Yard Tool Rack by Monkey Bars

Yard Tool Rack by Monkey Bars

The Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack is the
perfect solution for storing all your yard tools in an efficient and compact way.
Monkey Bar kits get your items up off the floor and out of the
way, keeping your floor clean without sacrificing space. Instillation is fast and only requires a stud finder and a
driver. To start using your yard tool rack simply insert the steal Monkey Bar into
the brackets, snap on your included hooks and then hang your yard tools, it’s as simple as
that. And every Monkey Bars rack is designed to be versatile and durable
holding up to 200 pounds of what ever you throw at it. With the yard tool rack, finding a place
to hold all your tools in a neat organized way is no longer a problem.

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  1. If you prefer not to store your tools on the floor, but you still want them organized, a garden tool rack will fulfill your needs. You can also visit: http://tiny.cc/Garage_Organizer_

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