Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. | Matchday Magazine to our 110th Birthday | TSG Hoffenheim – BVB

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. | Matchday Magazine to our 110th Birthday | TSG Hoffenheim – BVB

In 1909 a star was born. 110 years of Borussia Dortmund. Our wonderful club celebrates its birthday
and we’re celebrating, too. A proud anniversary deserves
an apt celebration. “Yesterday, today and tomorrow“ is also the motto
of our current shirt. It says it inside the collar. I think it’s fitting for today’s
show as well. Yesterday, that’s me. Today – Schmelle.
Tomorrow – Damian. Exactly! Damian, it’s your first time
in the studio. Do you like it? Yes, for sure. Are you nervous? Well, yes. Because of Schmelle, right? Yeah and because of you guys.
Both of you. You don’t have to be nervous because
of me, but Schmelle is a grenade! But we’ll get to Damian later. Schmelle,
sadly you’re injured at the moment. Can you tell us how
are you are doing? I’ve injured a muscle in my calf. But in general
I’m good, it’s getting better every day. But it was a silly point in
time to get injured. Because I came on against
Berlin at the end. I felt that things were going my
way, in practice as well. It was bad timing,
but that’s football. Now the focus is on coming back. In
the New Year I’ll be back in the mix. In the mix of things, very nice! Damian plays in our under-12s. We’ll introduce him a bit better in a second,
he’s a very talented young man, young player. But before that, we’ll briefly dive into
the great history of our club. 110 years of Borussia Dortmund! The Founding Years The First Home The first international for Borussia On the way up The first championships The first cup wins Meagre years and promotion Turn of an era The high point Fall from the summit and a fresh start The full-steam years I still get goosebumps. The DVD about the foundation story has been re-done.
You can purchase it in all shops from now! Have you seen it already? No, not yet. I can recommend it to you, it’s always good
to know something about your club. Schmelle, 110 years – it’s crazy. When did you first realize
how big this club is? When I was Damian’s age, I was of
course a Dortmund fan already, like many of my boys in
Magdeburg back then. But I only really felt it when
I moved to Dortmund. When I lived in the youth house and had a classmate
in school who invited me to his place a few times. In his family I realised it,
it was incredible. I’ve told this story a
few times, I think. The two kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, the
Saturday was the same for everyone, every week. It was all about Borussia,
it was crazy. That’s the first time I felt that it wasn’t
just the people who work at the club, but the environment, the whole
town is about Borussia. And at the old youth house just around the corner from
here, every weekend lots of people walked past. It was exceptional to see that
weekend after weekend. You’re from Lüdenscheid, just around the corner
from here. When did you first hear about BVB? I think that must have been
after the first 5 months. You’ve always been black and yellow?
-Yes, always. Mum and dad as well?
-Yes, them too! And the goal was always to
play at Borussia? Really? And how long have you been here? This is my second year. Do you walk through Lüdenscheid
with a little pride? Yeah, a bit! Do you wear your training kit
at home sometimes? I like to wear the old winter coat because it keeps
me warm nicely. I like to wear it a lot! So you’re a proud Borusse already? How was it when you heard, when the big BVB
approached you and said: Damian, we want you! It was my dream come
true, a relief for me! So you were too good for…
which club did you play for? SC Lüdenscheid. You were the best player there? Can you
say that? Or shall I ask your dad? That’s a tough question! I don’t know if you can say that. But probably yes, right?
I’ll just say it! -You’re right, yes. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
Was it similar for you? First of all I have to say that that was a true
journalist’s question right there. Of course he can’t say that he’s the best
about himself. But he reacted well! Thank you! I’ve got no worries about future
interviews for him. It sounds very well already,
you’re right! So was it similar for you Schmelle, did you get
a call at some point? Hello, Marcel. It’s Zorcy. No, I don’t know who linked me up with the
trial session. That was behind the scenes. It was a classic trial session? Yes, I don’t think it was about… you know Kulle?
He played in the second team for two years here. It was about him, me and another teammate. The three
of us came for trials to Dortmund for one week. I think afterwards it was
Eddie Boekamp to call first, Then Heiko Herrlich, who became my
under-19s coach for two years. I had a phone call with him and
my parents spoke to Eddie Boekamp. I failed every trial session: Rot-Weiss
Essen, Offenbach, really. Uerdingen. But in the end it worked out.
-Well, it worked out here! Of course, we asked around a bit, Damian. Your
coach in the under-12s, Tim Kirk like Captain Kirk. He’s very pleased with you and your teachers
are also very happy as you’re good in school. It’s exceptional that both are good fits. Are you
very driven in both, school and football? In football, yes. And school
you have to get done. You have to revise a lot, right?
Which grade are you in? I’m in sixth grade. Everything is going quite well!
-So far it has, yes! You manage to get everything done? Winning with BVB at the weekend
as well as get a B in maths? What’s you favourite subject? Maths and sports! Sport is a total surprise to me! Those were my favourite subjects, too!
-Really? Oh, cool! Maths is important, you’ll know when
someone is trying to cheat you! You have to be able to do maths
in your head, really important. How did it go for you in school,
when you were in sixth grade? Sixth grade was still good. It was the same for
all of us I think. Fifth and sixth grade were still good. But
in secondary school it was a little harder. I started at a language focused school, then a sports
school and then I came here to Dortmund. How many languages can you speak? None properly, foreign languages
that is. But I’ve learned a few. But a little bit, that’s nice though! I’d be happy
