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  1. I have to say, I greatly appreciate your use of the Chelsea Wolfe gif when explaining the Yule Log was a Pagan ritual 😛

  2. I submit that the yule log has the potential to be more humane than actual fires as the aggregate particulate emissions from burning wood has real health consequence.  I know we have a sentimental attachment to fireplace fires, but our ancestors will probably see it like we do smoking today.  

  3. There's are a couple of fireplaces on Netflix, with and without music, and yes, as a resident of Florida with no fireplace, they are rather nice to have available. So here's a question for a future video: why does playing a video of a crackling fireplace make you feel warmer?  

  4. Well, I think in latinamerica the idea of the Yulelog it isn't appealing: of course, the fact we don't have winter and thus no fireplaces in our homes makes the whole idea alien, but beyong that, tunning our tv's to have the image and sound of a chimney burning is……. pointless? meaningless? since it doesn't represent anything to us unlike Santa or Christmas decorations, I don't think anyone from Mexico to Argentina would appreciate it like you do…

  5. Merry Christmas from the southern hemisphere.  You know dressing up as Santa in the middle of summer can get quite toasty. A virtual yule log is a lot easier to sit around in the heat.

  6. Hey I need urgent help! I lost my copy of sorcerer's stone (yes–I'm emotionally scarred) and need a question answered that google isn't doing for me. What page is the sorting hat's song on? 

  7. Have you been hanging out with Michael Stevens from Vsauce? Because I feel like you're starting to channel some of his mannerisms.

  8. Not a correction just some info

    Nordnorge = (the) North (of) Norway – Simple name for a huge geographical % of Norway. The language likes to squish words together making new ones.

    Language be weird yo -Plato

  9. i want to understand one thing why did you said "tell your friends and family we said hi" will we the viewer tell our friends and family some person from the internet said hi.

  10. Great, now I can't put the Yule Log on because it'd be pagan worship! JK

    …I hear that if a video, no matter how long, is flagged, somebody has to watch the WHOLE thing (wink wink nudge nudge)!

  11. Last year I put on a Yule log channel that had a cast iron skillet under the fire and a guys hand flipping THICK cut choice bacon.

  12. I love the way you think 3 hours is long. In Minneapolis one station shows the burning of many Yule logs for 18 hours straight.

  13. Family Tradition in my Family. My grandfather, father, and I watch it every year. Best part is when the hand adds another log. Pretty sure that the scene I'm talking about isn't from the mayors mansion and is from another channel but I digress.

  14. In addition, the wii ware game "Let's burn!" Is a pretty good one to have your own virtual Yule log. You can add logs and colors so I advise it as your game of choice this holiday.

  15. It's strange that I am born and raised in Thailand, but I attended an international school where my teachers were mostly Western Christians, along with my American cousins that I am close to. It makes me a mix between the east and west, and I'll put up the yule log video on YouTube every Christmas without knowing why I like it – and all my Thai friends ask me "isn't it so annoying?" 

    Interesting to see the Yule Log videos be the bridge between the physical impossibility of one and the cultural desire of having one in the background. 

    Not to mention it's blazing hot in Thailand. It's almost as hot as India.

  16. I had never heard of this until I spent Christmas with my Canadian in-laws and they had to turn on the "fire place channel" while we did stockings.

  17. yes, as an australian i can tell you IT'S BLOODY SCORCHING ON XMAS (i'm from north QLD so even worse here than elsewhere…)

  18. Thanks for the Southern Hemisphere name check!

    Being raised on American TV specials I thought we practically understood all of your holiday traditions, but I thought that the yule log didn't have any special significance outside an excuse to use a fire place!

    Have a great break!

  19. The use of Yule log is very foreign to me, I know the basic concept, there are TV fish tanks and fireplaces other stationary things, but I've never actually seen anyone use them without a shred of irony.
    Then again, the 130hr NordNorge travel camera is unknown to me as a Norwegian, probably because I'm not over 40 and/or don't watch television anymore..

  20. Disappointed the wall isn't decked out with Christmas albums. Would recommend Marah's A Christmas Kind of Town and The Leevee's Hanukkah Rocks

  21. The idea of a pagan celebration with people high and having an orgy around a campfire sounds better than looking at the herth at home. Anyway, it's too hot here in Brazil for us to gather around fireplaces, but I don't know if a broadcast of an air conditioner would be more appropriate, insulting if you don't have a real one or just plain useless if you already have a real one.

  22. Breathing the gases and particles that come from burning wood is really bad for your health, so yeah, the simulacrum is actually much better.

  23. I often think that sitting around a Youtube with your family replaced televisions replaced radio replaced thousands of most of the years of civilization of sitting around a fire with your family in the evening. It makes sense that at our most tradition laden time of the year we would want to replicate what television is in the place of. 

  24. Hmmm, I think I prefer real fire places. And if you're thinking "but that damages the ecosystem with logging 'n stuff", we get our wood from foreign trees in our area which are very very bad for the indigenous plants. Saving our ecosystem one tree at a time

  25. The very reason I clicked was because I thought "yule" was an attempt to anglicize "jul", which is the Norwegian word for Christmas. So yeah, "happy yuleing" you too!

  26. In swedish christmas is "jul" which is obviously the same root word as yule. I find this sort of thing interessting and I had never heard an english version of that word before, so thanks for that.

  27. My family rented a house in the Lake District in England. Thanks for the lovely gesture but we had really crap internet so we couldn't have streamed the Yule logs. Luckily, we had a real wood fire place.

  28. In Sweden we cal the entire christmas holiday Yule. So instead of happy christmas we say good Yule or in swedish God Jul 🙂

  29. Love your show, loving my trip to new york and the constant seizures you give me when i try to wrap my mind around your ideas!

  30. while I love the pun on Idea Log, since it suits the channel perfectly, how did you not once call your creation a Yule vlog!

  31. My sister and her friends would watch the local yule log channel and watch it intently, waiting for the hand to come in and add more wood or stir the flame. She was in high school at the time.

    BTW, you should absolutely do an episode on slow tv.

  32. i like this kind of episode,
    there should be more episodes of these kinds of things where its not really philisophical but just a bunch of cool information thrown at you

  33. I'd like to take a moment to correct your pronunciation:

    The Norwegian ship "Nordnorge" is pronounced

    Noo (As in noose) r (rolled a little) Nor (As in "Nord" or "Norse") Gay (No explanation needed)

    Noo r nor gay – Noornorgay – Nordnorge

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