Yeti Out: They Throw China’s Hottest Parties – East Coast (S1E2)

Yeti Out: They Throw China’s Hottest Parties – East Coast (S1E2)

In Hong Kong, if you want to go out, your options are usually a nightclub or a lounge that’s playing the same EDM and pop music. House parties are rare because you’re probably living in a tiny apartment that can only fit four people, and your neighbor, who is literally a wall away, could call the cops on you. But in Hong Kong, you can get something close to a house party with your homies in an event thrown by these three guys, who organize parties everywhere, even at restaurants. As the underground music scene continues to grow in China, parties are giving young locals a chance to see what’s hot. They also give budding DJs like Yeti Out an opportunity to make their mark on the scene. By utilizing social media platforms in China, and getting creative with party spaces in Hong Kong, these three guys have stood out as street icons for the past nine years. Scaling up can be both exciting and challenging. With the tagline of bridging East and West, the team has brought foreign talent like FKJ, Jay Prince, and Cozyboyz to perform in China and the rest of Asia. Yeti Out has grown from throwing underground parties where nobody showed up. to working with global brands like Coach and Under Armour. But they still remain connected to their spiritual home, Hong Kong. Recently, they collaborated with Tsui Wah, a local 24-hour cha chaan teng chain and a favorite haunt of late-night partygoers.

15 thoughts on “Yeti Out: They Throw China’s Hottest Parties – East Coast (S1E2)

  1. I was under the impression that the "Best parties in China" were going to be in China, and not an autonomous region. Other than that, the video is pretty dope.

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  3. I came from CantoMando as well 🙂 I currently live in China so I was curious on what kind of a Chinese party do you do (I've been to not good ones =D) You're doing great, good luck guys!

  4. what's the HongKong and China party crowd like? is it welcoming? safe? I solo travel China and HongKong next year and wanna go to clubs and underground parties but I need to know what i get myself into lol

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