I found something funny! How much does it costs?
– 1 Pound! Chupa Chups! Tealights, smell them! I don’t want my house smelling to that to behonest..
– Indd! They stink! What if your lamp broke dawn? You jsut come to Poundland! Indeed, you can buy a new one for…. Christmass-ball with toys for your cat! How much? 1 pound!
– 1 pound! Ready for the Boots? The store with lots of gift packages for Christmass! I can see Harry Potter! Indd, so let’s go inside! Will you give us a tour?
– Sure, look. Here we step into the shop
– And after..? And now it’s lossghen! What a beatiful tour you gave! That’s what I ment!
Lots of gift packages like Ted Baker. But you don’t give it as a present!
You keep it for yourself It’s too beautiful to give away. A lot of nice stuff as you see. Some bottles, would be a nice gift for an alcoholic! Perfect for me! The most dangerous rayon! CANDLES! The best candles in the world! Woodwick!
– You still remember? With that special square wick
and when you turn them on it does like krkkrrkrkrkrrr And you know them from who? A very weird person! Look how cute! That are tealights, we saw them already in Belgium! It’s a gift set! Can I have a gift from you?
– No, but you can uy it for me as a gift! One of the reasons why we come to canterbury is because the start early with Christmass shopping! What.. are you doing behind my back?! But like I said, already a lot for Christmass, like candles! That will be allright! Look the wick! Welcome to Christmas-heaven! Can’t open it with one hand.. Is it Christmas heaven?
– Oh, yes! What can you buy here? Drinks, clothing, decoration.. Drinks, always a good idea to buy!
– And candles! A lot of them. And candy! Look at the package! I don’t know why it isn’t that beautiful in Belgium! So exciting! We just arrived into our room There was a lot of rain But it was ok, we bought some nice stuff! We have some stuff of Mickey Mouse,
some clothing…. parfum! And off course a lot of candles! You just can get them here so… Is your deodorant cold? So a lot of candles who smells good… Are you done? He also bought some deodorant as you can see.. Oh and I received some pinguin-cookies! And a cookie!
Wait I’ll show it Cookie! What are we going to do? We’re going to have dinner now,
and going to a typical English pub! Where is your plate?
– I had enough. Well, that’s weak..! We have arrived in Whitstable Am I saying it good?
– Look the weather! What are we going to do here: It’s a fishing village, so eating some fish Making some drone footage! And have a walk in this little, cosy town
where time stood still! Let’s enjoy this, sunny, day! I forgot my sunglasses! Well that looks nice… Our weekend comes to and end! It was not really weekend, it’s a weekday.. We hope you enjoyed this vlog
and you will continue watching our next vlogs! Don’t forget for our thumbs up!
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