to speak a little bit of a few languages. More than just „Three beers please“. Understanding is easy, but
speaking is much harder. I’m annoyed that I didn’t pay more
attention back in the day, But who’d have thought that I’d one day play with
so many French and Spanish teammates. That’s right. So pay attention in school so
that you can speak to your colleagues! Damian had a very special appearance
on Tuesday, let’s take a look! You’re the one with the hat?
-Oh, cool! The one at the front. How was it, walking out hand-in-hand
with Marco Reus? Nervous? Yes, it was nice because he is one of
my favourite Dortmund players. And the other one is Schmelle, right?
-Yes, him too! You’re a defender! Schmelle is a great role model!
Perfect, really! What did you think of the game? Generally good, but it’s annoying to draw
3:3 and gift away three goals. Or 2 even. An experienced player like you could
have organised things at the back. You never know! Schmelle, would you like to add anything?
Is Damian’s analysis ok? Short, sweet and correct! Gave away the win. Sadly! Speaking of yesterday, a few of our successful
guys are involved with BVB again. In the legends team, to be precise. The team took
part in the legends cup, in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Let’s see how they got on. Wow, nice Brazilian tunes. I think the
boys were good to watch! It was a very short and
strenuous trip. Usually I’m the coach
alongside Jörg Heinrich. Lost one game, won one.
It can’t go on like this. Kidding aside, I think the guys
had a lot of fun in Brazil. Schmelle, you played with a few of them.
Are you still in touch with some of them? Dede I see quite frequently because we live
only a few metres apart as the crow flies. I don’t even think it’s 100 metres. I see
him a lot when I go for a walk. Apart from him it’s tough, but of course
it’s because Lucas Barrios, Tinga they’re all living or playing in
their home countries. But it’s cool to see them from time to time. Especially
when the legends teams meet up it’s always fun. Lucas Barrios was so keen to take
part! It was his initiative. You watched them, a difficult question:
did you know any of them? Koller, who assisted Barrios.
I’ve seen him before. Have you stood next to him
before? He’s tall isn’t he? I know Barrios, Weidenfeller,
a few others. I’ve been told that you play in central midfield.
Who’s your footballing role model? Witsel, his vision, his through-
balls are world class. Reus as well, how quick he is to go
for goal and his finishing. I didn’t expect these answers,
“quick to go for goal“. Great! But you know that you’ll have
to take on the duel, right? You know what’ll happen now? You
and Schmelle are on one team. We’ll play “Goal or no goal?“. The game is against Waldhof
Mannheim, I think. I’m standing there in the middle, if it had
come to me I’d have said “goal“. Three, two, one… If you played in the game then
it’s a joke to include it here. It was hard to take. I’m ahead, yes! Now it’s you! Was that Nelson Valdez? Three, two, one… He definitely scored a goal, but I
don’t know if it was that one. Well the shot technique was perfect. He’s missed it, why
don’t I do it!? But he definitely scored in that game,
right? Yes, him and Neven did. Now it’s time for something special, Schmelle. We always
get sent clips of situations from our viewers. Some go on the pitch specifically for this, others are taken
in game. Someone filmed something off FIFA once. Please keep sending these to us. I’m excited to see what’s in
store for us this time! Usually, when someone’s
through on goal like that… Three, two… Why are you smiling like that? two, one… At least he can’t pull ahead! Do you know where that is or what game?
-Dusseldorf. -Really? I played that pass!
-That was you?? Oh right!
-What’s that about? Can we see it from the top
one more time please? They’re using all tricks in the box now!
That used to be my team. Great how he kept that to himself
right until the end, isn’t it? Top! Exactly!
-Great pokerface. He looked at me like that! Give me the cards!
-Are you left or right-footed? Right is my stronger foot,
but I can do both. I can tell, if you played that ball with
your left. Awesome! -Thank you! Alright, let’s check out the
standings. 25-27. Slowly I’m creeping up and I’ll
attack in the New Year. We also took a fantastic photo today
that you can bid for from next week. All proceeds go towards our
charitable foundation. Schmelle, there’s one game left;
against Hoffenheim. It’s been a tough first half of the
season with many games. Do our boys still have enough energy?
To get three points in Hoffenheim? Yes of course, I think so. Irrespective of it being a tiring
season, it’s the last game. You can mobilise everything to
push for these 90 minutes. You can give everything because you’ve
got ten days off afterwards. And of course, we can solidify our position, which is
important because everything is so tight at the top. That’s why it would be important; it’s
also not easy in Hoffenheim. Friday evening, the boys know that it’s 90 minutes
one more time so they can give everything. Afterwards its Christmas, how do you celebrate?
Traditionally with a tree and presents? The tree is up already. We’re spending
Christmas eve here, at home. Then we’ll head to Austria and I hope
I’ll get to see a bit of snow. It’s bad for that here. A white Christmas would be cool. How are you celebrating, Damian? Traditionally! What’s you favourite food at Christmas? Goose?
Or Sausages and potato salad? A lot of people eat that. Goose, we eat that. And what do you want
for Christmas? A drone maybe? A new pair of football
boots? Black and white maybe? You didn’t ask for anything? I don’t know what to ask for! You’ve got everything?
-I’ve got everything I need. That’s great. Nice to have you here
and nice to have Schmelle as well! I’m not worried about the future
of Borussia Dortmund! if the young players are all like Damian
then the future is bright! Nice to have you guys here, thank
you very much! -Thank you! Stay healthy above all else, don’t get injured!
Schmelle, hope you recover quickly as well! A Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year to all of you! The Feiertagsmagazin will of course be back
in 2020, stay faithful to us and stay healthy! All the best and goodbye from
Damian, Schmelle and Nobby!

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